Monster World IV wonderboy 6

Years ago I tried this game but it was a prototype translation and said one day I was going to get the real version since an official translation was on Wii Shop and the Monster World collection…When the Wii Shop was on the verge of going down I got Monster World IV and Pokemon Puzzle League the N64 version since other games I was going to get ended up on Wii U or Nintendo Switch so it was do or die…

This gameplay was my first steps into it….What bugged me was the rom dump was not done so some words was changed and saving was not working but you could just save state but I wanted the real one.

As you can see the game is a mix of action adventure and 2D RPG

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What amazes me about Asha and her first day on an adventure….She already has more skills than Zelda 2 Link….I mean she can sword drop and up thrust from the get-go…Amazing.

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After the first dungeon you will end up in this town that acts as a hub and at some point you will learn to hatch the egg you had with you and this cute little thing follows you called a “Pepelogoo”

This little thing is going to help you solve puzzles and join you for a good portion of the game.

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And even grow to where you can’t even walk and hold him so you have to jump and down flutter.

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Okay this is where things get a bit spoilery because I’m not here to give an entire review…I just beat this game and I am so happy I made it and….Stuff…Its a good feeling…..Tons of BS and tons of annoying things, Grinding for legendary armor and tons of back tracking….Its a good feeling when its over.

Soooo at some point things are getting good..Egypt(Looking) land is frozen and I have to endure some annoying pyramid missions to get to the end and after that….

Spoiler time

Sooo riding on the genie you meet after dungeon 1 with my partner in crime and things are looking good. 

The queen is now under a darkness curse and the town is now bitter and full of hate and everyones yellow Pepelogoo’s

are really dark monsters due to the curse

The queen turns out to be a BEAST! No wonder she rules the land….But before you battle her…..Well….SHE KILLS PEPELOGOO!

Look at Asha…She is in TEARS! That is some EMOTION! While she has some of cutest girly walk cycles and animations and poses…You see she has very human emotions but on the levels of a Zelda game but this is…Wow the is hurting

Thats not darkness or hate that is consuming her…That is the power of Justice thats going to end this madness….She gets up tears in eyes and fight a FREAKING HARD BOSS I had to use my auto revive and almost die again but….

My baby boy….Noo….I must go to the Sky Castle

where I am going to die like over and over and over and over…

But over time..

lol my buddy said this spirit looks like Lip

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All I could say was….”Sega’s Lip”

Sooo I get back and while the saving sage told me that he is not dead he can come back…This shows he is about to hatch….Why so big?

Soooooooooooooo Back to the queen I have a scripted battle


So big blue sings and the song restores the light to the darkness.

Well…What now?
A scripted final boss?….Well good news! The story is not over.
Sadly big blue can’t come with me but can instant heal…

Now this place is good…Its a final dungeon with only a few mid bosses and some mobs that once you kill them they don’t respawn and its a bunch of rooms of monsters you faced before…I would use the genie and go back to town and save and farm for items to get the legendary armor and sword and shield.

My bad on the top of my screen….I had to fit the screen since this TV is a hand me down and while it hs no HDMI port the quality is good but many games had to be fit to fully see but the top has this double vision…Now that I got all legendary gear I got max pink hearts and would get another blue hear stock on my way down.

Well…One mini boss did not show up and this is the door to the end

This it…The final battle!

So the big eye of doom sends some dark Pepelogoo’s and you can block their lighting…After the they turn back yellow and fly away the big boss shows up with 2 eye hands

I failed to get any snapshots but as you hit his eyes he would screen flash and turn you into stone even if you hold down your shield to cover..I never tried to look away but…After the 3rd time since he hits you and you turn back.

Big blue comes and blocks his eye and the boss gets mad and turns him into stone….Big mistake!

Now I just gotta fight the left or right eye and he can’t turn me into stone…This reminds me of the “Gatekeepers” from Rivals of Aether

image found here 
Rivals of Aether Wiki – Fandom

I won’t say I’m upset this boss was easy because I noticed a majority of bosses was a easy to beat with sword drop pogo’ing..But yes no final form…

Sadly his body and the big blue pepelogoo fell to doom.

so returning to the castle I was went from hero to TRUE HERO!

Omg I lit up and got magic armor…I feel like Arle Nadja!

They was tossing me…Wait why am I saying Me? her name is Asha…Eh RPG so….I failed to get a photo of me in the air.

This sage told me he would come back and he did…Is he right?…Will my prayers be heard?

This is why I felt so happy when I beat the game…My eyes lit up when the yellow Pepelogoo’s came with big blue…I was not the only one happy…

My baby boy…You grew up…You saved me so many times…Even if I can fight without you…I want you no matter the cause.

Its okay big guy…Its okay to cry…Our quest is over…The Wii Shop channel is going away and I don’t own a PS3 or 4 so no collection and while for now Emulation is a thing…The dump is broken…This was the real deal…

I am so happy.

He carried me home and all was good..I feel ike a Freaking Princess…Or like Cream in Sonic Heroes

The game ends with the genie

(^w^) ❤

It is true that for a while this was the end and Wonder Boy and Monster world was over…New games started to revive but we will get to that in a second…

Some images I missed but the genie asked “Will I miss him?” after that he talks about maybe seeing him in my dreams…Ends with “See you in slumber land”

…He goes into the lamp and this comes out.

The game takes you back to the title and you can do it all again.

One thing that made me really fall in love with this game is game is because I love the fantasy Arabia theme…Most of my art style reflect a mix of current era USA and Japanese style and Greek/Rome and a touch of Medieval but the Magical world of Genies and flying carpets and etc. Is my jam!

A game like this often gives me a bit of Shantae vibes and many others feel that way too!

This GameJolt! user started making a Asha and Shantae game and would later start to add the queen and her boss move set and even Popfulmail

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This looks GOOD!

If you need more Wonder Boy why not these Steam game

Yes this series also goes by the name “Adventure Island”

You like the Monster world style over Adventure…There’s Monster World the dragons trap

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There is a new Monster Boy coming called “Cursed Kingdom” and this song is CATCHY AS I DON’T KNOW WHAT!

What amazes me is at the end of the video.

You geta Pepelogoo…idk how long

While this is the the first ever Monster world game I beat “MWIV” I beat/played the Adventure island games and I think I am going to start to get into these games

Thank you for reading this.