Team Sonic Racing

Soooo Friday I got Team Sonic Racing for the Switch

I’m using the mess out of Blaze the cat!
I’m so happy she is playable, I often use Amy when I can’t use her…..Same thing happens with Peach and Rosalina for
Amy and Blaze

I’ve uploaded tons of 30 seconds or around that point videos on my social media and just did not export them and make a mega video so these screenshots are all over the place.

My one gripe with this game is these Daredevil events, I was on this one for a while getting a star to move on to the story.

Not to worry I got it, The drifting even with handling on during these missions feels…..Errr….
Racing it feels good.

I got all of Blazes mod parts and now she is rocking the gold!

Blaze is awesome and I am out.

More blogs coming soon.