Super Mario Maker 2 time baby!

I was out this weekend but I had my Switch on me and well….I had time to make some levels.

This is another Haunted house in the forest level, But this time you are not racing from
an army of boo’s after you grab a key.

Once inside you are now faced with a normal speed vertical scroller with tons of tricks like
wall kicks at the top of high jump of a blue mushroom.

I think I went overboard with these enemies who launch spike balls.

As of late, only one has beaten this level so far and the rest are annoyed with me….Jeez I make some
really challenging levels.


This one is a simple level that can be speed ran but also rewards taking time.

Next thing you know…I’m going to make a Donkey Kong Level where you avoid getting
hit by these spike balls as you go up.

Sooooooooooooooooooo that’s it.
Enjoy and have fun.