PrincessLuna’s blog is not dead

Still around just…Don’t have much to talk about.

All I can say is that I been doing more game videos and animations and game making.

I hit level 229 last night

Not much is happening on TalesRunner

I’m still making music


I am still having REALLY weird dreams…So weird they provide fun materials for animations.






I strangely been getting WAY into Soldam the puzzle game and Rod Land after I found out it is coming in English but is already out on the JP Eshop on Nintendo switch…I did a bit of history and fell in love with this game.

I also made a few games,
One is my own spin on Undertale’s battle system

I also tired an endless runner style game

I’m also playing out there Japanese games on Steam and PC like these


Soooo Stuff is going on….Just…Not much worth blogging about but I’ll keep this blog alive as much as I can with something or another.


Have a nice day.