A new goal for myself.

I been working on games and animations so much and some games get played and while some games I may still record…I am just going to stop doing a lot of Let’s plays and just play my games and use screenshots.

Here’s what my goal is…

I am going to start to blog more and as I play my games I am going to post screenshots and update what I been doing as I just play my games…I may reduce video let’s plays and just enjoy my games but show I am playing them.

Its the same thing I do with Switch and mobile to a degree and Wii U/Wii VC.

I just post my screenshots and make a video or two every so often but…Just doing a let’s play don’t get as much views and attention sooooo

I am going to upload the rest of my pending Ori and the blind forest and Dust and Elysium tale videos to get them out the way and just start posting screenshots and may make a video if needed but I am going to beat/clear a lot of my Steam games and PC.

Soooooo expect blogs about Steam games I am playing and a log of what I been doing and even some may get updated.