Princess1una Maplestory update

Soooooo here is what I been up too….
After doing Act 4 I been just kicking it at the top of the Dark World Tree

Maple0000 Maple0001 Maple0002 Maple0003 Maple0004 Maple0005 Maple0006 Maple0007 Maple0008


The mobbing here is just amazing! And the demons here appear to have less HP than the mobs at the Haven and after having a buddy of mines use his higher level in another world try this place out he said “This place is WAY better than the Haven but its sad this place is a solo map”…..That was the validation I needed! This place is the solo maps for high levels to grind at and the Haven is for parties…hmmm?….

Well we got some time until the job 5 and high level maps come to GMS so I feel fine here…Oh sweet lord I can’t wait for 2x weekend!

I sat here and made a video of me going to 50.00% exp doing some grinding and fighting elite monsters and boss and did a few bounty hunter dungeons….It’s all sped up but if you like to see enjoy…I even managed to catch Dragonoir in my monster collection doing the bounty hunter portal.


Sooooooooooo That is it….I could flood this blog with my acts and what else I been doing but I’ll keep it short and simple.

Thank you for viewing and have a nice day.


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