MapleStory 2 Beta R2 Arcade and Lith Harbor tour

So today I deiced to do two things since I did not do them last time.

Before I we get started….If you just want the videos, Here you go.



There you go….


So here we have a Bomberman….Wait this is Nexon sooooo PopTag style game using the spring things and maple mobs.

Wait…Is that the flame thrower from the last time I did a video where I had to burn down weeds and save a forest to help a fairy?

OKAY WE GOT A FREAKING FLAME THROWER!…And to think…Bomberman is a puzzle game I am really bad at and often say away from…Well I did for no reason beat Wario and Bomberman…Give me stuff like this and I’ll have more fun!

Vat of toxic ooze….Why not?

Soooo these mushroom blogs are power ups….Like a fool I would press the drop button thinking I can pick these up when all you have to do is walk on them…I would not even know I am about to self-destruct but live and learn.

Soooo a watering can…What will that do?


Soo I tried to get fancy and lay 2 traps but I got stuck on the edge and blew myself up for the last time and got a game over…I think I need to beat these to unlock more games.

Let’s try this one.

Sooo freaky creepy monkey’s and a boss monkey….God I am getting the urge to play ApeEscape again.

And here we have a game where you avoid flying objects…You’ll know in a second why I did not say “Avoid fruits and vegetables”

Okay I clearly jumped over that and still got hit…

GET THE BOXES! They can heal your HP!

When the screen zooms out you now got innertubes to deal with.

Even with skills in bullethell shooters this was getting crazy with the hit box and run speed.

Err…Those innertubes are rolling in the ground and going into the building….Right…Closed beta so….Let it be, Just note it for the staff to see later.

So after that I went bird watching…..And blew up some stuff with magic.

Even she can be a bit twisted for a Priestess


Now on the other side of things we have PrincessLua who is enjoying the beach.

Okay before we get moving I better address this!

Last post I said under the outfits you can see the players underwear

Thankfully I was wrong…This is a swimsuit…They show up under robes and not skirts as you can see

We gone Smash bros 4 logic here!…But this is good that they are not going all full under skirt.
So back to PrincessLua

Oh hey there’s that bird Princess1una was playing with!

Well let’s get started and judging by that expression she even knows….This is not something I do very often…I say very often because I done swim suit things such as animations and media but rarely nothing lewed.

Some times taking on request helped me to do anatomy MUCH BETTER.

Drawing swimsuits and taking on request outside of my comfort zone did help me to draw these so this can help me to learn to draw Mapler bodies and chibi’s in a much better way and not suffer from Sailor moon leg┬ásyndrome like above where they have very thick and long legs.


Woops I swam off the world….Again..

A good majority of the video is me seeing if I can go down there like the passage way I found near Arwen the fairy where you can walk under the waterfall and find a barrel to hit…I assumed you can due to those gift box things down there…Maybe its part of the background….That did not stop me!

I’M ON A BOAT!….I had too

One of the reasons I did this is because I barely took a look at this town the first time I played and I wanted to see it all.

Merit mushrooms tossing money….Kay?

AWWW THIS PERSON HAS A PET SLIME AWWWWWWW!…I wonder if the story is not…TOO impossible to still solo…I don’t have it in me to go though all that again but maybe oneday in the future when its open to all and we got ALL the updates and classes and my friend who loves this idea and hates what happen to Maple 1 due to Elite monsters and bosses and a bad run in we had once…I am sure he will want me by his side….I’m rambling again….

Okay it’s confirmed “Princess1una” is a Selkie

So as I end this blog I will give you all a little video clip I ripped from the first video and made a stand alone video.

This is too cute.

Have a nice day!