Random blog about Athena


So this is random and I was only reminded due to a facebook memories post on your timeline thingy so I may as well talk about that and other things.

So I have the SNK collection on my Switch and the real draws that made me want to play was
“Psycho Soilders”


Funny thing about this….I beat it on the gameboy color before

Wanting to do a let’s play….I was debating doing an Emulation

The NES rom I found was tampered with and I just did not do it and saw it was coming to Switch and later found out it was in a collection not a stand alone like Athena
Sooooo I just waited and I think that’s good…I wanted to play the NES one since its new to me and this video shows why I did not do it.

Sooo….Why am I avoiding Athena right now?
WELL….That Crystalis video above where I am at the end point of the game….I beat it already because I had my left joycon die on me and for a while I was unable to screen record or screenshot without my phone and I manage to fully play and enjoy Crystalis, During that time before the Joycon died I did post some videos and sceenshots on facebook but a full run of the game no.

Athena on the other hand….I’ll say this….Arcade version….I LOVE IT!….And hate it…Well I hate how hard and un-face it is, Even Crystalis was unfair to the point you can see I was rewinding with no eff’s given.

Take a look at these

With the power now to do screenshots and 30 second videos and all the time in the world….Why did I not go back like I did with Psycho Soilders and Crystalis?

I don’t have the mental stability even with the know hows and how I got screwed at one boss for not finding a needed item to advance and had to start over,
Even with all I knew and went into gamer goddess mode….I can’t bring myself to do that again so I’ll cling on to those photos of me beating game and and having proof….There are some games I love but at the same time just don’t wanna go back too…

There are some games I’ll love to go back too but dreading some levels if I had to start over again like….

Super Mario 3D World-Champions Road

Sonic Adventure 2-Crazy Gadget on hard mission

pretty much any Touhou game after stage 3

The list goes on soooo there’s my gamer proof that I slayed the beat and got my prize.
This has led to some funny in jokes with my friends and I when I would rage and say “I QUIT” than my pride gets in the way and I do it again.


Thank you for viewing this blog