I made a new RPG

This is a snapshot from my Gamejolt page


This is an action RPG I made using the trial version of RPG Maker MV.
I took a challenge I made for myself to make a full on game and put effort but since its a trial I would not add my own music or graphics unless I use the in game avatar maker and those features.

This is the results of the game.

PrincessLuna and Siluna was enjoying themselves in skyrealm.

luna siluna

But in another dimension a little fairy who is as common as many other tiny fairies calls for help and summons Luna and Siluna.


Luna and Siluna is given a form to exist in this dimension

luna-2 siluna-2

Luna now looks like many humanoid fairies in this dimension but her ears and tail makes her often mistaken to be a long forgotten race of beastmen called Winged Beastmen who have animal ears and tails and wings of angels.
Siluna became a strange flower fairy that is a rare race who many think are nude due to how their body looks so this often results in jokes.

Luna will have to deal with the evil forces of the shadow jewel prince the ruler of the dark elf kingdom who has waged war on the fairies and also deal with his commanders.

Prince shadow jewel


Shadow jewel prince
He has many followers ranging from elves and humans.
He has no need to enslave humans…Wow an evil tyrant who does not want to rule the world or
enslave humanity….
He wants to gain power and getting the great fairies magic crystals but going about this he saw his own death by some figure and now wants to change his fate while still gaining the crystals.

Shadow Seer


This seer saw the death of her master but some great fairy and is helping her master change his fate.

Ash and his side projects.


Ash is a servant who often allow others to do his job and will be called a coward or sad
little man but he will do what he can when needed…Also he is your typical smart guy
with glasses that you see in anime or jrpg…Example:
kabuto sosuke-aizen klug strange-kluga2d913aa93346f1bfd9912390fee1561181px-clemont_xy_2230px-xy_clemont

So yeah…The shiny eye crazy/creepy glasses guy



Windia is a magic dancer who is the 1st to be suffer the wrath of Luna’s
staff to the head.

Older picture:
Sadly I drew Windia much like Hilla from Maplestory…



A wizard who loves fire magic can with the swing of a finger she can cause mass
genocide to an entire race.


This mystical human uses the power of the stars to see what is going to happen but she is not as good as shadow seer.
She has a huge grudge with Ash.

Note:These drawings are JatoStyle versions of each char and will not look fully like this in game.


I started doing videos time by time to show the game and it really evolved over time.

A test video that motivated me to make this.

The pink sprite model grew on me and that lady I named Zoisite would be used for Mystia

After I made PrincessLuna I started to test things and began the challenge

I would later fix Luna’s look since this video even if I saved the style in this video.

The 1st video to kick start it off

I would later change some stuff and update things


Because I have full version RPGMaker 2003 that I often used and made videos on..If I don’t want to draw my own sprites for if I make another game I can use this site


You would think that I would be making videos more but no…I was slow in videos so I often tired to show whats been up since I been slaving HOURS into this game.

Around this point I made a 1st and 2nd build of the game for people to try on gamejolt as the game
was set to early access

This was mostly for my Devlog on GameJolt.

Here is a boss battle with both Xia and Mystia and to show how one can heal the other


I started this off by showing some of my buddies that I made a spin off of them and some of my own chars who you can see in earlier videos.

Some was unaware of the guest stars early in the game so I made a video to show who is in the game.


Some dumb comedy

Right after this I altered this map and also when Luna swings at Mystia while she is talking,
Mystia will now turn transparent to avoid her attack.

There are some test videos by other users who tried the demos out but sadly the game had to be re-looked at a few times due to very small and easy to miss things that can jack up the entire game.
Even when I played it things was okay but later would come out of the blue…

This has been happening to me lately…My game looks and plays 100% fine and than I get a message saying something went wrong…I get footage too and see the game has some issues and I go back and repair the builds and update people….

What’s bugging me is…This happen for another big game I did and had to cut the boss attack


If things like this keep happening I will end up get a bad rep and can screw me in the long run…


This RPG after sooo many re-edits and fixes and things that was not present in earlier testing and some stuff I tired that later became a bad thing….

The game is fixed and up for everyone to play on GameJolt here: