PrincessLuna updates

Soooooo not much has happen recently so I guess I should post something.

I got 3DS Max…

I used this before

But I am going to be using it along with the other tools and make some extra depth to my animations such as this screenshot

The video:

I also been jumping between games over time and making projects….Most projects I am deep in I am not stating what I doing or showing them off so I don’t lose motivation and see these though…..This happens a lot and when I do my projects on my own and on my own time I tend to do things so much faster and better.

Sooo I have animations and gameplay projects and comics…I gotta find time to update my blog…I still do things on Maplestory but not much to really post stuff about….There are new updates coming so thats a thing….


Well…Thank you for viewing and stuff.