Lucid Quest



This is a game I am working on, I had in on GameJolt! for some time but it is being moved to Itch.IO store page.

This is one of the few games I made using my “BUNNY MAGE ENGINE” but this one is on a bigger scale with a few new tricks.

Using a bit of a Megaman style stage selection system with an extra boss in the middle and an EX boss mode thanks to some bosses donated by a fan who also donated bosses to other games I made and more.

I also feel more inspired by the “Legend of Darkwitch” series.

Here is some game play

I plan to make a new demo when the game is pretty much done and the EX. boss mode is fully added and I can allow the demo have the EX. mode open instead of after you beat the game but reduce the amount of rem crystals needed to enter the EX. boss rooms but for now I do have a demo you can try until I put this on Itch


I uploaded it to