I’m playing MapleStory 2

I was on the fence and was ready to play without really saying much but I just needed some kind of push to make go again and my friend who wanted to play Maple2 since he had a falling out seem to not really pay attention when I told him Maple 2 was out in Oct. but he surprised me when he told many that he is going to play and mean it this dec. when he is done with his collage classes and I said “If you really are going this deep in it, I’ll join you when I see you get far enough” and for no reason at all I installed in it on steam like Maple 1 and made a Wizard to do the intro and wait in Lith, I guess my mind was saying “Have my player ready for the day he do come and to have a player so if I change my mind I can have my player ready”

That’s right…Wizard…I did what I needed to do and after what I been though and after the effects of having big angel wings and an angel pig wore off…This class is for me!
Again I had fun with the beta v2 and this class overall feels more like me.

Unlike Beta PrincessLuna this version has a brighter glowing eye and I went with the style I always go with.

1-Pink bow pigtails

2-Pink top and bottom and shoes

3-Heterochromia eyes

Now after doing the intro and just speeding though when I got to the Tria spot before being taken to Lith I heard the “NEW MAIL HAS ARRIVED” voice and assumed it was for the pumpkin and coin item over there and as I open my gift box that was waiting for me….

Tears almost came out…..What I saw was these.

They gave me items as a thank you for playing the Beta….I did not think that would happen….I….I was so moved…I would later go back online to see about that pet pumpkin and also put the CBT hat on and Maple2 shirt for a bit, I may put on the pink top again but for now I’m going to rock it.


This is even more motivation for me to keep going….I played the beta I was allowed to play and I got these items and the legacy of playing Maple 1….Nexon….I’m in, I will be a Maple 1 and 2 player and I will play…I’m going to be playing Maple 1 more but I will push on and wear these items and title with pride that I did something big and have something to show for it.


Seeya more in Dec.