Princess1una’s MapleStory update

Since I hit level 250 I had new quest to do and I had to go fight the REAL Hilla

I did not make any content due to…..Well I done it before during the big Black Mage Event

Soooooo I’ll just keep it simple and share some screenshots

For a second I was like “I HAVE TO FIGHT VS HILLA!?!” But I have to hit level 255 to move on so I can rest now…
The battle has won and it was like watching myself in an anime with the plot armor of golden light and the long winded speech and more….I love stuff like this.

One good thing is….I’ll have a better time doing the finale with the Black Mage story wise….
During the ally event I lost my data and ended up going this to make up for it.

Thank you for vewing this and have a nice day.