Pink Zakum blog

I am making a blog about a boss made for GMS called Pink Zakum.
Here is the info Pink Zakum on the nexon site

Pink Zakum Raid

January 18 – January 31
Requirement: Lv.30 or above
The OS4 has created a pink Zakum clone for adventurers to fight to let off stress!
You can enter the battle by accepting the quest, which will appear 3 times per day: 6:30 PM, 7:30 PM, and 8:30 PM Pacific.
Click the walkie talkie notification above your character’s head to speak to the OS4 and accept the quest and be sent to the waiting room.
After a brief moment in the waiting room, players will be divided up into different battle instances.
Up to 40 players can enter a Pink Zakum instance.
Since you won’t have much time to create a party, special HP, MP, and Speed buffs will be granted automatically to all players in the map.
Even though it’s a clone, Pink Zakum was constructed to be much weaker than regular Zakum.
There is a 20 minute timer to beat Pink Zakum.
You will be able to leave the instance by talking to Researcher H.
If you die, you will respawn in a room with a portal and Researcher H. Use the portal to enter the fight again, or talk to Researcher H to be given the option to leave.
The OS4 buffs will be removed if you leave the map while Pink Zakum is still alive.
The OS4 buffs will remain in effect if you leave the map after defeating Pink Zakum.
After the battle is complete you’ll be sent to a debriefing room. Talk to Head Researcher Wynn to claim your prize or admit defeat.
Once you leave the event maps, you will be moved to the closest town.
special Teleport Rock (1 time use, expires after 30 minutes)
Gift box that can contain a Pink Zakum Chair (tradeable), a Pink Zakum Helmet, or a trait EXP item.
Pink Zakum Helmet: REQ LEV: 30, STR/DEX/INT/LUK + 3, Weapon/Magic DEF +50, ACC/AVOID +20, 10 upgrade slots unhammered, untradeable.

Here is the link to the page

Well you get a phone call from Wynch from the OSSS and like the Ani raid join in

These are the rewards

Here is video footage

to have some fun I made Pink Zakum a char in the “PrincessNJ’s Quest for Level 200” Saga as a twisted girl with a flippy persona. I already have Zakum with his soul in the body of a mapler as one of the wacky badguys also.

Here is the EP:

Now on a sad and stupid note on my part…
Due to the sopa and pipa scare I was told of some stuff and it got to the point I lost my mind and closed/shutdown/deactivated things to later find out it was for nothing…Last time I listen to people…THIS IS HWY I HATE POLOTICS! It makes me sad and depress and emotional…

Well I am rebuilding so there is no point at looking back..

I’ll blog about anything mostly maple but I will do more.


About Princess1una

I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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