PrincessNJ and the Pinkbean

People how known me for years or watched a mess of my videos….before the removals due to scares and the OnlineHero channel….I am a HUGE FAN OF PINKBEAN!

When Nexon Cash shop items was able to be perm when you buy them I set out to get the Pinkbean set,
I started with some and got them over time and the Pinkbean balloon was a gift,
I also got some Maple points and got a perm Yoyo and remember later that its…THE SAME ONE THE PB USE!

Also was happy the day I won a Perm PB pet….Ah Siluna my side kick like in my Luna-PrincessNinjato cartoons and games.

I have battled Pinkbeans during GM Summons but this is my 1st time in the room of doom…

Well here is how it started….

We see the forgotten time keeper speaking about the man who broke in

But here is what the PB can do and why its bad when somebody revives it

So we can now say that the Pinkbean is a boy and I see he has been revived before,
And woa turn Elnath into hell…..Woa that thing is crazy and that is just an underling for the black mage???? wow..

Well we went in

The battle starts

This is already wacky….We are getting HP/MP=1 and dragged into the wall and getting stun and sealed and to make matters worst I pressed the wrong button so this happen

Eh for a while I had some Wheels of destiny from cash shop suprise items so dont worry I wanna see if I can go higher…The team I am with always get to the 3rd raven

well they switched bodies and I was thinking we beat the 1st Soloman but we will be back to this man….Well over to the other Soloman

Well this guy I know since the 1st PB videos…..ZOMBIFY! So I am not going to heal and also he can crazy you also but WOA! MINI BEANS!

Well after this chaos the body switches back to the other guy..some how we beat this soloman but it gets worst

The 1st soloman is teamed up with the raven who LOVES to cast damange reflection and some other thing I never saw before…..But now that I see the video of how it went we had to go back to the other rock man…They keep switching but we made these rocks for brains fall and now many of my buddies are gone so its just 2 people left

….Me and the leader….OH NO HE IS DEAD….I was getting my Beowolf (Barewolf) but dont worry he was not depending on me to heal and my Holy Magic shield was not ready so it was nothing I can do…Well now…..ITS JUST ME!

Well I’m still here and going all in…Im low on items and this guy can kill me if I hit him the wrong way….Let’s go Beowolf! Team up with Rushi!

well in the end I was last to die fully and made it past the top level 200’s….I feel good about myself

I coould have gotten back up but whats the point I am out of items and dont worry about my 11.xx% exp I lost…I did not mind losing it because I gain that doing the “Can you resist” event quest and doing PVP till I got my 30 galliant medals so I can get that back….Besides I got 2 levels the other day so I was going in no matter what.

Wanna see how the battle looked???
Here is the video…Its not sped up like most of my vids but it is dubbed with the
Sonic Colors Nega-wisp armor Phase 1 theme

Well here is another good thing about this…I had this pending quest since I did the Temple of time quest even when the quest reset after the big bang where you have to see the Pink bean…Good news you dont have to kill it you just have to go in to battle kind of like when you have to speak to Von Leon even if the battle starts.

Here it is in video form


About Princess1una

I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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