Okay the reason why I am not doing this epic blog at lv199…ITS BECAUSE THIS IS EPIC!
I need to hurry up and race to level 199 ASAP


We are in the mitz of the Gaga Happy hour event and the last item after a medal that powers up on the weekend…not making this up…THE LAST ITEM IS AN LEVEL UP POTION!

Unless there is a random hot times to give one then I got nothing to worry about but till then THE RACE IS ON!

Oh I also got this cool ring

This is the 1st in a long time I am taking off my Maple Cruely ring….I dont really use the 1-hit ko anymore and my hp may fall down a bit but my critical hit rate is now 50% with this ring too so I am happy and once the justice patch comes I’ll get more critical ahahhaha

Well here is the video


About Princess1una

I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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