Level 200

I am a bit late on updating my blog about this subject but I am now level 200

Before I get the info I will show this,

I started off preparing for the big 200 but making some great media

Here is I can go the distance

If something feels odd or like the you been tricked and the song is not the disney song “I can go the Distance” well its because of the terms on youtube…I agreed to the terms but I said later screw it I dont want content match ID even if its all safe so I uploaded it to DeviantArt as a .SWF so here it is

here is the final grind

Level 200

Many think this is it but the show must go on,
I been working on a Maple show called “PrincessNJ’s Level 200 Adventure” but a side from that I am still playing and making good use of my time to make more cartoons and games but maple wise at the moment I am working on my Oz Flame Gears for example I have this video of finding my 3rd Burning flares

When I found all 20 Lunar dew’s waiting on the Chaos patch cuz I had too much free time on my hands and got Empress Might I had to do the following…

Quest 1-Kill UltraGray’s or Poison Poopa’s for 10 flares…Oddly it went by fast

Quest 2-Kill Cube Slimes or ….I forgot the other one but I killed Cube Slimes

Quest 3-where I am are Panda’s and Reinforced Matues

Quest 4- I heard Bone fish but idk the other optional one yet

Quest 5- I heard gold slimes but idk the other one yet

So I have alot to do and am making good time waiting on my mage revamp

Well thank you for viewing


About Princess1una

I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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