Oz flame gears Level 5

I started documenting this chain of events from my old channel on youtube but now that that is gone I still however kept up with my progress on this quest.

The Lunar dews was the crazy part but with the chaos patch I had ALOT of time to find these annoying thingies

Well with tons of 2x exp/drop events and some drop items the day I found one by chance I stayed and kept looking…I would stay on the male bunny map to see them better and just teleport to the left….Wait till they respawn then teleport to the right and repeate and sometimes while waiting I would tap the touch screen on my DS which later I got a 3DS and would train my pok’emon and man….I ran into 2 shiny colors faster then I found those dews….Oh well

after finding them and already knew ahead of time I would get “EMPRESS MIGHT” and have to find 10 burning flares

It started with

Poison Poopa or Ultra Gray….I picked the grays but found some at the Poopa’s but not many

level 2

Blue Flower Serpent or Cube Slime….I picked Cubeslimes but found some at the blue snakes but not many

Here is level 3 in action like in one of my older post

Pretty simple but then I put my level 3 video in the form of a “PrincessNJ’s Level 200 Adventure”

Now comes level 4 I did a mixture of an EP: and finding video

But then I found them underwater

And now…I kid you not…Even with long breaks to play video games with my brothers and friends and times I came back and many time gaps you can see from when this video was uploaded and the last one I quickly found all 10 after I got it on level 4 making this THE QUICKEST FLARE HUNT!

Here is level 5 gears

Soooooooooooooo now I got that out the way…TIME TO DANCE
Get your Naurto on baby!


About Princess1una

I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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