Maple 7th Lucky 7 events

Nexon GMS is having Maple 7th…I am sorry I am a bit lazy on posting but I will say that alot of elements of Maple 8th even the rising star event is here but thats a good thing.

I am in the process of getting the crimson maple gear

here are some info

People can make the legends for a limit of time

Like I said, Rising star event

Because I am stuck in a fairy tale world full of Princesses and….well I picked Empress Cyguns…Hmm a medal that can break..err..I might still try just cuz
I do like in the rising star hall you can hear the song Rising star playing in the background like you can do at elf kingdom when you play the music box.

I have found some scrolls from gift boxes and even got some green maple gear and turned them red

Well there are the *Air Quote*Merry Jay Gloves*Air quote* but then again a green maple leaf does not look like a canibus plant leaf…Look at Silver the hedgehog’s head and you can see what I mean

You can buy the green gear and joy bird scrolls from Inkwell but at the same time you can get boxes

Unlike the Legendary gear set this set has an effect for those who put the entire set on

I want that effect I BEEN tossed my legend set…Sure I am wearing Perm NX alot and mask my gear but I love to show off my good every once in a while

Well to really show my fandom I am going to make a Maple Lucky 7 Music video like they did in KMS for Maple 8th

Now to set my blog a part form info you can find at here is a video of me taking down some big puff daddys

Oh and to the KMS players out there


About Princess1una

I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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  1. Your blog is awesome! ^^

  2. Ya know, Nin… I actually got a few Crimson Maple equips from the boxes…

    Keep opening them.. you might get one that’s already red from the start!

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