Arkarium stain soul quest

Arkarium is a crazy boss that was featured with the silent crusader revamp

While doing the boss battle in my Silent Crusader event was fun and I made an over 1hour long movie but while the full boss battle epic for words they later allowed the Cyguns knights to fight him and level up your Empress blessing a few points.

Ark does fight like the full boss and does everything but is town down for knights but still fights like the one you need an exped for but what else is crazy is you can solo him…..I tried

But when we beat him in a team we found out you dont get your skill leveled up till after the 1st time then you gotta fight him 6 more times

Here is the KO in a team

Well now that was out of the way we did a full run tonight and I got the final piece of the puzzle to make this blog

here is the final results

I 1st saw the ball and like a noob watching a pro drop items I used teleported to the pile of party quest items and just looted till I got that soul….We did do more rounds after so we got all got one but yeah I went “NOOB POWERS ACTIVATE”

Well thank goodness I was told I dont have to go back to Ereve and before we did our next round I was able to give it to the npc via lighbub

Well here is my Bishop with the upgraded skill,
25 not 24 yay!

Here it is in video form

Well this is what is worth it,
All my other PrincessNJ’s besides my UE-Icemage and BattleMage who do help hold items and are for crafting and stuff like that and have one of kind items all PrincessNJ’s are for blessings and my Blaze was my 1st and still useful while the legends have blessings I still use from elven to pirate to even fury unleashed and I plan to make a phantom for even more critical hits but my blazey doing this ark is not for nothing its to make me get stronger….okay I went a bit off topic….

In short this is why I am doing this, to make my bishop stronger

Oh on another note….Nebulite Fusion…new skill

I guess like the legendary scroll skill to scroll anything you dont have to put on you get this either after a level of idk when but my blaze and I have it so far that I checked

Hmm maybe I should fuse those spare Neb’s and see what happens.

Well thank you for viewing


About Princess1una

I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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