Maplestory Renegade blog *Late entry*

I have too much things good and bad going on so I am going to have to be very fast about this so I have to use my video embeds

This video *Getting started* Will show you an array of what there is and I’ll put down a drop list

Let’s start with the basics…
1 Jett class:
I did not make one because I dont want the link skill although it is good I just dont want it.
Their link skill levels up as you level up your Jett to 120 but the stats are random and you either need items or I guess NX to change the pattern of the stats….I’m not into gambles

2 Card system:
Now this is a good thing for those who have many chars rather you are trying to find a type you like or getting blessings and stats boost or just training alot of chars or using item mules over level 30 you can now set them and get some cool stat boost.
I added myself for potion boost and my mercades for cool down -% and more so now my JatoGirls are more useful then ever yay!

3 Part time job system:
This is a nice thing but it takes time and dont expect the goodies right at the start but you can set your chars to dig or herb dig or wait at a store or rest and dont worry you wont see your chars afk in the game and are in risk of hack or anything like that and you dont need a key mining or herb skill you will see them doing things and looking mad or annoyed and when 6 hours has passed even if you are offline they are still working once they are done you log on as them and see the NPC and get your prize..They range from buffs only for that char or ores or seeds or more but I think you get more when you make them part time job but at lease your other chars can get action when you are on your main and you can stop the part time job when you need to use them.

4 Renegade coins:
On the website before release the coins had a J on it now its an R…I missed my chance on a renegade box full of 20 coins and 2 hats due to bad weather and power outages and one of the reasons why my blog is lack lusting but lower levels get more coins easyer while higher levels get a coin a day and can do PQ’s to get coins…I wish it was easy as it was in KMS but oh well.
I’ll try and get my Pinkbean chair version 2 I already have the 1st Pinkbean chair.

5 Monster Park Revamp:
The revamp is not like what it is in KMS but the HP has been dropped WAY lower so its more fun check this tour out.


Its so easy I can even kill the bosses in the Knights Chamber type check it

Yup now they can be dropped by a bishop who does not have decent skills….Oh yeah unless you are wearing the gear that has decent skills the ones you have due to the PVP glitch has been removed.

Also now that PVP is gone you can find Gallant medals form random monsters at high levels but dont worry.

Also everyone came as one and we battle for the last time till Grand battle is added

Neo city has been revamp and the prizes are good and the story is good too but this video is LONG so either jump the clips you need to see or get some popcorn and watch this movie

We did not get Phantom yet and Aswen but I did get a card for my phantom and I already have a cane I found

Also if you check your stats you can see your Aswan features such as Honor levels and locked hidden skills.

Well I guess thats about it for now

Thank you for viewing


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I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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