Maplestory Update

Here is what has been new with me and why I have not been active here with the updates.

Here is an update

1-Mu Lung dojo

Taking down ranking mode alone was a big ego boost for me.
I can now take down Mu Gong Mertis on my own woot!

2-Random Boss battles

I needed a new video of me fighting Angeo and I got one…
I need to be fast to find KaachuuMusha for a new battle video.

3-Trait leveling

This and Azwan are some of the main things that keep me busy on Maplestory now


Few things to say about Azwan…
1-Change your display…800×600 is no good here wide mode is a must.
2-Now that I do this with party members I tend to do this then end my session often so I can work on games and animations so I can keep a balance on my stuff but I do log in for other things but Azwan and Monster park keeps me busy till we get some more solo player aspects like GandBattle.
I do have things to hunt for and Dojo for rankings but I mostly Monster Park and Azwan.

Now that I got more free time to make games and animations and have a time frame to maple and a good point to stop and break and make other things.

I also been playing Super Mario 3D Land and other games and keeping myself busy but thats what has been going on

I still maple and I do there things too.

Also I still make silly episodic series such as this one


About Princess1una

I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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