What I am doing outside of Maplestory

With Maplestory’s Azwan added and waiting on more things to do for higher levels besides doing the Mulung dojo for ranking mode and Monster Park for coins to raise my charm and ambition and Azwan for Honor Exp and coins…I dont really PQ as much and boss like I said I would and dont feel like trying to make another phantom to get that 10% Critical hit rate or try a Jett

Well I am getting off track…I wont say Maplestory is boring but I am not putting in some effect to do alot that is open for me and often after doing some rounds I log off to work on other things.

Here is a mixture of what I am doing alot of..

Game Making:

Getting my Puyo Puyo kick still


I also fixed the frame rate in Touhou Sky Flight

While PC is one story I been also glued to my 3DS lately from playing a mixture of old and new stuff

Super Monkey Ball 3D (My 1st 3DS game)

Sonic Generations

Zelda OOT 3D

Kid Icarus Uprising

Super Mario 3D Land (Birthday gift)

KindomHearts Dream Drop Distance

I dont have one of Rayman 3D and my 10 free NES and VC games and tons of freeibes and stuff from Club Nintendo

I also been doing more animations

I finished my show “Race for the goddess Jewel”

I am back to working on the Youtubers/MapleStory/DeviantArt/More Cross over series

Revising my old series

Legend of the Ehrgeiz

in a nutshell I been animating alot and game making and playing a lot of PC game but I do still maple but I wont become a ghost but I have been doing more then maplestory lately

Thank you for viewing
I am working on an animated intro to my 3rd remake of my show “NeoCrystal Hunters”


About Princess1una

I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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