Back and ready to blog about Maplestory

Well its been a bit but I been getting busy with the many events that has been added keeping me busy along with the things I normally do.

Sorry that I am going to use a lot of Youtube embeds again….

Okay here we go.

Well the Silent Crusader was Remade again and is now faster and the title over your head adds a stat buff

Here it is

Also I am keeping my “PrincessNJ’s Level 200 Adventure” relevant and active to events and updates.

We also got a puffram pet at 1st it was for 1 NX and last for 7 days
Now they can be perm or 90 days

My Promo version

Here is where it expired but did not delete but became a doll

Well other then that we had other revamps such as Golden Temple

We also got this new thing in the Temple of time,
This magic box sells rare and random items every day and changes its location so it gives me a reason to go treasure hunting so I love it

Next up here is something I love!
Red Leaf High

This place is a bunch of random maps full of bosses or math test or date simulations and more.

As you go though these maps…Like the old Golden Temple you have to use NX to go in more then once but at the same time you can go in for free once a day till this event is over with and there are 4 students you can add points to the student you want to befriend and I am selecting the one that add’s INT. Once the points reach a number you can buy a tolem of each one of them and they cost MORE AND MORE as they get stronger…as shown in the video above….


I am not kidding on the prices…you see it in that video above….
Well I been having fun with this I did 2 rounds

Well this was so fun I had even more fun making snapshots for Deviant Art

This is a better one

AHAHAHHAHA! Level 200 Elf Bishop shooting angel rays out of a wildhunters crossbow vs an Elf archer who is on level 200 to match my level…Let the arrows fly!

Well I’ll have more updates and I have a mixture of videos on my PrincessNinjato account on youtube so enjoy


About Princess1una

I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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  1. Hey, is there an e-mail address I can contact you with? Interested in doing an interview and possibly partnering with you on one of my future MapleStory fansites.


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