Pokemon White 2

Dont worry no spoilers I am still going though the game,
I am in love with this version and while it has distracted me from Maplestory for a bit I still pop in for the latest events and one a day items but so far I am hanging in there.

For Pokemon I did make some videos

me getting the game as a gift and lighting up my day

Me showing my Genesect

My 1st pokewood video

My verdict…GET THIS GAME!!!!!

Well to keep you maple fans going good Nexon has gone Pink Bean crazy and I LIKE IT!

And not only that you can now buy Pinkbean pets for 90 days….I am good on that since my PB is perm and I am in love with the color pink but yay more Pink beans

Err due to links being in the bubbles you need to see them here

October 11 to October 23 in the Event Tab > New Section

Combine the new dyeable Pink Bean with a Squishy Pink Bean Dye Coupon, and you can choose your pet’s color for the first time in MapleStory history! The colorful new dyeable Pink Bean comes in a discounted package that includes the 90-day Pink Bean, 1 Squishy Pink Bean Dye Coupon, 5x Pink Bean Food, Pink Bean’s Headset, and 2 scrolls for ATT or M.ATT. You can also purchase the dyeable Pink Bean on its own, but you won’t be able to change its color as Dye Coupons are only available in the package.

The new Pink Bean pet is currently the only pet that can be dyed, and only the new Pink Bean food and equips can be used with it.

Well that is about it for that…
We are in a mitz of a Homecoming event and have a ball monster boss to beat up and coins to buy outfits that I have no need for…

Here is that boss battle

Oh and Thanks to the new PVP I been having a ball fighting friends and foes and making bishops stand strong

Here are a few

Ooookay so I did not get to battle the GM but I almost did

Also I did a duo to take down Hilla

Well that is about it…I guess….I’ll get back to pokemon and maple later and game making later too


About Princess1una

I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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  1. Why call it Pink Bean when it’s not pink anymore after you dye it? You might as well call it Green Beans or any other colors you might dye your bean.

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