Maplestory Halloween and Political themes

Welcome to the PrincessNinjato blog and I am here to show you what is up in GMS this time.

Update 1: Going old school with Halloween events

With these NPC’s like the man in the mask….He was in the MapleSimulator as a monster and NPC I even used him in a video

Here is that video:

Well back to this subject at hand…
We got the Red coin event back

That damage is somebody from the left side of the screen….But yeah you can buy the fun stuff from before.

Oh and the Olivia Quest is back!

Yeah…Back to long kills and Key grinding…Good thing I am nice and a level 200…Getting people to join me and help them as I blow up a map makes things easy so I do not stand there as the evil bishop who comes and KS on maps…

Well in the end I got to do the boss battle

Well here she is still laughing but this time she is….Well I will not say easy but I will say Maplers has gotten way stronger…We sent that twisted demon back to hell in seconds flat

You be the judge in this battle video:

Moving on to other crazy events…

The mask man wants pumpkin pieces

You can find the Pumpkins all over the place and you just wack them till you get the pieces

The store NPC is a strange looking target I saw in the simulator as a monster and looks like something you face in the new world home to the Lumi/Angelic buster/Kaizer classes but he is a store seller and LOOK AT WHAT THEY HAVE TO SELL!

ZOMG I want that mace….I just want it…

Well to get these coins you can log in a day and at the same time mow down some Zombies!

Well 1st you see the mirror

After the intro you talk to the death truck machine and you transform…I guess in story wise you are inside it….or did I just turn into a trick with wings!?!

Well you press the Attack button what ever you set it as or if you did not just press CTRL

You do 999 and really you dont even have to ride the car but its fun and they drop items you can use but also they are needed for quest.

Once you goto the next zone..LOOK OUT ITS A BOSS!!!….And all you do is 999 no matter the attack.

I have this in video format if you like

Zombies are my least fav. Monsters…I REALLY HATE THEM!
They bore me and are in too much media…I rather see Mummies…
Well thats it on the Halloween things for now…


Get a load of these new pets

Yes indeedy due to the big vote and…..Alright I am just going to just say it…I do not like political things…I do pay some attention to some aspects of this subject but I was born and raised as a…..Well why not let the picture do the talking

Thats right I am a Democrat….I have some buddies I played with for years and just found out they are Republican’s and I don’t even give a care

Yes I know my spelling is bad at most times….Moving on

I had to do a number of WEIRD quest….
Most range from Kill grays to break boxes…OH UPDATE! I love how now you do not have to press the attack button anymore to break boxes and hit things…You can use your skills to do so.

Well after a rumble like that the game takes a weird spin…I have to talk to the Elephant for a quiz….

Heehee look at Quiz Q. No.1

Eh its topical so there is nothing really wrong here…..Oh….There are too many NPC’s so I have move to a kind of less populated town zone…

Now I dont know how I got this one right but I took a shot in the dark and got it right

Got this one right too by taking a shot from the dark again

I got this one right too…Wow my mind amazes me…And I picked Fitzgerald because I know about
Zelda Fitzgerald….

Err I had to try this one twice…I dont like political things….

Well after all of that I had to buy some items for the Donkey man

Well at last I had to fight Zeno

Well my expression is clear that I know this is going to be easy….They did change the pace to make it so I can not just 2 shot this bad boy…

Sadly I am still fast and well…We drop Zeno like a bad habit

Well these are my prizes…

I am still working on the way get more of those items to get the medals

….Wait…why do I need these???

Well I will have a video for this later but for now that is it for now….
Thank you for viewing this blog


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I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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  1. Well after a rumble like that the game takes a weird spin…I have to talk to the Elephant for a quiz….

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