Sonic and Allstars racing transformed 3DS

I got the WiiU Sonic and Allstars Racing Transformed

Now playing the 3DS version

sonic racing 3DS BOX

3DS Sonic snapshot

After being too into the main system and even helping a friend on the PS3 out also…You can really compare and see what they did and did not do.

Now I wont bash the game but there are a few flaws but most are easy to ignore

Let’s knock these out the way fast.

1st thing: Load time in the middle of racing:
Now unlike Mario Kart 7 these are the same tracks but they are so big some parts of the levels need to load when you reach that point so only a few stages have a big spike that last about 1.5 seconds but at Lap 3 of the Rouge Landing when the race track turns nearly all flying and a big blue ship appears as you get near the lap line you will see the game freeze for a quick second,
It happens only once in the NiGHTS stage but as you play on faster speeds this problem kind of goes away.

2nd thing: Physics….Now there are no waves but the water does move like water but there are points where you can land in water and turn upside down and backwards or some times you can just tilt way back while in boat mode….I gotten used to it but when it happens it does throw me off a bit other then that it plays well.

3rd thing: The music…Its good but for some reason the 1st stage Ocean view and the other sonic stage based off of Sonic and Knuckles the music loops with out phasing into a remix of Super sonic Racing and back in time but that is not that big of a deal its easy to ignore that however the Burning Ranger stage and NiGHTS stage phases their music.

4th thing: Missing in action…I noticed stages still have things on the road from cars to badguys from other games, Giant dragons or robots in the water moving or flying objects and stuff….
Whats missing in action are..
1-Ristar…I think he may be a racer like how Lakitu is in Mario Kart 7 since he is not on the game as a Flag man and there is signs of DLC coming I’ll get to that below.
2-Chaos and Nigtopians…I can understand not seeing them in the BG since you rarely see the chaos on the 1st stage but the Nigtopians do not appear but given the fact of how big the NiGHTS stage is and how they added the monsters, Puffy, Wisemen, Some big whale thingy its easy to see why but on the egg hanger there are no walking Egg pawns, In Starlight carnival there are no 2 flying flipping beam shooting robots but I hate them so they can go.
3-Burning Rangers: They are no where to be found flying around or even standing as you race in an underwater research lab breaking down and catching on fire…hmm

5th thing: Your DLC info and how to guide….Unlike my Wii U version with the content in the game you gotta add a DLC code and I am guessing the PS3 and Vita version will do the same….I have no problem doing this but the how to guide in the box says to goto the Eshop and goto your account and do the feature to add a code to get your content and media….You enter it and get a message saying it does not support this game or is not doing it so you think the code is broke…I went to the options and saw the Add-On Manager…I went back in and noticed a button on the bottom and THERE I FOUND IT!
You enter the code IN GAME….Not in the eShop….I also hope this helps people who have yet to figure this out.

6th thing: Tokens…The Tokens and Lucky Chance is gone but that is a good thing now content is easier to unlock

7th: NiGHTS and Reala’s allstar…..Now I can over look this but I love using NiGHTs on the Wiiu and going allstar is the highligh of this since you start flying Super sonic style and it is EPIC!
I did ask ‘What else can they do???” for an Allstar…Well here it is…
On the 3DS they dont turn into their normal self and fly and spin drill or throw a Mare ball…
Instead they go into airplane mode and spin or shoot a mare ball…I felt a bit crushed and the halo around the Nightopian is gone….I can’t really use NiGHTS on the 3DS…Too much things I like are gone….NiGHTS does talk but since you do not ever change back until the GP is over or getting EXP
or something you might as well make NiGHTs just be called Nightopian

Here is a video of how NiGHTS play on the Wii-U and its allstar

Okay now that I got that out the way let’s talk about the good parts.

Now over all speed kills Mario Kart 7 and stages are more mixed up so its fly to shift into flying and driving and boating…Its like all the fun of Diddy Kong Racing into one mix but some racers may hate learning 3 gameplay styles but I like it.

Stickers: There are newer stickers and things to do to get them so that is a nice thing.

MODS: Oh wow….WOW….They gave EVERYONE a super mod!
I am using Amy Rose more then my Mii and with the super speed Mod for Amy…..Wow I am having too much fun.
Also some of the stat builds look a bit new.

Mii’s: They did it right! While the Mii now wear white instead of matching color and the car is always red you can now select more then one Mii not your default Mii, Makes me think of the Wii version.

Easy to see: I think its nice that with out the HD blur you can see all of the race track for each stage and some dark stages are brighter.

All and all its a good game and if you want to play the full sonic and allstars racing transformed on the go and a 3DS owner this is a good way to go.

I can not compare this game fully to Mario Kart 7 even the 1st sonic racing I can not compare to Mario Kart Wii/DS

All I can say is…
Items, Mascots racing, that is about it…

Here is something else about the sonic Allstars racing seres

the Sonic allstars is more like the Sega version of super smash bros…But think about it…How would many sega stars fight?
Sure there is this picture on Deviant Art making art for an idea called SONIC and SEGA ALL STAR WARZONE

Here is the link to the owner of this picture even if the URL is in the image

Link to the picture

but can you really see B.D Joe and Beat trying to fight sonic and Joe Musahsi?
Some of them just dont mix so a racer is better to go.

Mario Kart will always feel like its own game and cant be beat by Sonic but cant beat Sonic…They are their own games

Let’s see some visual of both versions

Here is DS version I used with Emulators

Here is a trailer I made

I have a playlist so you can pick with the vids you want to see

Here are some online racing on the Wii version and offline GP


Wifi races:

I have a mess of Wii U videos so I’ll do this


My Mii in action:

Now to mix things up let’s look at Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 7


Mario Kart 7

Gold Kart and gear

Rainbow Road: Sorry I did not fly and although I dont go underwater when I land on the moon it plays like you are underwater

So with these you can see that Mario Kart 7 does not really change the rules with underwater and hang gliding in fact underwater makes the gameplay feel fun and the hang gliding is more like clearing big gaps but on rainbow road and a few stages with a fan do you get a second to feel like you are flying but does not turn the game into flying game….Its all driving

Sonic Racing is a bit easy on the items and you dont get barraged as much as you do on Mario Kart,
I will say that Wifi on Mario Kart to me is a bit better and MK7 has a cool feature on making rooms to host games.

So I say get both if you can but if you are a die hard sonic fan on the Nintendo and not a sony fan you will not be alienated and will like this.

Thank you for viewing


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