Super Princess Luna 2

I started with a Promo for this game I started to make

Super Princess Luna 2 Promo

Oh a lot of these pics are from my Deviant Art so you will see “By:PrincessNinjato” or “By JatoStyle Games” under a lot of them

The game development went well

Compare to the 1st one this is an improvement here is the 1st one in test mode

This version was good but some things ticked off gamers but at the same time it was good,
You can play it online using this link

Well moving on back to version 2

I went in a better direction from making an intro “This intro changed later mostly graphic wise”

Well you can see no flashing beads and jumping has been improved….Well here are some more test videos

This one I dubbed the video with the music of this level

And with all of that I made a Promo video showing the game is done

You can see that I am a big Sonic the Hedgehog fan with a side of Mario, Kirby, Megaman, heck I love all kinds of platforming but you can see what moves me and motivates me since my games are more inspired by a hybrid of sonic speed, Mario Point A to Point B, Megaman style shooting kind of.

Well since you was nice enough to read this blog here is the link to the flash version of Super Princess Luna 2

If you perfer to play it as a .exe then head on down to my website and get a download there
here is the link to my website

Also why not check out some fun and kind of insane PrincessLuna cartoons

Here is a good example of one

I also do Game Animation such as Maplestory Animations…My art style does get weird on some animations such as sonic and…Well tons of game chars I love…Here is a Maple animation using
my pets on my Bishop and a few of my buddies

Thank you for viewing


About Princess1una

I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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  1. I cannot wait to read the rest of this post and your blog….. after I wake up, cuz it’s 1 AM here :p

    I’m that guy from Youtube btw, that recently subbed to you and asked you about being a game maker 🙂

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