Back to GameMaker soon

I am still working on animations such as this test video,

I am also working on a series of games..

For YoYoGames/GameMaker I am going to make a series of Super Princess Luna games like I did for my Newgrounds account.

For my website I am testing the use of online host and join features most gamemakers use to see if I can add some online play to my games and a series of new platforming adventure games starring Luna,Blazey,Demonica mixing gameplay styles.

Other projects I plan to make will be a remake of a game I once made so long ago but the files got screwed and some other mess…I kept a lot of the screen shots from the cutsceens and some parts of the game but lost the videos of the gameplay..

Here is the folder to the art

It was going to have a megaman style mix with some touch of CaveStory…

Here is a wallpaper I made when I was going to try again but never did

As you can see my art style used to be….well its better now then it used to be.

For movies I am still working on a new movie here was the 1st trailer

I was going to make it all depressing and have a VERY dark meaning even for me but I did change some ideas and kind of went to add some new elements to still keep it dark but not super emo….Say hello to this new monster

This demonic being is called “US” and it comes out of nowhere and is on a mission to turn everyone and every thing in Skyrealm into blobs like him and then fuse with him..He is quick to use his name in any way he can such as saying “You will become one with US” or “You will join US so submit to US”
He can’t effect Luna-PrincessNinjato but she can hurt him but he does not care he is just on a mission to fuse all of Skyrealm with him and lock all the other goddess in their realms or kingdoms in the jewels they wear on their heads.

I was going to try something like this when I 1st wanted to do a movie but the story was so twisted and weird even I would get lost due to the mix of time travel and mixed laws of time and space that would just make a lot of this illogical.

Well back to GameMaker….I do fear that I can end up losing a lot of data…I did find out moving some stuff around did cause my game to crash but later the game engine I made would just…Crash at any given point for no reason…

Here is a game I worked hard and hard on….

You can see many things are starting to change in these test videos

I started with an 640×480 size but I later moved to an 800×600 size…
I had all kinds of test videos also

I was fixing sprite sizes at 1st things was too big and I had to keep going back to change things.

Music changes

Errr…..At this point I had to start over…

Then again

I was having a ball with this but then I had to start over because the game file crashed and after a moment of sadness and then again….I tired then in the middle of everything…It crashed again this time I tired again with new story style.

These are real in game clips.

Walking on eggshells I was making sure EVERYTHING fell in order…then this happen….

Seeing that message means the whole game file is screwed and its all over….I had this often in GameMaker that made me kind of dejected to this but with the nice comments I had on YoYoGames and nice reviews I feel I should keep trying…

Well I did end up making a game and still have the source/Engine if I want to build on this but I am going to start from scratch again to make something new and a bit better.

This was the final results

So you can see all that prep work went down the drain and I ended up making something smaller….This was going to be an episodic adventure but I cut that story short…

The game can be played here on YoYoGames

Here is a link to my profile to see other games I made

I am thinking of using another sonic example file like I did with some of my older games.

Also I found another game maker that is kind of easy to use but have some flaws…Must be because I am using a free version but I can’t get music to play…

This is Construct2 an HTML5 GameMaker

You can also see I can’t figure out how to animate sprites and some of the gameplay elements is a bit weird but what I do like is when you want to post your games there are places you can place your games or just save it as an HTML5 basic format and their site has a side site that works like YoYoGames and Youtube where you can make a profile and make games for your arcade and add things to your favs or play other peoples games so I think at some point I will mess with this some more.

I also still have plans for RPGmaker2003

As you can see I am big on action RPG’s over turn base and will try to find a way make an action RPG since I suck at making Turn based RPG’s due to exp rate and hp and mp and moves for mobs and bosses..Most of my 1st games had impossible bosses or easy bosses and mobs….

Here is a good example of how I got the hack and slash style to a Q in RPGmaker PS1

Well back to RPGmaker 2003 test vids to see how things changed as I keep trying new things.

In this one mobs hit you then you hit them if you hit the action key and how to change them into another mob.

In this test I had only mobs in the dungeon zone attacking back as you hit them but the slimes do not.

Here I was testing a boss and kind of mixed how I did things in RPGmaker PS1 where the boss will go into an attack mode and when the boss is not in attack mode you can hit them and goto a round 2 state but when they start going into attack mode you gotta run…Also I just found it funny having a little spinning girl as a trap and later a boss

This test was a boss battle test where the boss can speed up or walk normal and if you break the crystals you can kill the boss.

Well that is mostly it for these but you can see I been testing around RPGmaker 2003…Xp was fun and a bit easier to user and I have a history of using RPGmakers…

RpgMaker3 was kind of not my style but I LOVE RPGMAKER 2
If not for Yume Nikki and my nieces I would have never got back on RPGmaker 2 and did these

Like Yume Nikki its a dream exploring game

While this was the last test video I fix this game over and over like making the screen turn blue when in the mermaid world and flatten the clouds in the fairy world…
I did later add monsters to kill just for no reason since I had monsters that can trap you.

So ummmm….More games to come so I am going to take time work on GameMaker soon…

Animations on the other hand..

as you saw above the NeoCrystal Hunters still being worked on video I have these other ideas

1-A classic “Chained to the one I hat” style cartoon

2-What if I was good and you was evil (The plot goes WAY LEFT FIELD)

3-A plot’less cartoon clip (Here is the story board)

While these can come at random I did prove I do make what I do post on my DeivantArt such as

CrossRealms WTF cartoon

So these can come at random…

Well one last and final thing…
I am working on a new fighting game….I had one 1 player only fighting game and a 2 player only game…

I want to make a full fighting game but the style and tools I can use makes it hard and I lose motivation while I do love the idea of projectile base fighting games…And yes I tired Fighter Maker and Fighter Maker 2 and for a good while had 2 M.U.G.E.N PrincessNinjato fighters but with tons of chars in my series having over the top powers that look mostly like Hyper combos in MVC3 a basic fighter and balance in power is always an issue…

So a puzzle battle series with balloons I keep trying to perfect is not working right I just set out to take the balloons and give them to the fighters and make a balloon chucking game with a smash bros style.

Here is the promo picture

I have a lot of things on stand by

Thank you for viewing my blog and I hope when all of these are done oneday you all can try them if you like


About Princess1una

I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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