An update on what I been up to

Well my blog has been a bit quite but don’t worry I am still doing things..

I am aware of the 8th Anniversary for Maplestory and so far I just have a small video planned to kick off the party…

Here is what I did last year

I do plan to make another Phantom when they Re-Open the class…The IGN may change.

Well to just throw it out in the open….The Maple super 8 video is going to be shorter and will not feature my Angelic Buster or any of the PrincessNJ’s
Instead its going to feature Inkwell and red and black Spirit of rock and Pinkbean and a short music number from the song “So Much More” used in Sonic and Sega Allstars Racing.

Well while that is there I am back to game making.

This will be a series of games for my YoYoGames account.

Well things got REALLY good after level 165

Well now I am in the Evolution Dungeon and been leveling up like crazy there.

I am also watching the MapleStory Lux Coin shop trying to get a Phantom Fan Mount

and that stupid store is trolling me soooooooo hard….But I got some more time till this event is over but I got over 50 coins doing the ring the bells and kill jewel bunnies and now the store will not sell it but I’ll keep looking and if I SOME HOW manage to not get the Phantom Fan Mount I can still ride my perm Double Pink Unicorn

Well thank you for viewing


About Princess1una

I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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