Maplestory Monster Life

…eh….It’s hard to really do a Maple blog for me…
Things are getting better but the game servers are so laggy for me I can not grind or barely move…I can talk but not much…However Monster life is working fine and since I use fraps I can see the FPS in standby mode and it uses less FPS in Monster Life also the game does not crash at random or send me back to the title screen with an “Unable to connect” when in Monster life…it does when I try to leave often….

Well I am still checking to see if I can play again but mostly I been hanging around in Monster life.

Things I can say about it…
2-So mellow you can unwind
3-The NPC’s are funny.
4-Some quest are a bit annoying
5-You get to see other farms or towns or what ever from other maple worlds like example ppl in bera can see ppl in Windia.

Well I do have some gameplay footage and SHOCKER!!!!
They are in HD!

getting started part 1 2 and 3

While I am still doing updates on if I can fully do things on Maple again I have been collecting my hot times prizes and checking on my guild letting everyone know my ordeal.

Also speaking of hot times I got a real good set of goodies…The Pinkbean related box gave me a Pinkbean Chair…I already got one…Oh well moving on

I got a free house, free decore item, free random monster and wow did I get a good one, and a name changer…I might go back to calling it JatoKingdom but I wanted to use Skyrealm but thats taken

Take a look and see how things been growing since those 3 videos

Also lately I been playing Elsword to keep myself busy…Its pretty cute and fun but not the kind of thing that would lure me away from Maple…Its very arcadey and casual but that does not mean I am bashing the game I like having something else to do when I dont feel like doing the things I do normally.

This video starts off a bit skippy but plays good also its in HD too.

Since this is something I will dabble in more and more as I wait for maple or etc. I already found the mage path I want to pick…Even a mage class called Void Princess could not tear me away F-R-O-M…Battle Magician!!!
This class and the 2nd path dimension witch makes me think Angelic Buster minus the megabuster and dragon soul giving you power but it is a magical girl base class with transformations and yadda yadda yadda…Come to think of it…I think this is now a trend in MMO’s now…A Magical girl class

Take a look at these

Battle Magician

Dimension witch

Well till then I’ll keep waiting to see what happens on Maplestory and at the same time make more animations and games

Thank you for viewing


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I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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