Maplestory Unleashed

Well while we already knew mostly about the level cap and dark Perion and the new UI…WELL WE GOT A MESS OF STUFF COMING WOOHOO!!!

Let’s take a look.

We start by going to the nexon page here: (You dont have to go I’ll show you myself below)

Well we find this logo

This message

Break free and soar to new heights in the Unleashed update! There’s a higher level cap, new areas for adventure, updated regions to explore, and more!

Increased: Max Level, Max Damage, Max HP, Max Mesos

The level cap has been raised from 200 to 250! The means jobs and characters that were previously capped at 200 can now climb even higher! To aid your climb to the top, we’ve also increased the maximum damage limit from 999,999 to 50,000,000 and the health point cap from 99,999 to 500,000. The meso cap has been increased as well, allowing you to build a bigger nest egg.


My views on a level cap now since then when I 1st heard about it???

Well my 1st reaction was kind of….well

What am I fighting for

Yeah kind of being a drama queen…but at the same time I kind of did not feel that bad thinking about it since I was still doing what I did before 200 working on charm and Amb. and doing Azwan it was like I needed a level cap since I was till killing like I was grinding….

Then again after the Evolution Lab I been leveling up so much its not even funny anymore and even my Youtube channel is being flooded with tons of “Maplestory Princess1una reach level 1XX” But I am doing this to make a montage when I hit 199…Heck if it keeps getting this steady I’ll make a montage when at 249.

Back to the main blog at hand.

New: Level 3 Link Skills

Along with the higher level cap, several characters’ link skills will now go up to level 3 when they reach level 210. This includes the link skills for Cannoneers, Mercedes, Phantom, Luminous, the Demon Slayer, Mihile, Kaiser, and Angelic Buster.


Well thats nice in all but most classes I stopped at 70 and have no motive to go beyond that point but I do wish I did have a phantom that high for tons of Critical hit rate but oh well but yay my terms and conditions will be better then it is now woohoo

New: Twilight Perion

Journey to Twilight Perion, a new area in the Gate to the Future. Monsters range from Lv.190 – 200. In addition to regular maps with swollen stumps, pillaging boars, and sinister masks, there are four party play maps filled with ancient golems for you and your friends to battle!


Nice more dark maple world to explore and another town to stay away from the places with lags and clutter but at the same time I can see this place being the new Knights Stronghold for people beyond level 200…ugh….why must there be leechers……ugh…I’ll do it legit till the very end.

New: Spirit Valley

Stop by Monster Park to challenge the Spirit Valley Dungeon, open to characters Lv.200 – 209. Monsters range from Lv.201 – 209.


While I am more active in the Evo Labs more I still love Monster park and yay new maps,
In KMS they also got a Golden Temple map too, I think we will get that too but they did not add that yet on the list or its going to hit people who dont read these blogs and just play the game and will say “WOA WHERE DID THAT COME FROM!?!”

New: Twisted Aqua Road

Investigate the strange happenings of the Twisted Aqua Road theme dungeon. Monsters range from Lv.200 – 210.


OOooookay WOW…JUST WOW…I did not see this before and I love it!
An underwater theme dungeon!?!
I bet all the Cannoneers who was like “Why do we have a fast swim ablity !?! What is it for?
AR, Kenta and a few towns!?!”
Well looks like you got a place to swim like mermaids and mermen.

New: Alien Visitor

Help Dr. Bing uncover the secrets of a crashed spaceship in the new Alien Visitor party quest. Visitor enemies are level 209.


Okay do you all recall when GMS was about to get the BigBang and we was ending the last days of old maple story and GMS made one of THE BEST events ever!?!

This event had aliens invading Maple world and all over each map you can see aliens ships and it was if maple world was standing as one and with tons of quest and day by day the story unfolded and had one of the biggest twist and a great Party quest…When they closed the PQ map some fans of the event was mortified but later we had places like the Pink Zakum raid and even had NPC’s from the OSSS hanging around and the map from inside the space ship…It was nice but the invaion event was kind of….Just a memory and tons of unwelcome guest items was now gachpon items and collectable items but now its back…Not the invasion day by day but yay a Theme dungeon to bring back the magic.

Okay for this one they have one thing and list another one I see as a follow up a few pages down so I am going to connect them so bare with me…I’m going freestyle with these 2 entries

New: Fantasy Theme World

Romp around Fantasy Theme World in Ludibrium, the latest in the Fantasy brand theme parks. Earn a new medal and win a new helmet to spruce up your character! Monsters range from Lv.125 – 140.


Okay now that we are getting that do you think Malaysia’s fantasy park is going to get the Axe like Ninja Castle once we got Sakura Castle??
NO! In fact we are getting something better!!!
Also since they been using Malaysia and Singapore mobs in the gold beach and other places it makes since they will keep these places they love them.

Look at this!

Revamped: Malaysia and Singapore

Several quests and all of the monster levels have been updated to have better gameplay flow. New quests involving Captain Latanica and Krexel have been added which allow you to obtain the new Ghost Ship Exorcist badge and the new Krexel Pauldron. Region maps have also been added to assist you in navigating these areas.Monsters in Malaysia now range from Lv.131 – 150. Monsters in Singapore now range from Lv.145 – 170.


YES! A new reason to fight Krexel more!
But yes we keeping the Malaysia and Ulu city

New: Cooking with Tangyoon

Help Tangyoon prepare delicious dishes in exchange for EXP and new equipment! This party quest is for characters Lv.60 – 90; the monsters and EXP scale to your level.


Heehee keep em coming!
I’ll have tons of stuff to make videos about when I go to get my Phantom to 70 to help my AngelicBuster get her Critical hit rate up.

Revamped: User Interface

Several parts of the UI have been remodeled, including updated designs for the equipment, item, and skill inventories, the character stat menu, the world map, and the tooltips for skills and items. The new appraisal system allows you to reveal the secret stats of equipment with hidden Potential, and the item enhancement menu automatically sorts your equipment upgrade items and allows you to combine scrolls to create a random new one. You’ll now also be able to hide your quest and event notifiers on the left side of the game window, and the Monster Life button window will disappear after your farm reaches Lv.2, at which point you can access your farm through your Game Menu.


Okay there has been some debate and active talk on the Maplestory forums about this and I have to say I like it,
I am often good with new changes so this is a win for me and YES! That monster life button will be gone away from my soul batter.

Updated: Masteria Monsters

The levels of most monsters in Masteria outside of the Prendergast Mansion have been updated to allow for smoother gameplay throughout the region. Monsters outside of the haunted house now range from Lv.100 – 120.


If Malaysia is getting upgraded why not the GMS content???
Well this is good this place is getting more attention….I wonder if Bigfoot will return?
We still have the headless horseman wondering around the haunted house.

Updated: Special Victoria Island bosses

If you previously out-leveled your chance to fight Andras, Marbas, Amdusias, Valefor, Crocell, or Astaroth, we’ve removed the level cap to fight them, as well as for the quests to get the job –specific hats associated with the first five.


I want that cute kitty hat for my Buster…Even if I dont use it in combat I can wear it for fun and I got a perm silver fox tail too soooooooo

Kitty Hammer

Yeah let’s make that happen!
I guess I am excited about this too because of the Cat power up in Super Mario 3D World.


Now I can stop goofing around with Super Mario Bros2 and Super Princess Peach and play with Peach in a new school adventure oh also smash bros Subspace.

Back to Maplestory

Back from hiatus: Sharenian Guild Party Quest

The Sharenian Guild PQ was closed before the guild system was updated because it was designed to function with the old guild system. After making some modifications to ensure it doesn’t conflict with the current guild system, we’ve brought it back with the same gameplay, as you requested.


Okay that I did not see coming AT ALL!
I wonder if this will bring life back to my guild, Its kind of active but some members are either on rarely or on times others are not….But yay the GPQ is back

Event: Unleashed Coin Shop

Gale and Spark restocked after closing their Tempest shops and have returned with an assortment of wares, including new Unleashed set equipment!


Okay who are we kidding? Gale and Spark are the new Inkwell and we will be seeing them more than once by this point.

Well they did a “AND MORE”

Other things will later be “Xenon and Demon Avenger”
I wont be making either

Here is the youtube video

Well this will keep me busy and I will be level 200 soon and will have some motivation to go to 250 more with these updates.

Thank you for viewing


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  1. So… what world do you play in again… I thought it was Khaini.. I know I can just look it up on the rankings but I’m lazy an it’s 2 AM … lol xD
    Btw I’m TheBanned0ne from Youtube :p

  2. Also, maybe next time use a cut in your article, because it takes really long to load the main page because it is so big… 😦

  3. LOL! I just found this blog out today and one of my friends, rakahs, comments on it. The internet is so small O.o

    I’m liking the way you do your blogs Luna Person!~ I think i’ll stick around. Shame your in Khaini though lol. Windia ftw! :3

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