A PrincessNinjato Blog update

I have not been doing things lately so its time to give you viewers some updates.

Okay Maplestory:

I am still grinding but I been lolly gagging ALOT!!!
Mostly doing events and not moving as fast as I used too after the level cap increased and the evolution labs is not as good as it used to be and too much HP slows me down….Plz Un-Nerf the Busters Nexon…..

Well I’m back to doing the monster park grind thing

Well while that is good and all….
The Invasion PQ is VERY GOOD but drains my items VERY VERY VERY FAST!

I’m not big on party play maps due to leechers and exploits (Kanna’s and stuff) making you more of a player more of a tool not a person to help…

Also I made some chars for the point where I feel I should get them to level 70

I also been still goofing around with Monster Life

For Animal Crossing updates…

I am still getting beetles and sharks and getting my house expanded…Still no sign of the dream place so I can get my dream code and people can visit my place..

For JatoStyle Animations…
I am still working on my series NeoCrystal Hunters Chapter 2.

This was my last episode:

Now that I rebooted the Luna-PrincessNinjato saga in the form of the a comic

I got a lot of stress off of my back, I do want to finish this series soooooo bad…

Things have sped up now that I got a drawing tablet

This tablet is also why I a been lolly gagging on Maplestory due to having it hooked up to my laptop and maple on my desktop…

The next big episode of NeoCrystal Hunters is going to be done in the form of 3 big episodes and fuse them into 1 like a mini movie…I been wanting to do this and another episode soooooooooooooooo bad I was ready to just stop making the episodes and just make those clips to get them out the way and just keep doing the reboot series but I cant do that…

For JatoStyle Game Making news and updates:

I am still working on “Luna and the Lost shrine” and have added new visuals and a boss battle and more

Here are some screen shots

1 Lost shrine title

2 Lost shrine shot

3 Lost shrine world map

4 Lost shrine new level

Also here is a test video of the 1st boss battle

I am thinking about using this system for an air combat fighting game.

The AI attacks at a random pattern…
I do plan to have a boss attack mode and you can see during the boss battle you do not have hearts and now have vital…The bosses have more HP later but it makes the game more like a fighting mode during boss battles.

Other info in Jato Gaming….

I am working on changing my game files into a .apk and testing them as an Android format….
If this plan works out and I run enough test I am going to sign up for a Google Developer’s account and when things are in my eyes perfect I am going to submit a game to the google play store…

Soooooooooooooooooooo….In short…

I have plans to enter the mobile market and I may start off with free games….What if….WHAT IF….What if I ended up making a game that made money…I would be the indie game developer I wanted to be….The one that makes money for the games not a freeware indie….Maybe it can be so good other companies would want to pick it up and games be up on Facebook or game companies make something out of it….I’m getting a bit a head of myself but I am going to plan to get into the mobile market.

I do have 2 ideas so far..
1-An adventure game with touch controls
2-A puzzle game………(I think thats a bit of a go to thing but will do if all else fails)

I’ll have updates as time moves on.


About Princess1una

I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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  1. Ahh! I’ve always wanted to make a video game Q.Q!

    Good for you! Hope you’ll be the next microsoft xD

    Last Post: “Xenon and Demon avenger are coming out, i wont be making them”

    This Post: “heres my creating an xenon and DA! :3”

    Y u lie? We have trust issues now xD.

    Btw i consider you a pro in maple. I mean, who the heck can play AB!?

    Dat recharge rate omg O.o

    • wow thank you for the comment.
      and yeah I did pretty much shoot them down and then made one,
      I just want to have them if I for some reason try and get them to level 70 for link skills

      • I was going to make a DA for the link but..


        im like: omg shut up loser.

        So i deleted him ^^;

        But Xenon is really fun, i suggest you try him out. ;D

        May be a bit biased because i love thieves though :3

      • *Try him out as in get to 4th, 😉

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