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Hiya and sorry I been….inactive so I want to give you a run down on whats been going on and why I am doing what I am doing…

I been grinding like crazy on Maplestory now that the exp rule has been fixed I am catching back up to my level up insanity since I feel behind so I am catching up and the same time I am working on my animated movie.






So while I been getting my maple on aiming for level 200 then beyond.

While I try to get a good amount of EXP and clear some rounds I make some time to work on my animated movie

jato time 1

jato time 2

jato time 3

jato time 4

jato time 5

jato time 6

jato time 7

jato time 8

jato time 9

Working on these two more and more I try to put away most of my other projects but I still take time to do other things…

I been playing Wii U and 3DS and and more
game 12

game 1

game 2

game 3

game 4

game 5

game 6

game 7

game 8

game 9

game 10

game 11

Yeah I even find time to afk on Maple in safe spots and pull out my 3DS or jump on the game pad if I am watching something on TV and get my game on…

I also been battling my friend online since he lives in another location so we do a lot of online gaming and the game he likes a lot is Pokemon Showdown
I make a set of theme sets such as this PikaSquad

pokemon showdown

…Yeah…My team is about to get raped…

While I took some time off on my big game project I have been working the latest boss battle

So while I been doing these mostly I dont really have much to blog about but I do want you viewers to know what the heck is going on.

Oh the next blogs I can ENSURE will show up will be…

1-Me reaching Level 190

2-Reaching Level 195

3-Reaching level 199 (I should make the level up montage there but I’ll do it at level 200)

4-Level 200 blog

Other things can happen between these ideas but I am 100% sure I will blog about those

For future plans for maple…

Getting my Phantom to level 70…2nd time…..
Here is why…
My Critical hit is 50% due to skills that naturally raise your Crit. and using those Orbs from leveling up my Honor levels I got an extra 15% so when I get to level 198 I can use a hyper sp on Hyper Critical and that will shoot it up to 60%….Now there is a ring coming with the set of daily quest where I can get a ring that gives you 10% critical hit on weekends….
Here is where I am at a cross road…
Once I get to level 200 my last Hyper Skill adds 30% Critical hit rate and more stuff but here is where things get crazy

Without ring or phantom-Using the final Contract my critical will be 90% after using it
With the ring on weekend 100% like my bishop
With the phantom link skill 100%
Having both will have 70% on weekdays and 80% on weekends without using the final contract..

So in a nutshell I want 100% crit. like my bishop and for a good while having a cool down skill may be the best I can do and with my Finale ribbon Overwhelm I am doing some SUPER DMG as shown above after the level up picture and with always doing critical hits this can make bosses more fun to fight and events and….stuff…

So I feel I should tuff it out and get my Phanom to level 70 even if I felt it was dull…now that the lower the job classes I think this can be less stressful…I’m thinking about doing this AFTER level 200 before I go on my mission to go pass 200

I wonder if those angelic busters pass 200 from 210 t0 214 are going to level up yet???
It would be a really crazy story if some how over leveled them and became the highest level AB in GMS…I do have a LONG way to go but with crazy twisted fantasies flying in my head like this…It really helps me get motivated to push forward

Thank you for viewing


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I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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