RED patch comes early?

It would appear we are getting part of the RED patch in a new way and a bit early.

Take a look at this


It would appear we are getting a Heckaton boss early and a place kind of like that place also check ths out


Explore Tynerum, and discover the Shadow Veil Forest (Lv. 135+), a “living wood” that rearranges itself every two hours. Grab a party and venture deep in the forest to the home of Gollux (Lv. 140+), a gargantuan new boss. Because an evil power taints the land, the World Map shows Dawnveil shrouded in fog. Visit key places to reveal them on the map.


Well this is looking well…BUT WAIT!…THERES MORE!!!!

Revamps galore! Several of the Hero, Nova, and Resistance jobs have been revamped (Mercedes, Phantom, Aran, Evan, Kaiser, Angelic Buster, Wild Hunter, Battle Mage, Demon Avenger, and Xenon have had their stats and skills updated). Plus, Hayato and Kanna have just received their Hyper Skills.


Hyper skills for Hayato and Kanna!!!
So all you Kanna’s who feel like you are nothing more then a SUMMON HANAA TOOL!
You get new life shot into….Hayato….Eh…I…I got nothing but good for you..

This is not the Explorers OVERHAUL….Looking at OrangeMushroom blog and seeing the pattern KMS did…That comes after this…but wait…Where is that Leafre place with the big spider boss??????????
Hmmmmm…..Oh well

Moving on

Sure, you can fight the new boss, Gollux, on four different difficulty levels, but you can also try your hand at battling existing bosses (Zakum, Von Leon, Arkarium, and Magnus) on the new easy mode.

Soooooooooooooooo……….Now you can get in on a simple boss battle….yay?

‘Tis the season to be… spooky! Gather ingredients for Witch Malady’s creepy food concoctions, keep an eye out for Black Cats and Frogs in major towns, and battle maniacal monsters in Olivia’s Haunted House. Enter the new Maple Castle and defeat Mega Creamy Ghost or exchange Halloween candy with your friends for additional rewards. And don’t forget: Thanksgiving is just around the corner!

This will be fun also there is ONE NPC I can’t wait to see


Yeah…I knew this some time ago that there was an NPC of the Angelic Buster in this Halloween place messing with the Simulator along with the Empress and Phantom to name a few…SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…Like an Evan at the hall where all the leaders meet and see another Aran there or Evan I am going to have 2 AB’s by each other…

Well this concludes the blog and I will have updates soon.

In maple related news I hit level 190

I did make other videos such as a tour of Twilight Perion and getting owned by Ghostwood Stumpy and showing more into the plot of the dream world future…

What has happen lately is…
I got very very very into working on my movie since I am making an epic fight that ends one chapter that also clears a huge chunk of percent of how much I have left….THAN THIS HAPPEN!

1-I kept stopping to play flash or pc games such as New Super Marisa Land Six Golden Mushrooms and Super Mario Crossover.

2-I stop working on the movie to try and make animation stocks but this was a bad idea since I can’t predict what I want to use but I will save what ever I animate and see if I can use for later…

3-TONS of battles online with my friend.

4-Random moments where I just play Wii U or 3DS

5-Learn to make Mode7 games and went insane making test projects

Well after all of that and still checking in on Maple and doing 2x I have been VERY distracted and have not really moved on in Maple yet but I am about to hit 40% exp and thank god there is a 2x weekend since I am going to be playing Pokemon X and doing the evo lab on 2x will kick my exp bar up…

I think once I clear this part of my movie I can take it easy and maple and pok’e more since I will have another project to do on my movie that deals with a chase style music video and I will need to game after something like that…

Well thank you for viewing and I’ll have more updates for you all


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I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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  1. I don’t think this is Heckaton or RED. The quality of this seem not up par with current KMS stuff (design kinda ugly, seen some on Spadow’s channel, they are reusing the mobs and music from CWK). I think this is GMS exclusive designed or for multiple servers to be released at Halloween (the demon is kinda scary, fit’s a halloween patch right?). They are just using the template of Heckaton (giant boss) just like how they used Hayato as a template for Zero / Zero as a template for Hayato depending of who was pitched first.

    Looks kinda interesting, though I am afraid I won’t be able to do it since:
    1. I am a bit too bored with Maplestory right now..
    2. My highest character is level 150 or something Canonshooter.

    Also, is it just me or do the Hyper skills for Kanna look ugly (seen that ugly poorly designed foot?).

  2. Btw I am theBanned0ne from Youtube 🙂

  3. About the whole Aran and Evan thing in the Ereve conference room… If you’re playing as a class that would show up as an NPC in the room, the NPC version won’t show up on that char. So EvanDuskus never sees another Evan or Mir in there.

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