Maplestory Dawnveil Demons of Tynerum and Halloween events

Well let’s start off showing what the angelic busters moves looks like now.
MAPLESTORY 2013-10-16 21-04-09-32

Well let’s take a look.

My Love beam is stronger…I tend to rarely use this unless I am showing off or being fancy
MAPLESTORY 2013-10-16 21-04-09-32

Moving on to Soul Seekers
MAPLESTORY 2013-10-16 21-04-09-32
Well…They do last longer due to my hyper skill but eh…Still wish I can throw 4 instead of 2 but its all good

With Hyper Skills they can go longer
MAPLESTORY 2013-10-16 21-51-28-48

Also no triggering damage reflection…My Bahamut did 1’s as well so this shows this is Really a summon
MAPLESTORY 2013-10-16 21-57-15-95 (1)

My hammer is a bit stronger
MAPLESTORY 2013-10-16 21-04-09-32
The reason why this skill is not super strong is because I am not using it the way it should be used….I just go smashing like crazy also to recharge my soul battery but I can do more damage if I drop starrods after launching them in the air but I just love this mega hammer!

Now to Job 4…OMG Job 4…

BEHOLD MY Celestial roar! At 1st 67x something dmg…NOW 1k dmg!
MAPLESTORY 2013-10-16 21-04-09-32

I can now do damage in the mils with this attack since trinity hits only 1 mob and finale ribbon and my twister has cool downs this is good and keep in mind I need to
to have Soul Gazer on to do the high dmg

MAPLESTORY 2013-10-16 21-23-10-73

Trinity is better now.
MAPLESTORY 2013-10-16 21-04-09-32
Now hitting the mobs with this it adds the buff faster and adds new thing so by time I hit the 3rd part of my combo my buff is already maxed instead of doing combos trying to make the combo get as high as it can to do more dmg

Well while looking at events there is one thing that catches my attention..
MAPLESTORY 2013-10-16 21-04-09-32
RED LEAF HIGH 2!..Can’t wait to see this.

Well after wearing some free NX I can now goto the Maple Castle.

MAPLESTORY 2013-10-16 21-23-10-73 (1)

MAPLESTORY 2013-10-16 21-23-10-73 (1)

MAPLESTORY 2013-10-16 21-23-10-73 (1)

Okay after seeing another Angelic Buster I set out to do some quest

Attack the things….
MAPLESTORY 2013-10-16 21-23-10-73 (1)

Kill a boss
MAPLESTORY 2013-10-16 21-23-10-73 (1)

MAPLESTORY 2013-10-16 21-23-10-73 (1)

Then we take part in a race and like some kind of twist of fate I get to race my buddy Duskus
MAPLESTORY 2013-10-16 22-00-29-06
MAPLESTORY 2013-10-16 22-00-29-06

I had an impulse to attack the 1st thing I saw due to the Miwok race but Duskus ran right into it and his alien pet crying out loud threw me off since I dont often expect to hear that noise
MAPLESTORY 2013-10-16 22-00-29-06 (1)

Well its a simple Jump quest race

MAPLESTORY 2013-10-16 22-00-29-06 (1)

At one point after falling and restarting I kind of feel bad for doing this but….
MAPLESTORY 2013-10-16 22-00-29-06 (1)
I used my supernova to mess up his vision to ensure he falls into the trap unless he knew what to do but even I think that was low..

Later he leaves due to getting bored so I stayed but then the game said draw….even if I was the only one there…

MAPLESTORY 2013-10-16 22-00-29-06 (1)

MAPLESTORY 2013-10-16 22-00-29-06 (4)

well things get a bit weird when we learn that Maple Castle was there before the Black Mage and he has some control over the place but now the Empress is in love with Neilheart and wants me to goto Ereve to give him the love letter….WHY IF HE IS RIGHT THERE!?!….Well I gotta Re-Activate my Root Abyss quest so let’s go see him.

MAPLESTORY 2013-10-16 22-36-58-06

Are they breaking the 4th wall that an npc is at 2 places at once!?!
No…We need to get back to that castle and see who made that letter if that was not the empress.

MAPLESTORY 2013-10-16 22-38-45-56 (1)

W-WHAT THE!?! They are really little ghost!?! WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON!?!
Thats it..I’m going ghost busting

MAPLESTORY 2013-10-16 22-38-45-56 (1)

MAPLESTORY 2013-10-16 22-38-45-56 (2)

The truth finally comes out.
MAPLESTORY 2013-10-16 22-38-45-56 (2)
These poor ghost needed something to do since they been alive for YEARS and they wanted to play…..Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo now that we know the truth and this is Maple and quest are able to be re-done….They do this…

MAPLESTORY 2013-10-16 22-38-45-56 (3)

They turn back to normal so we can play with them more and more..

I guess next time I’ll try and see the new maps and maybe the giant boss but for now thats it…

The full video will be done later…I had it done but the Super Mario World boss theme had to be muted or….I gotta Re-Upload it so I’ll add the video later


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