KMS recent halloween event

This years halloween event in KMS involves a cross over event with an android game called Bound Monsters

bound Monsters is a monster battling game

Info translated by Google

★ Google Play MapleStory collaboration release commemorative event in progress! (~ 11/6) ★
Event 1. Bound Maple Story Monsters Halloween items, you achieve rank 5 100% payment!
event 2. Special bosses appeared MapleStory Quest ‘dimension statement’ If you clear all the
crystals and maple points paid by lottery?
For more information
identified in Please

Finally, I opened the topic of games!
Now the ball is bound! Finally open! Bound Monsters!
enjoy refreshing homemade simple operation! Pinball immersive RPG!
Pinball my mind whenever the enemy to hit the bound-bound –
do not know where the unpredictable world of adventure to control the ball going through the spy!
Game Features >>
★ homemade pinball bouncing indulge in the fun of RPG! ★
Bauer driven blow the enemy to attack, pinball game a sense of how the god!
Instruction ★ Simple and Easy! ★
When Bauer drew a finger-driven, bow-driven fly ball go!
fly ball bounced off the direction and angle of the outgoing and well-controlled continuous staring combo now!
★ Various Bauer driven awaits you! ★
Colorful Bow driven by at least one of 300-800 Bow-driven mind find!
Bow-driven growth, and growing stronger, may evolve into a new look!
create your own ultimate team go!
★ enjoy the adventure with a friend! ★
Bow-driven leader in the quest for a friend can take with it!
helping friends, all two times to help a friend of a friend had a point to gain itdapnida.
strong adventure with friends is difficult, if not worry!
Game story >>
intense currents by blocking the attacker a secluded island “” Bow-driven Irish “” strange creatures running around, beating the plump ‘bound monster (Bow-driven)’ island inhabited by a giant.
Bau-driven flood in the basement of the unknown in Ireland mysterious forces gather Bauer brought the birth of driving seems
that many who have the ability and the power-driven aimed at Bow Hunter Bow-driven, the villain of the flock,
as adventurers driven Bow Island Bow driven you to locate the Bow gather mon in Ireland
, which you get to the truth …
Find out more information at the official cafe ~
Official Cafe:
☞ ☞ ♠ Customer Center
dedicated customer billing errors through the center, for complaints about the game can be answered quickly.
♠ ☞ ☞ Game Help shortcut FVtaF4D9
■ This product includes a paid item purchases.
Developer Contact:
, Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu I’Tower from 707 to 27
135 to 918
Ltd. Nexon Korea


For Maple KMS…
It appears you can get items for clearing task in this game


There are some videos of this game but I say check the main link above to see it on the google play page

Thankyou for viewing


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