Maplestory Beast tamer class coming to JMS

This is floating around the web but JMS is making another EXC. class…dont know if this will share with GMS but hey…GMS has yet to get the ZEN class…S.E.A did get that though….ANY WHO!

This class is said to be a Mage…hmm…After the Lum class there has been a lack of mages.

Here is the promo picture

I think this char looks cute…If it hits GMS will we see a boy version like Kanna? or will this be another female only class like Angelic Buster.

I am all for trying out a mage class even for a link skill…A side from Kanna and early Evan, EVERY mage class I tried I had fun with…Kanna got fun at job3

Dont see this breaking me away from the love and fun of Angelic Buster and if I some how did go back to being a mage it would be a Lum but I think this can be fun….A cute girl controlling animals and beast….Can’t wait to see this in action.


About Princess1una

I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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  1. i liked the cuteness of Angelic Buster,
    but i HATED how her NON MP system works, it was terrible for me anyway

    this Beast Tamer looks interesting. I cant wait, and yes GMS is getting it

    it literally surprise the crap out of me when i saw the teaser micro site on GMS home page
    it was so HYPE!!!

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