What I been doing lately

I have been doing some things on Maplestory

but gee…laggs…Its not Nexon…Its hackers doing a DDoS attack….ugh….

Its really slowing me down but I am happy to see we do have a level 250.

Oh Ninja Castle is back and we get to keep Sakura Castle also.

I also heard news that the old New Leaf City is coming back.

But while lacking in Maple due to DDoS and patch issues on my desktop not my laptop….

I been doing a mixture of….


From Magical drop to other NeoGeo and DataEast games from offline to Online and Nintendo 3DS and Wii U and PC

From Tetris

Magical Drop 3

Ghost Lop


Money Idol Exchanger

Heck even I am making a puzzle game

While I am making that puzzle game I got a mess of games coming from using GameMaker again to make some platforming games for my YoYoGames account.

I also got a copy of stencyl to make some flash games for now but if I get really good at it I can make IOS games and stuff.

Animation is another tricky area….So far I been saving my animations and files to Re-Use later and make new ones when needed….For my main series thats good but at the same time I want to finish projects I started not too long ago like my Puyo Pop Fever Animated and I want to try some Maplestory Animations and fan animations.

I am working so hard not to swamp myself but I do have big plans even a movie I WILL NOT DROP!!!!

I guess I should take it slow and do what I am in the mood to do…

I can finish my CaveStory and Zelda let’s plays when I am in the mood…

I can make more fun episodes of my Game time with the Princess when I am in the mood.

I guess I should stop feeling like I got a dead line to meet and just do it for fun like I used to do…Dont know why I am moving so fast….

Well I also been into my Wii U and 3DS with new games every so often I tend to get distracted from my projects….I think thats what made me play maple alot in the past….I did not have much to do and it was a great side project like training pokemon…It was something I can and still to this day do…But now that I am getting more games and got new fan base and projects to do….

Okay I am going in circles…Maybe I should just quit or just push back some stuff and work on what makes me happy…

Well thank you for viewing I got things to do.

Also check out this last episode of Princess Luna the Fairy Wars 2nd Story


About Princess1una

I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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