Creepypasta Phanto by Luna-PrincessNinjato

There is a girl name Nina who was waiting to play Super Mario 3D World with Princess Peach but her Wii U was in repairs and was bored waiting,

Being so bored of waiting she went up to her attic to find her super nintendo to play Super Mario All-Stars to play the Super Nintendo graphic version of Super Mario Bros 2 to get being the Princess out of her system.
Digging in a box of super nintendo games Nina was digging like psycho to the point she cut her finger causing her to scream out loud,
After shaking her hand and closing her eyes to collect herself she heard the sound of something falling to the floor and to her surprise it was a regular nintendo game with no cover on it but just the words “Phanto” written on it and the only game she knows that has something called Phanto in it was Super Mario Bros 2 and knowing this she grabs the game and pulls a regular nintendo top loader game in the conner and ran to her room to play the game.

She stuck the game in and sat in her chair and powered it up.

1 start of the screen

The feeling of joy and bliss over ran Nina and she got excited to play and quickly moved the arrow to Princess Peach to select her.

2 select your player

After selecting the Princess the game had a weird glitch…

3 no face heroes

Mario and Luigi and Toad had no eyes as the Princess raised her hand up as she was selected but Nina did not noticed and began to play the game but after falling from the start of the door she noticed something in the start of the game that is not there when you normally play the game.

4 Phanto

Seeing the Phanto waiting she assumed along with the faceless heroes this could all just be a glitch so she began to head down to find the exit but there was something new this time.

5 key hole

Seeing a locked door and a key hole and a Phanto above Nina assumed this is a hacked game ported on a nintendo cartridge and felt this would be a new game to play instead of the older one so she picked up the key and went into the door and saw a strange sight

6 where am I

The sky was still black and the shy guys was bleeding from the eyes and the Phanto was still watching as she played.

7 Bloody Turnip

8 up the ladder

After seeing more blood shot eyes and bleeding turnips this was all too amusing for Nina since she felt this was a hack trying to make the game scary and just laughed as she played the game,
She than went to climb the beanstalk and picked up the potion to make the door appear and on the other side was the Phanto but he came in trying to attack her but she moved out the way and got the mushroom and left the room as fast as she could before the Phanto could attack her again

9 its Phanto again

After leaving the sub space world the in game monsters started to act funny, Running from Nina to even killing themselves in a sea of blood

10 Sea of blood

After seeing how odd the game is acting Nina felt something was up with the Phanto and noticed he was moving in a way that was not like in the regular game and it was almost like it was alive and trying his best to attack her Princess so she headed to the shortcut to try and evade the Phanto and noticed a shy guy with a sinister smile but she ignored it

11 hiding from phanto

After a battle with Birdo that was normal for once the orb appeared and she began to pick it up

12 after birdo

But after picking the orb up the bird just looked at Nina’s player and refused to open and let her in

13 door kind of open

After waiting for the door to open she got mad and said out loud “JUST OPEN THE DOOR WILL YA?”
And after that the mouth opened and Phanto came out ready to hit her moving very fast

14 Phanto came

Running from the Phanto she noticed a door that was not there before and entering it with out thinking she ended up beating the 1st level

15 new door

Now after the slot machine game she noticed that Phanto was on the player selection as if he was saying “SELECT YOUR PLAYER” And giving the fact the game acted weird when she got the Princess,
Nina tried to pull a fast one and picked Mario to see if the game would play the same or will anything weird happen….Surely enough…it did..

Selecting the faceless Mario sent him to a falling level with the over world theme playing backwards and slow and distorted.

17 Mario dies

After watching him fall down what appeared to be an endless pit he soon fell to a bed of spikes and was taken back to the player select screen, Never showing Mario get smaller  and then doing his death animation
on contact with the spikes…The game just…went back…How ever this time…

18 Mario is gone

Mario was not playable and the arrow could not move to the player to even try and see if you can select something in that area…It would appear that Mario may have died by Nina’s actions…Feeling a bit scared Nina left Luigi and Toad alone and went back to the Princess and started the next level,
Playing though the night themed stage 1-2 everything was normal and the game was playing the way it was but she could not help but feel that the game was still not right even for a hack rom and began to pick up the key to open the lock door that also activates Phanto…But he did not so she just left and giggled thinking it was over and said to the Phanto as she began to leave the jar she entered “You can’t catch me, I am too fast for you”….After saying that and with 3 diamonds for health she went to unlock the door and the Phanto came out of nowhere and rammed into the Princess causing her to lose 2 diamonds and shrink on contact at the same time Nina flew out of her chair as if she was tackled by a huge force…It looked like something out of a paranormal activity movie or if there was ghost that took her by the head and threw her like a rag doll to the side…

19 Hit by Phanto

After getting hit so hard the moment her player got hit she was about to shut the game off but saw the Phanto about to hit her player while shrunk so she grab the controller and got her player out the way and said out loud “I don’t know what is going on but I am turning this game off!”…After saying that the lights began to flicker on and off making the room pitch black with no light but from the TV almost as if the room was an endless dark void and as the lights kept flickering on and off there appeared to be the Phanto in front of her…..After the lights turned back on Nina than looked a bit like she was in a trance and moved to her chair and sat in front of the TV and began playing the game but once she was playing she began to struggle a bit as if she was locked in her chair which had no chair arms on and her mouth began to move slowly and say “Can’t…move….Why….is my…..body…moving on its own????”….
Feeling like she has to play she went though the level and got power ups and made it to birdo on the 1-2 but now there was another problem

20 new birdo

The pink Birdo began shooting fireballs over and over like the blue Birdo that requires an object to defeat and with the Phanto soon to come and attack her again she tried to jump around and pray an egg would come out the mouth getting hit in the process…After getting pass Birdo she noticed the birds mouth was open so she ran in as fast as she could.

21 new birdo flee

After escaping the music began to play in a slow and scary manor as if the game was becoming haunted and after another round of slots the player select screen became glitched up with the music playing backwards and fast in a high pitch and now Luigi and Toad was gone leaving only the Princess to be played.

22 Glitch

After running though level 1-3 she noticed that there will be another encounter with the Phanto and began to take the warp to world 4-1 to try and get away.

23 escape

Entering the pipe to the warp the game did not say “Warp to world 4” But instead “Can’t escape”
and than Nina nearly screamed seeing that the Princess had a face like Phanto and the music was playing half of the music in a loop.

24 Phanto Peach

After shutting her eyes and turning her head she noticed her fingers began to push the buttons and pick the level causing her to re open her eyes and play though the ice world where all the water was red like the 1st world and the enemies was crying blood,
After reaching the end of the level the bird door eyes turned red and opened up very slowly allowing her inside.

25 Bird door

After entering and seeing the same sites as before with the Princess having a Phanto face and no other players there she got mad and push the button to start the level.

24 Phanto Peach

Before climbing the beanstalk to play the level Nina got the will power to speak and break out of the little trance she was in and yelled “I know you see me! Come here so I can talk to you”

And surely enough the Phanto came from the side of the screen and stopped.

26 Phanto Final stand

The Phanto began to speak, Having a charming young calm voice but with a bit of an echo like a demon in horror movies, Phanto began to say to Nina “My Princess, Why did you call me? Are we not having a fun time playing in this lovely world?”
Nina than replied “What is going on? Why did I feel pain when you hit the Princess? Why are you stopping me from playing? Leave me alone! I just want to get out of here and see my family because you are scaring me!”
The Phanto moved away and than back as if it was turning his back to come back and unveil something…and it did…The Phanto replied ” Sorry Nina…But you can’t leave…You died and there is no going back”
Nina than got mad and said “YOU LIE! How can I be dead? Stop messing with me”
The Phanto than replied “Oh my Princess…You may not have noticed but when you cut your finger in the attic…You was really bitten by a spider and to you…Shutting your eyes and sucking on your finger and getting mad was all you saw but in reality….You died…I wanted to play with you for some time and seeing you was about to cross over to the other side I had to find a way to play with you…So I came before you and open a world for us to play in forever and ever…I can turn this world into what ever I want it to be….We can always play in this world”

After saying that the Phanto changed the entire level into the 1st world

27 Back to start

After falling the door appear to be normal this time.

28 no key

Entering the door the game was sunny and back to normal and a moment of joy overcame Nina as she began to play what looked the the regular game.

29 sunny

But than the Phanto came and stopped in the air to speak again.

30 sunny phanto

“You see, I can make this world change to what ever I….no….We…Like, So my Princess…Let’s play here forever and ever”
Said the Phanto,
Than the screen turned red and the music became a demonic tune and the Princess eyes now black and hallow as if her soul was
taken from her body.

31 hell

After the sky turned  red Nina than stop moving and her eyeballs faded to black and her mouth began to smile and then her smile grew wider as if she was staring to look like the Phanto herself,
After making a creepy smile her fingers began to push the buttons very fast with no pattern or reason while the TV showed the same red screen but you can hear the game playing.
It would appear the Phanto took her soul out of her body and trapped her in the game world.

After pressing the buttons over and over Nina’s head began to struggle to turn to the side and once she did she said “Please….Save…Me….”

It was than I noticed she was talking to me….All this I am seeing was a very vivid dream….
After waking up I was ready to put this in my dream dairy on my PC and when  I went to check on my folder with the notepad I write my dreams in  and all the files was moved to the right and in the left area was the phanto and my heart skipped a beat….It was an Icon file thank god..But what was beside the icon was a text file and folder full of images.

The text file was named “Please save me” and had the following inside:

“Hello my name is Nina and I am a little girl who loves princesses and dreamed of being one,
I always picked the Princess when I could in a Mario game and when I saw she was playable in the new super Mario 3D world I was happy and wanted to play this game to use her in the cat power up but died while waiting for my Wii U to come back from repairs,
I noticed you saw me and if you saw what has happen to me than you can help me,
Please tell my story, If they know what happen maybe there is somebody out there who can save me,
Please tell them what you saw and use the pictures I was able to send to you,
Please save me.

The Princess.”

So looking into the folder I noticed there was screen shots of the game Nina was playing in the dream world…So….I am doing what she is asking me to do…

So after that dream I am now posting what I saw and using what was given to me you too can see what has happen.

Maybe you too saw this girl,
Maybe this will help her.

I did all I can…


About Princess1una

I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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