My top 20 Puzzle games

I was going to make a youtube video but I dont feel like it so I am going to blog it.

So here is my top puzzle games,
My only rule is…I had to have played the games.

Here we go starting from 20 to 1

No.20: Yoshi
YOSHI single player
YOSHI multi player

This is a Puzzle that I play time by time on my 3DS and its…Well..What you see is what you get but it does keep you going for a good while but its not as big as many other Nintendo games and that is why its no.20

A good thing to say about this game is the fact that you can get it on the Wii or Wii U virtural console and 3DS and the WIi U/3DS supports Miiverse so you can share your scores.

No. 19: Dr. Mario:
Dr Mario

This is a good puzzle game that still holds up till this day and a game I can not for the life of me defeat my mother in…well highscore wise…But this game has shown me where I got my puzzle playing genes from…
This game went though many changes from Game boy to a Wario themed in Wario ware GBA and even 4 player vs mode on the Nintendo 64 and a Wii Ware Online mode even a Dr.Luigi U

The Dr.Luigi U has a new feature called Operation L where you have L shape pills that can make the game a bit…I wont say harder but I would say more advance and is a bit harder for me but its all good.

No. 18 Tetris

Tetris is a game I kind of did not like but over time grew to love,

What puts this game on the lower on the list is the fact that no matter how good I am at this game….I FAIL SO HARD at VS mode even if the CPU is on easy and I can never win even when things are in my favor so I tend to play endless modes.

No. 17 SailorMoon SuperS Puzzle Balloon Star 2

This is one of the many Sailormoon puzzle games I played and this has got to be the one I put on my favs, What puts it lower on the ist is kind of in this video.
I did not know I was in a story mode and there was a vs CPU mode where the AI was not on god mode so I had to use a char outside of personality and had to use her ability to win the battle.

No. 16 Panel De Pon
Panel de pon title

This is a really good puzzle game and is one of the best ways to do a puzzle fighter game.
What puts this game way lower event though I love this game is one good reason….
I WANT TO PLAY AS FAIRIES AND NOT YOSHI’S AND POKEMON!!!…..Just Localize the fairy version and stop swapping it….

No.15 Pac Attack
PAC Attack title

This is a puzzle game that is nice and fun and has a bit of a tetris feel and I love the way the Pac Man pieces eat the ghost pieces to cause a combo effect…
Pretty cool and fun.

No.14 Atama o Kitaeru Asobu Taisen Yajirushi Puzzle: Papi-Inu Vector One
….Or you can say Papi-Inu Vector One

-Warning white spaces between the pictures-

Title 2
atama-o-kitaeru-asobu-taisen-yajirushi-puzzle-papi-inu-vector-one (1)

This is an under radar import DS game and I was amazed that I found some snapshots since if you do a search for this game on youtube other than a trailer you will find only my video….its not tha popular or something…

The game is about cute puppies tossing arrows on other arrows making 3 or more lines
The pieces gotta be like [->][->][->] or [>][>][^] and not [>][>][<]

Finding a player Online was hard but this is a little gem and its a shame its not popular.

No.13 Wrecking Crew '98
Wreckign Cew title

This is a well popular japanese puzzle game based off of Wrecking crew but turned into a puzzle battle and what amazed me is how big the cast is and how human the chars are…well a side from the rice cake….But what bugs me about this game is how long a battle can take and this video I made I finally got a win….my god it took soooooooo long…

No.12 Wario Woods

As much as I love this game I am a shamed I did not EVER make a video of me playing this game….
Well what I love about this game is how you take Toad and BOMB THE LIVING CRAP OUT OF CUTE THINGS….Okay thats not it but I do love how unlike other puzzle games you move and pick up things and kick objects instead of moving the pieces one by one and Toad can also run up walls and more…I love the features on the SNES version but I love the NES one more cuz of the music…Odd to say…

No.11 Octomania
….MY GOD….I MISS THIS GAME SOOOO MUCH!!!!….And I dont trust Ebay and PlayAsia is sold out and GameStop online does not have any….My CD stop working on both Wii U and Wii and so ends this game….

Okay back to the game…


This is a game by Compile Hearts who used to do a classic puzzle game but later they went down and was revived and started making puzzle games again…
This game had an english version with some of THE WORST voice acting that is sooooooooo bad its funny and fun to hear since its bad and cheesy and the gameplay is pretty much spinning colorful octopus and make links and its fun…Rare now but fun……Moving on………..

No.10 Kirby Star Stackers

hqdefault (1)

Its also on the 3DS Eshop…While I love the SNES version Kirby No Kizza Kizza Kids or Super Star Stackers

You stack star blocks and Ricks and Koos and Kines and chains come really fast and in the SNES version the chars beat the living crap out of each other and I love in the endless mode because to make the pieces rise up the timer clock turns into master hand and pounds the ground….Master has has appeared in tons of Kirby games even as a boss a long with Crazy hand on Kirby and the Amazing mirror.

No. 9 Super Puzzle Fighter 2

This is just great!
Its a great puzzle game and is sooooooooooooo fun and soooooo cute


No. 8 Sonic Eraser

This is a full version puzzle game that feels like a beta kind of….
Well its a crazy puzzle game where two sonics…I’m guessing its sonic vs Anti-Sonic from the Archi comics in a one on one battle and your chains cause the sonics to beat the living crap out of each other and mess up each others pieces causing a dizzy effect.

Check it

No.7 Pokemon Trozei

This is a fun puzzle game and I had my share of fun times playing this game and its a good buy and THANK THE LORD a part 2 is coming and I can play this game again with new features…I dout we will see the return of Lucy Leet foot.

No. 6 Puchi Charat
Hmm…Some how I forgot to make new videos of me playing the Gameboy color version I had on my old channel…Well….

The Images above are from the PlayStation version and PS2 Taito Legends collections but this puzzle battle game uses a block ball style system instead of your regular style puzzle drops or shooters and you bounce the ball and if it falls the blocks move down faster.

I will be playing the Gameboy color version again for my current channel.

No. 5 PinkyStreet Kira Kira Music Hour/Night

This is a music base puzzle game based on PinkyStreet dolls and yes I got a doll when I got my Kira Kira Music hour

To play this game you tap and swipe to the music and dress up your avatar and go around town talking to the other Pinky Street cast and dance to each kind of gene of music

The two versions are not the same but do kind of flow the same way so I can’t see these two
games as two but I put them in the same and that is why I marked this as Kira Kira Music Hour/Night.

There are english versions in europe but I hear they have horrible voice acting.
Dressing up can change the outcome of your dance….some reason the short dress Kimono I always wear makes it almost too easy since the crowd is on my side when I wear it….I am still trying to find the long dress Kimono

Its a fun and very easy to understand game and while I can’t read what they are saying its so easy to navigate and most words are in english and even has an english speaking girl you can turn your char into after beating the main game.

Before I go on to the next game I should point out a few things.
1-I import my games from PlayAsia
2-I mostly import Puzzle games and platformers and say away from RPGs and text based games and play stuff I can understand (Mostly learning what is what on the menu)
3-Many JP games often have stuff for eng players since they know we import what we can
4-3DS can still play Import DS games but no 3DS games…..sniff sniff….

Okay moving on

No. 4 Witch Wars Puzzles
Witchwars puzzle
screen568x568 (1)

OMG! This is such a COOL puzzle game for the Android APP and this game is so good and fun…I set up an account with Coms2us and still time from time play this on my phone….I like this game…I also played other Coms2us games but this is how you do a puzzle battle with a puzzle system thats being overused.

Here is where they change the things around…
Matching 3 or more swords attacks the other players HP
Books add to your special attack and they have levels
cuffs seal some pieces
Potions heal you
Coins….Add to your stock to upgrade or buy chars

And has an endless mode and a fever system….I love this game and its not often I make an account to play a cellphone game but man is this game good.

No 3. Money Idol Exchanger

OMG This game is epic!
I do have to point out and glad they did not do this….If this game had a story it would be a mess..Sure theres Sailormoon style hinshin chars and visuals but how they are fighting exchanging money and what they are doing….I can’t even thing of how this works….
The only thing that comes to mind is Halekulani from Bobobo
Who fights with money and turns people into money….But thats getting way off track…

This game you match coins and they change into bigger coins and I hate math but this is too fun.
This game can get hard very fast but its still very over the top anime fun.

No.2 Magical Drop
Magical Drop III 1
Magical Drop III 2

This puzzle game….Omg…I at one point was very intimidated by this game and trying it on SNES roms but I did not know what the heck I was doing and just left it alone but I was given Magical Drop V for Steam by my buddy Duskus so we can battle online oneday and he knows I love puzzle games….The Steam version is not working but I do own the game now…GOD I WANT TO PLAY IT…

So I tired playing the SNES Magical drop 2 1st

And wow that was bad…You can see I was trying to learn….

Over time I kept playing and the more I learned the more I got hooked and became an instant fan of this series.

I love it so much I even whip out my phone every once in a while and play Magical Drop Touch

MD touch

I can even go as far as to say…
If I could never ever play No.1 again this would be its replacement….I REALLY LOVE THIS GAME!!

Okay time for Number 1….Its kind of very easy to know if you are a follower of my videos and social media what game can be number 1…..Well….HERE WE GO!!!








download (1)

download (2)

download (3)



Puyo Puyo 4 - Puyo Puyon Party (J)

Puyo Puyo Sun 64 (J)





Oooooooookay….I can go ON AND ON AND ON but to put this shortly…
2-I play/played all the older and newer JP games (DS versions)
3-This is the one game I can not live with out….
4-Its the only puzzle game out of millions I played I keep coming back too

I love the wacky chars from the older to newer chars from the RPG Madou Monogatiar to the more recent puyo puyo games….

When I said I can not ever win in tetris vs mode….Now that there is a Puyo Puyo Tetirs I bet I can really over rule…sadly this is where my puyo story ends on the Nintendo area so far..
Using the Family PS3 I can import the PS3 version but I dont want to do that yet but I have that option,
I collected puyo games all over the DS and played online and hone my skills and still play old and new games…
I play the Puyo Puyo 2 on wii virtual console and or Dr.Robotnick Mean bean Machine GameGear on my 3DS flooding the Miiverse community and will never let go of my Puyo Puyo 20th DS since thats the last game I gotten from Japan and while there is a kind of better 3DS version I still never let of of my DS version and pray and Pray and PRAY Nintnedo drops the lock and allow JP games…..

There are ways other can play Puyo games from PC using the Puyo VS game to tons of cellphone games like Magic Bubbles 3 or Planet Puyo and more…

I think Magical drop is the only thing that can replace this if I had to give up Puyo puyo….
I love this game…I just do…

That is Number one….

OKAY NOW FOR SOME Honorable mentions….

Ghost Lop

Bust A Move

Mermaids of Atlantis

Sailormoon Super S Kondo ha Puzzle de Oshiokiyo!

Sailormoon Heart balloon

Tetris 2
Tetris 2

Yoshi Cookies
Yoshi cookies

Sega Swirl
Sega Swirl

Zoo Invasion




Mortal Kombat Puzzle Kombat

Magical Feelings 2

Ghost Puzzle (This game was made by the maker of the Puyo VS game and is a great developer who helped me out on many things his game rocks…I have yet to buy a game on google play but when I do this is one game I will buy even the LITE version keeps me busy)
Ghost Puzzle

Well thats it..Thank you for watching


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