Mario.exe JatoStyle Version

I just finished making a remix to this game

What motivated me to do this in the 1st place started with my halloween cartoon last year

I could also go into why I love GOOD creepypastas not the many gore fest and torture porn but when they are good…THEY ARE GOOD!…But back to this story…

I been seeing an outbreak of Sonic.exe stuff to game with .exe in it or a secondary outbreak of .exe games and or pony games mostly….
So after seeing Mario.exe I noticed the game kept getting made fun of in let’s plays and this made me want to make a version not to say I’m better or to put the spanish game maker to shame but to instead do a remix and inspire and do my own spin on the game.

here is Sonic.exe

And here is my spin on it
*keep in mind the game plays perfectly but when I record the game can go haywire and I had to slow down the fire background for the video*

As you can see I followed the Sonic.exe format but added a few changes for this game,
Instead of a basic scream noise I used the Mario Party Japan version OH MY GOD sounds for Luigi and Wario,

I also used the level tools from Monster Party NES Stage 1 to make the place looks more like hell as the place began to warp.

I also added an option to allow you to choose yes or no when MaRio ask you “Ready for Round 2”

Now given all that I just did….Yeah its a pure copy and paste but I wont stop there!

Here is the links to the game

Link 1 (Window mode version)

Link 2 (Full screen version)-Press Esc when the game is done to exit

I am going to give this game a CreepyPasta and what I got in store for you will make this game story feel a lot better than the story of Sonic.exe

The story is now staring in….3….2….1….

Hello my name is Jackson and I am typing this because I do not have much time left,
I am a big fan of very hard super mario games such as the Kazio Super Mario World and the brutal Mario world series even buying the nerve wreck package in New super mario bros 2 3DS and found the final levels in later mario games very easy and this caused me to seek for something fans can come up with that could give me a challenge and while seeking for a while I ended up getting an email from my friend Kelly with the Subject “I found the Mario game you been looking for” I looked and there was a link but it was one of those links from a site that is made for giving files in a limit of time so if I did not click the link soon the file will be removed…So I did and what I got was a Super Mario.exe game and playing the game I noticed Mario Luigi are dancing like in the Mario and Luigi Super Star saga game and while this put a smile on my face I watched…I then pushed enter and was greeted by this image
Now at 1st it had me a big freaked out and then it hit me,
“All must die” must mean this game is going to be VERY HARD and made me happy.

After the split second the game started playing a creepy music and I see I have Mario is not there but I can only Select Luigi but Wario and Yoshi was selectable later due to a lock on their head,
I selected Luigi to start this very hard game…Some crazy laugh started playing
The level of the game showed that I was in Hill world 1-666….
The numbers 666 was scaring me a bit due to me being raised a to praise god so that number does make me feel uneasy even if its a fan game but to keep my mind at bay I started to think of the Super Mario Galaxy hell valley sky tree story and relate it to the name…
Starting the game Luigi falls down out of a pipe and the music starts to play all twisted and sounds backwards and the game is dark.
After walking I began to get annoyed that this was easy and nothing was really happening than I came across dead tods with their eyes pitch black as if their soul was taken from their bodies
Going pass them I found Mario just looking upset about something and Luigi began walking to him
As Luigi walked to Mario a strange began to emit getting louder and louder as Luigi got near Mario and than he looked at his Brother.
The sight of this was freaky and before I could ponder why mario had black eyes with blood red glowing pupils the game began to change to a new title and Luigi was now in what I expect to be Hell and now Luigi was crying in fear or pain…Why was it called MaRio world? and why was it set this way?
As I waited wondering what kind of game is this…I jumped as I heard the crazy laugh and saw a lot of demonic Mario’s fly all over the screen.
I than saw Mario flying in to Luigi and Luigi now moves as if he is scared out of his mind and I began pressing buttons to figure out how to jump!
I could not get away and the evil Mario was coming in for me…
I got hit and Luigi began to cry….did I fail? I asked out loud,
As I waited and could not move Mario suddenly appeared with his Hammer and Luigi screams out “OH MY GOD” as the screen turns red as he must have just gotten killed by his own brother.
After seeing such at brutal and messed up sight I was now treated to Luigi now looking like a Zombie all gray but with blood eyes like the evil Mario,
Now I can select Wario and no longer able to pick Luigi I began to play as Wario and was taken to a world that looks very happy even at night but the music was playing an spooky tune like the player select screen music,
I started to think this would be the same thing only with Wario instead of Luigi,
Expecting soules Toads I saw the game static like an old television set,
This began to happen more as I kept walking as if the world around Wario was changing and after a long set of static my theory was correct!
The world became a vision of Hell!
This place just felt so evil as the hills that often had eyes now had zombie faces that was vomiting blood and the happy blocks was now just the same,
The static happen again and I was standing before Mario and he appears to had been waiting for Wario and even ask him do he want a rematch…This could only mean this has something to do with Super Mario Land 2 where Mario battle Wario to gain control over his land called “Mario Land” and his Mario castle,
The game began to play like a boss battle and I can now perform the shoulder ran ability to attack Mario who appeared to be just waiting not even caring this was a fight and a side from Super Smash Bros and party and kart and sports games I wonder how often do you get a chance to fight Mario?
So I began run to Mario,
Before I can land a hit on him he would warp around Wario
So I kept trying to chase after him and after being toyed with over and over Wario ran out of air and began to turn green and fall on his back
As Wario began to gasp for air as this twisted world was taking a toll on Wario….Mario did it again…He pulled out his hammer and slayed Wario and Wario yelled as he died “OH MY GOD”
After that Mario began to taunt Wario and I was taken back to the player select and saw Wario looked like his body was rotting like in his Zombie form in other Wario adventure games but gray and had the same eyes like Luigi
Now Wario was gone and it was up to Yoshi to win this game…So I picked Yoshi to win this game that appears to be too hard to win and was taken to a strange dungeon like castle and as I began to go deeper the layout began to get darker until the place was black and white
As I gotten near the bottom of this place Mario pops out with his hammer and instead of the same death like Luigi and Wario I was treated to static and saw a twisted image of Mario’s head saying ” I AM GOD”
After more static I was asked for round 2 but all 2 players was unselectable…I agreed to see what other kind of levels would be on the game
The game goes into static and I am now greeted by Mario saying I did good and saying “See you Next time” but when he said “Next time” his eyes turned red and his voice go very demonic and now he would not stop laughing over and over and over like a mad man with fire all around him
After hearing that laugh over and over I closed the game and got on the phone to call Kelly and see why she sent me this game…Was it a joke? I had to ask her…
After calling her she laughs and say she never sent anything like that, I got mad and tried to call her bluff but she than told me that she was unaware he was even looking for a hard to beat Mario game and than warn me about spammers that use your address book and send fake messages that often say “No Subject” or rarely a greeting such as “Long time no see” and can contain a virus and after hearing that I gasped as I heard the evil laughing Mario was doing in the game coming from downstairs in my house…It finally hit me…When he said see you next time…He was coming for me next!

So this is why I am typing this message and screen shots…
The evil Mario is coming his laugh echoing from my house as if he is slowly coming to my room so I am typing this to tell you not to play his game….But I bet you all want to know as much as I did why or how Mario ended up this way?
As I began typing and started to think about it a vision came into my head and what I saw is worth sharing and may shad some light on this whole story….

*Spoiler warning*

After the battle with Bowser in Mario Galaxy the game shows that the battle is over but the entire Universe is about to be sucked into a Black hole and as it happens everyone was getting sucked in and Mario’s Luma (Baby Starman) who helped him although the game said goodbye and commanded a herd of Luma’s to enter the black hole and turned into the galaxy they was all from to save everyone…As everyone collected themselves they looked up and Mario says “WELCOME TO MARIO GALAXY “…This is where the madness starts…
Mario….He was a god….The Luma’s made Mario a Galaxy and now that this is his world and land and galaxy….Mario had control over things but this is where he should have learned form others around him….Princess Rosalina raise Lumas and they become new series of worlds to do her work,
Princess Peach has Mushroom people to do things she can not do….
Mario new to being a god tried to do everything himself not making deities or greater or lesser beings to help out doing the god work he began to lose his his freedom he once had…As too many task took over he had an idea,
The land he once ruled in that was in Super Mario Land 2 Six Golden Coins was made and Mario offer to to merge his kingdom with the Mushroom kingdom to be with the Princess he fell in love with and as he offer a royal merger and as an act of love for the Princess he said “You will never be in danger…Watch all your problems go away” and Mario before the Princess eyes killed Bowser and doomed his land and crossed over the linger souls such as the Boo’s and Dry bones wiping them all out never to come back…The Princess was horrified at the actions Mario did and called him a devil not a god, The Princess was always a kind and loving Princess who saw the good in anyone even Bowser…She did stand her ground and even fight back but there was times she put herself in danger because she know Bowser has a good heart….She would have liked it if Mario would have sent Bowser to another world or just keep them safe and not take out an entire generation of life…

Mario so mad at being called a Devil he grew in rage and blinded by his rage he used his god powers and killed the Princess leaving a pile of flesh and bones…Mario began to lose his mind since the Princess soul went on to the afterlife and he can not just make another Princess…If he did she would not be the woman he loved….He ran off….

Thats where the vision ends….But I can fill in the blanks…
The game shows what happens next…

Luigi went to find his brother to offer some brotherly love to ease his heart…The Mushroom people was already the 1st to try and stop Mario and they suffer a terrible fate

Luigi was sent into what Mario was calling MaRio world and there he was killed and Mario now lost it since he now Killed his own brother due to the madness and the world around him began to twist into a dark hell like Mario’s sanity…

Wario came to fight Mario to knock some sense into him and stop him as the world began to turn into Mario’s hell…He failed too…


THeir souls was sent to Mario’s hell and with the world now MaRio’s world Yoshi would could have stayed in the story book world of Yoshi Story left to be the last hope that can save Mario making him to think about the Yoshi who saved him and his brother would save him….But this is now MaRio’s world and Yoshi was the next to be taken to MaRio’s world….


So that is what happen….I now understand what the last part is…
I agreed to play and since there was nobody left to play with….I am next….I”M GOING TO BE TAKEN TO MaRio’s WORLD!


Beating him will save our souls….But we can’t win….We…can….win……

*End of Creepypasta*

Okay a bit long sorry about that….But looking at what really happens after you beat Mario Galaxy does help with the god story and while its often good to know have a reason for anything to happen such as why Sonic has no reason why he went dark in Sonic.Exe,
This story shows how Mario gain the powers of a god and fell into madness….

What is good about how this story plays out….
It can be inserted as a prequel to the CreepyPasta “Mario”
Creepy Pasta MARIO TITLE</a

Yes this CreepyPasta/SNES Rom has a story about Mario in a personal hell that looks like Yoshi island where Mario has done something and is trying to atone for his sins but he sinks into darkness as the game sees it as he is dead….
There is also this disturbing picture


Now if you look at the whole “Mario snapping on Peach and blowing her up with god powers” and going mad and losing himself into the madness…This is how my added story can flow with this existing creepypasta showing the good Mario trying to find his way out while in reality he fell into the darkness and became a devil god.

Well….Thats enough creepypastas for now I need to get back to my other things.

Enjoy the game and story


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