GameMaker project

This is the game I am currently working on

I have tons of test videos showing how much the game has changed so far.

I went from more evil fairies to less to more level fixes to move faster and more bouncy and then adding a health system…

While I have not done much videos yet I am already in the middle of working on level 4,
I am going in the route of Super Mario Bros where I make 8 worlds and 4 acts like 1-1 to 1-4 for each level and using a speed system like Sonic even allowing you to spin roll….Not much to it but you can.

I am also backing up a lot of these files so I can re use a lot of resources to make more games like this time by time.

Other games I do have on the list coming to my website would be…

1-A game where you evade spheres for points

2-A vs shooter (I have to be in the mood for that)

3-A mermaid adventure exploring game (I love making these) A flying game too maybe…

4-A dream emulator using Mode7 and 3D Models (Thats going to take some time)

on my list for BIGGER projects would be….

A full RPG game using RPGmaker2003

A full platform adventure game with a kind of megaman like system

A Maplestory Fangame….like….Megaman….
I have a test video

In all honesty I did have a game that was unfinished and lost the files and videos and only have a few cutsceen snapshots in my DeviantArt folder

I was going to plan and remake the game even making a code name and promo picture

Wow…I really improved on my art….

Well I wanted to remake this again after my game “Luna and the Lost shrine” Failed…It was going good too

I even added a world map and save system and had chars to develop even adding a world that was a mixture of African and a type of Mayan style for the tribal people

but the game got had some major flaws mostly in the story that had me going back and going in a loop over and over and over till the game had issues that forced me to just trash the entire project…..

So back to work I go.


About Princess1una

I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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