I returned to Maplestory

After learning I was getting an all in one PC sent to me I made this video.


And oh and behold after that I got my big box with the PC in side that looks like a giant flat screen monitor

lol my buddy pointed out the way my mouse is…I can ensure you I am not left handed I just did not put the mouse over to the right yet since you hook it up to the left of the system.

Well after I got it and set it up…..Window’s 8….I can use it….Just…a bit iffy with some features but as long as I can do what I need I’ll work with it till I am fully used too it.
I will still use my laptop for game making and animations and the stuff I been doing.
Some stuff will be moved over to this behemoth.

So after getting my groove back I returned to Maple

And I can even use my Steam games….Well Magical drop V is still opening and closing so I need to wait it out and see what Goloth studio’s going to do…Its an improvement over the other systems I used just having a black screen and I had to task manager to close the game not responding

But I was able to play Sonic CD

I’m uploading a full run of the game.

So back to Maple story.

I used a video maker that I was not used too and the video ended up like this….

But after learning how to use Movie maker on Windows 8…..I hate this version…..I was able to make videos like these

So yes I can record and play Maple again and boy do I got some stuff to do…
For now I am doing Stronghold quest and grinding there til I can do better places to get EXP and see if I can get to 210 and than see how things go.

So its good to be back and time to get back to my maple duties

As for this game I been playing

I still come online to do this daily mission every once in a while.
Its nice that I can play it on my phone or face book.

Thank you for viewing its game time



About Princess1una

I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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