Maplestory 9th anniversary GMS



GMS has made it to the big 9 while KMS is doing their 11th but back to GMS YAY!

There are a mess of things going on here a long with some planet chairs….

I was planning to make an animation when I knew Maple 9th was coming but it cane sooner than I thought and I was not in the mood to
animate at the moment so I made what I wanted to animate into a comic to later post on the GMS community forums

here it is

Maple 9th Comic

Ooooooooookay…..I did not expect it to look this way after saving…..Well press the zoom button if you can’t see

Back to Maple 9th…

Because I took a while doing this comic and REALLY wanna get back online I am too lazy to post with Nexon has posted so here is the link

But fear not I also been making videos showing off the new stuff.

Monster Rally! Kill the mobs very fast and meet the NPC

Speaking of planet chairs I found a few of the same chairs in the temple of time

Mini Games…Jump quest with a random chance to get a Neptune chair and transformation items and the leaf catching game and Monopoly for people in your party

Also we have the Inkwell shop in the Event Hall…Some how I knew this video alone would go up in views very fast….Its happen before with other helpful videos I made


While I am taking a mini break from it, I began doing my story mode quest….Yeah….At….Level 205….
Well here is why…
I did the Leafre giant rock man quest line and was able to get pass the kart driving part and seeing that I been doing story quest even the Comerrci story line I felt before I do the Magnus quest line I should do my story and now that I can record in full audio and turn the videos into HD and fit the entire video player unlike those above I uploaded un-edited I went about seeing why people said I would like this story and see how funny it really is….OH MAN ITS FUNNY! I love the humor in this story…I have a few episodes at the moment.

The other reason I never did them was because of map crowding and it was hard for me to do my quest and grind so I used the portal and went to Ellena and shot down a mess of curse eyes and my venture to 200 began there….

Looking at these in the simulator I….Saw some of these but not all and can’t wait to see how the story plays out.

When I 1st morphed


Funny that in these pictures you are always holding a Shark tooth Soul Drinker….Well I got one so I dont care but
I do noticed that often.

When Magnus owned us
Magnus owned us

When I did all my main story line quest I was wondering where this would come up but while doing the Magnus quest lines
I noticed I was still doing my story line stuff and I later came across this old man

Now this picture makes sense….I want a heart wand with Dragon wings….If Job 5 ever happens I want that to be
the replacement for the heavenly crash as a new attack weapon that does not need to recharge….heck if it did I’ll still spam it like there was no tomorrow
Eskie and Elven

These are the only two I did not see yet and REALLY wanna see why….

Edea using hyper magic
Edna Hyper Magic
I REALLY wanna see why and how and what this is all about also I say Hyper Magic due to this command for her sprite in the simulator



Also there is this picture

Tear and Edna

Okay I REALLY wanna know what this is about,
My guess can only be that this is the final picture after you beat the story and there is a party and some how

Edea is forced to join in…but why???
Or this could be something to help motivate the army…I really wanna see this play out and who made her
outfit? It looks just like an Angelic Buster getup….Time will tell and lol at Kaiser down there

Well have a happy 9th I got some stuff to do




About Princess1una

I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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