Maplestory Elite monsters (Update)

Elite monsters…HUGE FREAKING MONSTERS….Let’s get in on this subject

I went in thinking any map will have a chance to spawn a big mob and a few of my guild members was a bit afraid they would get attacked by a boss and wanted info on how to test this and how often this would happen…
One map I tried that one fights on was the Giant spiders maps in Eldestine’s mines and after getting a combo to 999 and more even though the combo stops at 999 unless you are an Aran class nothing happend.

I than looked at these Youtube videos for a good example and Oh and behold I am one of the main uploaders for this subject…

Here is a KMS video…

Here you can see both Drake maps have them for the players…Before the player goes into the portal theres a giant drake walking around and if a boss spawns than it means Elite monsters can too.

Here is another one

I myself went and tried this too….No good results

To speed this up I tried temple of time maps and Twilight perion and had no results on giant mobs spawning such as this video showing off the combo and multi kill system

What makes this even more confusion unless they dont spawn here….I tried Twisted Aqua Road doing a 999 hit combo test and nothing ever happen….

So yeah….I think this is based around levels and people above level 200 for now will find them at these key maps that I tested so far.

1-Any of the golems
2-Any of the sinister mask
3-Giant fire boars

Here are my results fighting them


A.Mixed Golem

All 3 Mask+Fire boar

I see there are snapshots all over of mixed levels fighting them too on google so keep an eye out for these things and get their prizes…


As for Elite bosses….Hmmm….I heard around that you gotta kill 10 Elite monsters to make an Elite boss to show up….I am not sure if leaving the map resets it or logging off or getting a D/C or changing channels but I hear its 10 elite monsters killed to get these things to spawn….I’ll work on it, I am playing it kind of safe…I dont want to run into something and they might have something like Damage Reflection….so far I only saw one put up the critical hit only spell but I dout they would do that mess but I wanna be safe so I dont lose exp but I will have updates when I encounter the elite boss.


Well moving on to something else….
The summer show is here with more damage skins and dancing moves and chairs and mounts.

To get the moon walk dance you gotta win it in the Keledo spinner wheel
Now there will be a hot times that gives a free damage skin so I will hold off on the keyboard keys number effect.
Getting coins the best way is to play Minigames….Or open tons of summer boxes…I’m doing that
I have kind of a bad experence with random people and mini games and events where you gotta put your trust in random people to be there….

So I am going to 1st get the Pink Meso Ranger dance and than that one for dancing for the troops I already got the Prance and Growl dance which is just the Psy Gangnym style and Exo’s growl dance.

One good thing about this event is now that they adjusted my affinity and skills…I NEVER RUN OUT!…I may randomly see “Skill is unable to be used” but it recharges so quick I see it more like a message saying
“Wait a bout 1.5 seconds” and now I feel more like a mage spamming attacks over and over and over not having to have skills run out on me.

This boss battle will show you how I pretty much bury this boss in seekers and before this patch after a few seekers I would have to do something else…Just look

I do have one video of me on the giant golem map just tossing seekers but this is better since I also show the death of this annoying boss

The trinity skill still can only hit one monster but now it does rapid fire damage killing bosses and mobs sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much faster..You can see above when I was fighting the elite monsters my
trinity would just drain so much faster.

This is not only the only thing thats gotten better…Now that you can add AP on one stat pass 999 this makes me even stronger

Look at this big number when not using my 10 seconds of OP

And here it is buffed

Just wait till I reach level 210 and my OP for 10 seconds skill go from 90% total dmg to 120%….Oh yeah….
Now if only I can get some extra critical hits to do more red than yellow with out having to use my 200 skill….I’ll keep trying.

Oh now a lot of major bosses are push overs now.


I’ll try Chaos after I level up


*If she did not use DR on me this would go even faster*

I think bosses like Magnus and Arakarim would still own me and I am not sure about Horntail and Rinnimaru and Von Leon but better safe than sorry.

So I am really happy about being able to fight like a mage and leveling up skills makes this class feel like you overcame and mastered your powers.

Oh you may have noticed my android is wearing my Bishop’s Pinkbean getup and the all mighty 1st Perm Pinkbean is back….You can share cash shop items
with your chars now for a limit of time…..Sadly some weapons I got can’t be used on my buster such as my minibean propeller and and rabbit ear weapon
and silly cute stuff like baby bottle and giant carrot and breifcase full of maple leaves….Ah well I love this Astrabolt since some stills it turns into a mage staff
and has cool effects around you and you hold it like a sword/wand
But I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Glad to have my pet Pinkbean back and a ton of my perm NX I had on my Bishop that I knew I miss when I
took the path of the buster



Elite boss.

Dark boss

A team made one spawn but I was able to get some info from them as they battled that these bosses appear after 20 elite monsters kill a boss will spawn.

I see this is a good reason to keep grinding for a long time resulting in good exp.

Oh and Giant monsters…it is level based…

My buddy was looking for maps to grind due to the level change,
We encountered a giant nepherdeath

Thank you for viewing and I’ll have updates as time goes on.








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  1. this page is actually very good
    i wish there was some technique to summon elite bosses

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