My 1st ever Chaos Zakum battle

Zakum for me has become a push over…I can end him in a single spin session

I can end him that fast….


Well they changed it so you can walk on in and make a party and start.


C zakum alter

Right off the back the map has a spacey background

C zakum ribbons

So after taking his arms down it was time for the battle with the mega rock man

C zakum and hilla

Boy does he cast weapon lock a lot…wait…its the same as regular Zakum only he has a chance to cast SAD and Zombiefy a few times

C zakum BEAN

Around phase 3 lag spikes and a near kill trying to figure out my sad break spell and hitting the wrong kill a few times this was
the real test

 C zakum Killed

So down goes the big boss and it feels like how Zakum felt before the big bang where the battle was longer and
had more risk and alone I felt really proud to see this bad boy falling down to my might.

And after his defeat I get two messages from the Blackmages goons who give me their respect before telling me
what I already know.

Himchman 1
Himchman 2

So after all that I stand proud and wide that I took down my 1st Chaos boss on my own…Well…Off to do
other things…I mainly want to fight an Elite boss and get more coins.

After C zak


If you like to see this epic battle in action and not snapshots…Here is the video



About Princess1una

I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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