Maplestory Elite boss and bonus round

I finally did it!
I finally made an elite boss spawn and I have to say I ran into some crazy boss versions of the same mob.

1 Black Knight

Take for example this undead version Golem that can cast Zombify on you

2 Zombie spell

And one that farts out gas on you…I say that with no regrets because I did come across a poison version
with the Elite boss so having one called Gassy…They knew what they was doing…And he has a squat animation….
Need I say more?

3 Gassy Golem

Wow this pic was a perfect shot…It looks almost like the Golem farted on the two behind him and they got
Okay back to the subject at hand..

I should have press record while it was saying warning but I forgot for a second that all the mobs go away…
Thats pretty much why I was way on top of the map when I started recording.

So the boss came with two golems on his side.

4 two golems

So after taking care of them it was time for Mr. “FIGHT WITH HONOR!” as he shouts out a mess of words….
I have a mess of words to say two like…”You’ll never dodge this!, Never dodge this, Soul chaser”

….In short I later in the middle of the fight went all soul seeker on him and he forced me too a few times
using weapon lock making only magic and summon skills work.

5 Soul seekers

As you can see he is saying things like “Tch! A shame I have to resort to trickery”….THIS IS MAPLESTORY FOOL!
Being a one trick pony is not going to save you…You play that one move pattern…Stuff like this happens….wow
I lost myself for a second…Oh look Hilla joined the fight too

6 Figth whit honor coward


Heehee…He thinks I am running away….When I bury him in spinning blades he is the one who runs
away and I have t follow him to mess him up more and more.

So as he was about to lose I started fighting him with my Trinity


And than it happened!

8 So be it

I deal the final blow and as he say “So be it” I…..WAIT…THAT FOOL DID NOT GIVE ME ANY EXP!!!
WHERES THE EXP FOR SUCH AN EPIC BATTLE!?! And dont tell me that the two golems was my exp
reward for fighting this…..Haaaa….Moving on….

The place turns into candy land or a happy world…I heard you get sent to a bonus map…Well thats kind of true,
The map changes before your eyes

9 becomign candy land


Now these…Ummm I guess Black Mages guys or what ever they are come and reward me for winning.

10 the nice ones

So look at that! Theres EXP in those bubbles!

11 freebies falling

There is also armor….I think it puts a gear in your bag…I saw nothing…Maybe raises your def stat or something…
I guess the potions heal you…Or maybe they do increase your stats forever or something….

So the time is moving like the clock on Super Mario Bros 1 and to make things crazy the music plays faster
and before it speeds up I swear it sounds like the vocals is starting to sing the Trololo song….
Well after all that a cute voice says “GAME OVER” and boom back to reality

12 Game Over

Those spinning potions fade away so you cant have a last chance to get them motion.

And that was it….

13 Victory

After such a victory I went as high as I can and performed a victory dance.


Now…Pics and text is good for blogs but we all know you wanna see this in action


HERE IT IS! And with sound!

I also noticed the boss has a title in his name like the many golems I faced so I think they can use some key skills depending on what type you fight.
This adds a good amount of random and makes grinding very fun.


My charm is almost level 100…Will I ever get a face for that!?!


And I hope KMS makes a new NeoCity like Neo Tokyo or something with better exp or more maps and robo bosses




About Princess1una

I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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  1. LOL niiice! Congrats on beating those bosses<3

    and HOW DID YOU GET YOUR CHARM SO HIGH o3o so pro x3

    • thanks, Tons of free nx from events and when the events are dry I farm for monster park coins and buy tons of face items that give 100 charm and amb. and just keep putting them on, Now I also fight Zakum for 2 helmets and I sometimes do get perm nx or random boxes with nx in them and find gear from kacchuMusaha that adds extra traits

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