Ice cream Surfer

I was getting ready to get some Nintendo 3DS/Wii U cards for the Eshop and I had a lot of things on a list of what I was going to get and than I saw a community for a game called Ice cream surfer

Title IceCream Surfer

looking to see some screenshots and videos to see what kind of random indie game added this time and I came across this video.

This is the video:

So seeing that the Wii U had a good price Cute em up….I was soooo waiting for a game like this!
Sure there are space ship games from horizontal and vertical shooters but I love things like this style.

Example of games I play for Horizontal cute em ups are.


Trouble Witches Neo Episode 1 the daughters of Amalgam

Touhou Sky Flight

So yeah I love those…I do not wanna flood with vertical shooters I play….

So I got the game Friday and man did I have some fun with this game

1 Sailor Twister

Okay this game set up a trap and I feel for it…Having a sailor senshi and being the only girl this made me think
that maybe she is one of the best chars since most cute em up use a female lead so I got her and the trap was set
and no when I say trap I dont mean she is a boy dress like a girl…unlike….Bridget….Tch I dont hate on
Bridget since He/she is one of my top fighters in Guilty gear but back to the story at hand….

She has what appears to be the weakest attack and her magic bullets do not go in direct line like everyone else,
She shoots in a scatter pattern like kind of up and middle and kind of down and spamming it your aim is kind of
hard to pin down and you need TONS of power ups to make her useful and you gotta not get hit….AND I STILL
She is more advance and tricky but I did it anyway
2 Vegi demon

Her super attack looks epic but can be kind of…..weird…She turns into Neo-Queen Serenity with Princess Leia’s
hair and shoots a magic attack but the attack turns into a 4 way spread beam and again and scatters…Its weird
But looks epic.
Also the bosses look cool and wild..This boss is like some demonic veggie zombie

3 Candy Kingdom

Like Parodius after stage one in this games case you start off in space and end up in another world, Collecting
Ice cream spoons will give you 1 of 3 supporters such as a diamond collector and one that shields you and one
that shoots with you.

Collecting the letters that spell IceCream or a blinking ice cream bar power up you go into a super state but can not shoot
like for example now Sailor twister is swinging her wand around like a baton and can ram into foes or protect from
some things.

4 OP mode

When she is at full power up OH MAN SHE IS MORE FUN!….She still have a bit of an odd shot but she still can do
more damage and attack more direct now.

5 Ramen Sumo

The game has 6 levels and tons of pictures to unlock and co-op is fun…Each world has a theme such as an
Eastern food world with a sumo boss….I am going to assume that is a male sumo cuz his pasta hair does not
look like a topknot and more like a woman’s hair style and that can be an issue but I see this as a sumo man
since he does the hand palm fighting style.



6 Bracollii mecha





The final level is by far where things get fun and crazy, You fight this boss you see above in a few phases but
I later found a blind spot but some phases he still hit you if you try and abuse his blind spot.

Also you can select any level you unlock and the game is VERY forgiving also this is the only level one that starts
you back at the start if you lose but its not that bad but other levels will start you around or at the boss if you try
again and no simple game over…Keep playing and have fun.

So I beat the game and made A LOT of Miiverse post and I even tried out some other chars.

7 Hima

HIMA is pretty okay and has a cool super attack

8 Hima 2

This is the boss on the 1st level

9 Ace

Ace is the most balance char and has the most OP super attack and is the star of the show and etc.

10 super beam

His super attack everyone appears behind him and while playing Co-op with my niece and she used Sailor Twister
and doing this attack would still look like this while she was there too.

11 Super Cream

Super Cream has by far the best attack since its the fastest,

12 Ending

This is one of the things you see when you beat the game…The story is very wild and out there that makes for
a good cute em up,
But the story and these chars have some back story to them and the reason why is because this started out as
a web comic


So far I been reading the comics and its done pretty well.

I went so overboard posting good things as I was playing even one of the devs. came in on the fun

Game dev

The green check on his icon is a dead giveaway but I checked his page and just like on the credits his name
Checked out and I gotta be honest I NEVER saw a dev. or staff reply like that…
At best maybe a staff would have a contest and reply your post for a winner or thank everyone but a post
like this is the 1st time I ever saw something like this happen.

So for a game for 5.00 Eshop points I say its worth it.

Here are some reasons why

The goods-

Its not a danmaku so no bullet hell so even new comers wont feel overwhelm

No real game over  rule makes it easy to keep playing

Good replay value since its short and has miiverse features and unlockable art

co-op makes the game wacky and over the top

The bads….

Player 2 has to use a wii controller not a pro controller….odd…

No jump in feature or replay after game over feature

Thats…..Thats all I can think of

Thank you for viewing this



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