An update on my blog 11-8-2014

So what I been doing lately has been… A LOT of Maplestory and playing new games one by one.

For games I jumped from stuff like Azura Striker GunVolt & And Mighty GunVolt

gv3GV 1GV2

Shantae’s Pirate Curse


Moving on to Legend of the Dark Witch


Okay let’s speed this up….

PPC 1 PPC 2 SP 1 SP 2 SP 3

So I been playing  A LOT OF THINGS and there are still tons I did not add like Super Smash Bros 3DS to Pokemon X and tons of puzzle and shooters on PS1 Emulators and stuff…


I am here to update on Maplestory…..

Okay FriendStory…Keep in mind I will throw in *SPOILERS* not just for Friendstory but also other things too..

So friend story is a theme dungeon that shows a more real world style of Maplestory and boy are you a fish out of water…

Just these pics alone can give you an idea of what kind of insanity is coming

FS 1 FS 2 FS 3 FS 4 FS 5

So what is this you ask?

Well we start off with a smartphone falling into your hands and a girl calls you….
Well we meet a Harry Potter looking kid who open a portal and a school girl enters Maple World and WILL
You can see the things many who played Maple for the 1st time is in her eyes…
That magic and love and just over gullable you are shows in her…
She is excited to get 100 mesos for helping a noob kill some snails….For many that is an insult but she is in love
and will not go back to her world……….Soooooooooooooooooooooo since nobody at this school knows what the new
student looks like or gender or race…You go in the girls place and things go downhill from here,

You are told NOT to speak of Mapleworld and use your powers and you ignore ALL of that and talk like an idiot

You tend to get an understanding of how strange everyone sounds in Maplestory….We tend to commonly say things like
Let’s PQ, Talk of Exp, Monster Park and sooo much more…When others see you speaking of those things you come off sounding like an idiot and now you are labled a weirdo…Sure its pretty common for a girl with elf ears and dragon horns with halo’s around them and wings to just come to a school…Sure the police has elf ears but here we meet tons of paraells and than a bully challenge me to a fight and darkness that was shown to you on a phone takes over the bully and takes form of a monster made from his desire to win…


So before we get to the episodes since that was the prelude to the insanity….
We have a story that feels a bit like Equestia girls and Madoka Magica (Portals with dark beings hiding in them like the witch worlds)
and more…

Moving to the episodes we tend to get a bit of a 3 part love story and you tend to become more…Normal and the story aims at others for a bit..
We also get the kind of story of the rich girl who lives like a caged bird who meets somebody who shows them the world and they get to feel alive for the 1st time

The bully from part 1 gives up on his evil mothers desire and the mother shows her evil ways and a boss comes…Pretty good but HEAVY on the love story

Episode 2 goes into the Love story a bit with a more humor side to it dealing with Orchid and a stalker….its pretty over the top and the boss is a MEME…Loook above at that “Forever Alone Trouble Maker”
My friend who goes by the name Fartman was VERY upset when I was telling him about this and he heard the poor kid had to eat Lax and they never did a POOP joke or anything with it…They had a good chance to make a poop joke or gotta goto the bathroom joke…

Episode 3…We get a twisted story of Hilla and Magnus and their attack on love and dating….
Here Princess1una pretty much becomes a sociopath due to Hawkeye’s players club and I want that Maplestory Red opening theme with no vocals that plays here….It sounds epic

Now do you recall when I said I will be throwing spoilers for other things too???
Well here is why I said that..

The boss of this story was pretty much shoehorned in…
The boss is Arkarium…Well his Trouble Maker…I say shoehorn because he has been around but never did anything and right at the last moments of the story he just pops up and they throw in that he is upset that it looks like Hilla and Magnus is falling in love and was trying to stop it by undoing all of your actions and than his boss comes…than this never happens again….He never appears again either story wise…

In other words they pulled a Necron….
If you do not know…Necron is the Final Fantasy 9 final boss…

Necron too is just something that comes out of nowhere and has no real point to anything…They throw a brief summery on him as he spawn and after that….He is gone and nothing else about him is known or happens…

Infact there is another way we can look at this…
We can call it a “Big Lipped Alligator Moment”


Sure its not singing but its pretty much the same thing…
Here is a video that gives you more insite on the subject

yeah…Throwing in a boss at the final moment that has no point of being there and stuff…..Yeah…Thats annoying…


Well thank god Episode 4 gets away from the 3 part love Filler and back to the freaky and creepy side of things

Here we get a look into the side of chars you see on the sidelines and see and the story has a lot of twist and turns and a fun ending that adds to the sillyness and Cassandra can be VERY FREAKY and I like that they gave the Part time job npc more of a persona and some complex history about her in this world and the jokes are top notch

Episode 5 is just PURE INSANITY…Also for the love of god never make me do a quiz to advance the story….OH DEAR GOD! I hate random math quiz and things I NEVER knew and dout I can even remember what I just learned but please no more quizzes…

But this story is about a pale face white haired man that is getting all the girls going crazy and he is sooooo good looking to them that the girls think their current boyfriends are so ugly they appear to be squids….AND THEY TURN INTO SQUIDS!

things get REALLY over the top and than..Very sad….
But kind of did things a bit wrong…Why make a sad moment when everyone has to have their memories removed…JUST TO PUT IT BACK IN!?!

Well we learn that the white haired pale face guy knows who I am and what I been doing and summons a Trouble maker and leave…I later learn he is the “White Mage” of this world….He was already causing problems..Kind of going Kingdom hearts on us with a door that leads to another world and…No…I can’t talk about KH plot..I will get TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Loopy….

So pretty much…

Okay I have to throw this out there…I tend to type “…” A lot…this is because I type the way I speak and I say as I am typing out loud or in my head and I do have pauses where I tend to pause between things…You see it in my animations and other text based things…Sooooo…Yeah…Thats pretty much it so back to the story I just wanted to get that out there.

Well now we know that there can be more stories for FriendStory and why the White Mage is here and what he doing here and what is his plan….

But the good side is….I get to do the new monster raid

Here we have a 10 rounds a day monster raid where monsters match your level and some good exp,
I love it,
Also you can change the way your overall to make it look like a school uniform too…Thats nice, You can see in Episode 5 I took off my NX to wear my uniform to fit with the story.


So a side from that story we also have the Mushroom Castle Revamp

This story is TOOOOOOO silly and the jokes are so over t he top…The Mushroom people
are just weird and their ways of actions and love and joy is…Its twisted…

Also the parodies are funny,
We got things like


Gamma and Omega
And Ghostly

Than we got mess like this
BannedStory_canvas 2

Magnus Mushroom….A KingKoopa and Mario Joke and why not add a Frozen joke too?
Singing “Do you wanna build a Mushroom Man?”

Its a fun and insane plot


A side from these I been taking part in seasonal quest and stuff.

I am working on some new games and projects.

Also I been testing voice acting using a text to speech tool

Thank goodness for subtitles but this is something I will look into more.

Well I am getting bored and I am running out things to say….



Thank you for viewing and have a nice day.





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