Maplestory Shining Star



That time is NOW…Well…Dec. 3rd

I am soooo excited that I can get stronger and faster….SOOOO MUCH HAPPY!…Using Celestial Roar is so slow and when you use a Rune of swiftness you can see how fast things are when you have you’re speed up by level 1….
But I am sooo excited about the Auto Seekers…(Soul Seeker Expect)…After reading the info on OrangeMushroom blog I tired throwing my soul seekers and start attacking and it does make mobs die sooo much faster so having an auto version is perfect.


Let’s look up info about shining stars


How bright does your Mapler shine? Find out in the Shining Star update! This new content update introduces Star Force, a new way to enhance your equips. Twenty-one classes are getting skill updates, and there are tons of new equips to find. If that weren’t enough, explore new GMS-exclusive event dungeons and enjoy festive holiday events.


If you look up at the sky, you might see streaks of light arcing across the heavens. Fallen stars are landing all over Maple World and they’re making monsters stronger and energizing your items. With the new Star Force enhancement system, you can pay a meso fee and upgrade equips that have completed their scroll enhancements. With this new enhancement system, players now have an alternative path towards acquiring gear enhancements, making it easier for them to upgrade their equips. The maximum enhancement level has been adjusted based on the level requirement of the item. Old items that have been enhanced past that limit will keep their old stars.




Nearly all of MapleStory’s classes are having some of their skills adjusted for balancing. Changes will vary and can be big or small. Whether it’s changing a skill’s cooldown time or increasing its damage, these tweaks will improve gameplay across the board. The number of Skill Points received for your 4th job is also being tweaked. From now on, all classes will only receive 255 SP within the 4th Job, and the master level on some skills will also be changed to reflect this.



Say hello to more equips than you can shake a stick at! Choose from Lv. 110 Zakum’s Poisonic weapons, Lv. 120 Eclectic armor, Lv. 120 Briser weapons, Lv. 120 Necromancer armor, Lv. 130 Royal Von Leon equips (weapons and armor), Lv. 130 Jaihin weapons, Lv. 130 Muspell armor, Lv. 140 Utgard weapons, or Lv. 140 Pensalir armor. Other new accessories such as the Lv. 100 Aquatic Letter Eye Accessory and Lv. 140 Golden Clover Belt have also been added. You can even get new types of set effects if you collect a whole set of armor! This is part of Nexon’s efforts to listen to our players, and increase availability of better equipment by simply playing the game!



Two new, GMS-exclusive dungeons are opening their doors. Visit Star World and assist the interstellar NPCs there. Earn Constellation Coins and exchange them for horoscope-themed chairs, medals, and more. Enter the Cosmos Laboratory—a giant pinball machine—to play Cosmos Knockout. Use cannons and jump platforms to defeat the boss and escape from the alien laboratory!



It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Happyville is back, and you can help Cliff prepare for the holiday party, decorate Christmas trees, and collect Rascal Snowpiece items to receive an awesome present! You can also get a free Christmas costume if you log in every day during the event period. Collect Nut Coins from various holiday quests and see what’s available in the Nut Coin Shop. Even Cassandra has a special Christmas present for you!



Hmmm after looking at this more…I am not sure if we are getting Star Planet…Yet…But new theme dungeons make this fun because until I can get stronger and own and make grinding in Knights 2nd Drill hall and maps around my level I been hanging around Friendstory in the Monster raid map…I get like 00.19% or 00.21% due to the amount of exp at the end of the raid.

I also do the Visitor PQ to mix things up

…Oh dang…I dont really have a recent video for this PQ….here is an old video than.

I also do Oz tower when I REALLY need to mix things up now that I can get pass the JQ

There are things like Sengoku High and Maple Leaf High but basic grinding has gotten slow so this upgrade will speed things up and I can have more bravery when it comes to bosses who SPAM damage reflection and make me fear losing exp…

Like this…..ugh….

Arky and Pinky Bean….I will destroy you two when I get my buffs and stuff….I really need to try and fight Horntail normal

Auto Seekers
This is pretty much what I think of when I think of the Auto Seekers,
Eskalade is FINALLY helping me fight by chucking seekers while I am fighting like a team effort


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