My 1st Chaos Horntail Solo

Soooooooooooo I had this random idea to just go fight Chaos Horntail since I have 10 safety charms and another charm…

I believe in myself and had the notion that I was going to win but at the same time…You gotta prepare for crap, Like random damage reflection being cast during a combo or a lag spike when too much insanity on the screen also I was going in blind so I had no clue what would happen so it was better to be safe than sorry.

1 about to see HT

So I head inside and use a buff I got from the Mr.Lee’s island tour before it got all loopy and began.

2 select mode

Now that I went in I was prepared for the greatest fight of my life…..And it turned out to be one of the LONGEST most dull fights I had…
This head took longer due to spanning Weapon lock and I had to seeker him mostly, Same goes for the other head…I guess with Chaos Zakum
Spamming HP=1 and the fear of a one shot was more heart pounding but this…..Was just long…
3 head 1
4 Head 2

So if THAT was going to take that long….Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooh boy…..
So than I hit the crystal and summon the behemoth

5 Hit the jewel

And I started with the tail and worked my way up to the right wing and hand….Ugh this was long…
7 Broken down tail
Oddly I got the legs down faster than expected but than came the tail and right arm.
8 hitting the head

After trying to break the arm and my trinity kept going for the right head I finally got it and
Also with out trying got the main head….But than the right head did something that freaked me
out and made me throw soul seekers till I just said “SCREW DR”….What ever buff this is….
I dont think its damage reflection, in fact I have no clue what this buff is.

9 Unknown buff

What ever it is I just deiced to just keep fighting and if I die…I die…But I was not going to seeker like crazy and fear this thing…
So I went all in on the….Oh right sorry I took this pic before the top head was broken sorry about that I wanted to get a pic of that
weird buff so that is why the head is active in this pic under the one while it is dead…eheheh….Moving on..

After taking down that head and only having the right arm that can also cast SAD I did what I did to normal Horntail and that was to take down
the left arm from below either by jumping and trinity or just blasting away with C.Roar or just spam soul seekers….The left head had a trick of its own….
10 Damage Relfection

You see correctly…That is Damage Reflection….Its not that long but comes at almost random since it looks like
He is about to cast weapon or magic guard to always do 1dmg but I come this far and I am NOT going to be done in
by a one shot at the end and lose to some bull…..Sooooo….I deiced to state that “I CAN BE CHEAP TOO” and it was
Seeker and power up buffs and ribbons time!

11 I can be cheap too

I am sure everyone understand why I do this but just for the reason if some do not understand….
I type like this ONLY during a video I dont to all to myself when away from the cam unless I am
talking to my pets for commands, Also When I know I am going to win, I can than talk smack and even
with beams doing super dmg I can still stop in place and give a pet command.

12 bye bye

lol….It’s kind of funny and you will see in the video that after I said Bye bye….I had to spam more seekers a few more times so it looks silly
with me saying bye than having to be like “Ummm…Bye….Again….aaannnddd….again……AGAIN” But finally!

13 the Death of HT

Down went the Behemoth….And another victory for me as I beaten another chaos boss.
Than the goons came and started talking smack and stuff…And I got my bounty.

14 Guy 1

15 Guy 2

16 Did you beat him

17 points

Soooooo I also got a Chaos Horntail Pendent and Nine spirit egg again…..I still dont know how to
upgrade it but I really dont need to wear it but I am holding on to it as a bit of a victory trophy
18 Nines egg

19 Nine roar

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo……………….That is it…

The video can be viewed here.

Thank you for viewing this and have a nice day.


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I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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