My 1st Pink Bean solo


I am not going to sugar coat it…I had an error…I did not die that’s a good thing…But…
Well look at these snapshots to get an idea of what happen

Pink bean results

So in a nutshell….I finally used my pink twister and super nova and the GM Police kicked me..
Needless to say I was pretty much owning that boss….I think to save me some time I SHOULD wait for the
next revamp so I can use my skill to ignore Damage Reflection and same goes for my super nova…That Raven
took up most of my time but I was able to beat the boss….

As much as I go on and no about Damage Reflection…Other than Horntails left head and Arkarim…I can tell when the boss is about to do it and know when to stop attacking and lately other than one time I was attacking Hilla as fast as I can with all my moves….I have not had issues with DR in the terms of diying but I still like to be safe…

Well I still got to finish the quest you do when you go in and see the guy trying to summon the Pinkbean so something good did come out of this and I got some exp for killing those rock heads….

I can try again but I think I should wait till later but seeing what I can do….THE BEAN WILL FALL!

I’m still going to upload this video to show what I been though and how I managed to get this far.




About Princess1una

I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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