Princess1una vs the Pinkbean

So today I finally took down the Pinkbean on my venture to take down bosses and get exp and reward points.

1 about to fight pb

Also we got Mr.M here if anyone wonder where he went after that soul shard dungeon,
So let’s get this party started!

2 the level range

I have no intention to do the chaos version so let’s take down the normal one 1st.

3 the man


No matter how much you try you can not wish the Black mage back this way..Dont you know
you are stuck in a paradox?

4 PB appears and goons

And here he is and his goons coming out the mirror.

5 Hitting the Angel

7 Hitting the angel 2

At some point I took down the goons and learned that as long as I dont get in the sights
of that left raven he will not cast any buffs and attacking him from behind works too.

8 Behind the back

He really dont know I am hitting him from behind or that bird brain has a very poor
limit of range.


Now we are battling the Bean himself…We both are almost at equal power skill wise…
We both can force somebody back,
We both can use cute attacks
We both can summon a swarm of mobs (Soul Seekrs for me)

After a long and tricky battle and one death (Got 10 safety charms…they still dont run out or exp get lost here)….
Not complaining but as long as I can finish this battle…One DR slip up wont get me down…

11 KO the bean

The bean has been defeated!….DANG IT NO SOUL SHARDS!!!!

Someday I will make this boss my whipping boy like Horntail and Zakum and Hilla and etc.
I will have a Pinkbean soul ONE DAY!…

12 Points

I’ll later in my maple life try the Empress oneday but for now she and Arakrim are…Ugh….
I need ignoir damage reflection to deal with annoying bosses like them….

I still have bosses like Princess No’s Alter Ego, Rinnimaru, umm….hmm…Mangus…and umm…
Well I’m doing these mostly for exp and meso and Soul shards but for now the deed is done!

So here is the video if you like to see it.

Thank you for viewing



About Princess1una

I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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