Sonic Runners Easter event

I been playing a lot of Sonic mobile games and while I had to restart on Sonic Runners when the software version updated and I forgot to save the folder in my sd card but now that I am back I am collecting new things and today I came across an easter event.

Here is how things started for me…



I noticed a “Play Special Stage” Button and this happen.

Screenshot_2015-03-31-02-43-29 Screenshot_2015-03-31-02-43-46 Screenshot_2015-03-31-02-43-58

Sooooooooooooo easter egg hunt….Okay

HEY! Thats Merina from Sonic and the Black Knight….I WANT ONE!!!!

Screenshot_2015-03-31-02-44-12 Screenshot_2015-03-31-02-44-23



I am going to try this out!

Screenshot_2015-03-31-02-44-50 Screenshot_2015-03-31-02-45-12 Screenshot_2015-03-31-02-48-37 Screenshot_2015-03-31-02-48-49 Screenshot_2015-03-31-02-49-02 Screenshot_2015-03-31-02-49-13

Okay after giving it my all this happens!

Screenshot_2015-03-31-02-49-39 Screenshot_2015-03-31-02-49-45 Screenshot_2015-03-31-02-49-50 Screenshot_2015-03-31-02-49-57 Screenshot_2015-03-31-02-50-03 Screenshot_2015-03-31-02-50-10 Screenshot_2015-03-31-02-50-14 Screenshot_2015-03-31-02-50-19 Screenshot_2015-03-31-02-50-23 Screenshot_2015-03-31-02-50-29 Screenshot_2015-03-31-02-50-33 Screenshot_2015-03-31-02-50-42 Screenshot_2015-03-31-02-50-45 Screenshot_2015-03-31-02-50-50 Screenshot_2015-03-31-02-50-54 Screenshot_2015-03-31-02-50-59 Screenshot_2015-03-31-02-51-03 Screenshot_2015-03-31-02-51-07 Screenshot_2015-03-31-02-51-11 Screenshot_2015-03-31-02-51-18


Screenshot_2015-03-31-02-51-36 Screenshot_2015-03-31-02-51-43 Screenshot_2015-03-31-02-51-49 Screenshot_2015-03-31-02-51-59 Screenshot_2015-03-31-02-52-15

OMG SO COOL! Let’s use your right now! COME ON!

Screenshot_2015-03-31-02-52-42 Screenshot_2015-03-31-02-52-52 Screenshot_2015-03-31-02-53-48 Screenshot_2015-03-31-02-55-45 Screenshot_2015-03-31-02-56-26 Screenshot_2015-03-31-02-56-36

And after that I get to be shown in a ranking spot that shows that yay I suck and many of the JP players are better than me….THATS A LOT OF ESPIO’S and easter chaos and bunnies


Seeing how much of Lost world is in this game I can see Sega really loves that game..Heck I love it too and after playing Rise of Lyric going back to boom felt good…..Theres tons I can say but as for now I am playing this game and will be posting updates, I mostly post this stuff on my Facebook but if things like this happen alot I am going to post them here too.

Puzzle and Dragons

10409258_1575587192698652_8452468690876898991_n 10434347_1575587196031985_6499481041533941288_n 10993086_1575587202698651_3621039091778542041_n 10994167_1575587206031984_5081837568527093084_n 10269512_1575587209365317_7556156789500668244_n 11001815_1575587212698650_1825812632469690110_n 11002617_1575587226031982_1137093760567670920_n 10959742_1575587229365315_3068544356950027966_n 1620669_1575587232698648_8392520417440601961_n 10988525_1575587299365308_7650241824869064113_n 10460791_1575587316031973_5208512825909575101_n 1969378_1575587312698640_5789011350543656852_n 10610682_1575587336031971_3559581616146684301_n 10610682_1575587336031971_3559581616146684301_n (1) 10469064_1575587342698637_1465717646793452534_n 11002649_1575587346031970_4131993814215609028_n 10649785_1575587362698635_302201530342308212_n 10989107_1575587356031969_6401648944698969032_n 10347780_1575587352698636_2843799284420189277_n

Oh right…I am using a none rooted Snapshot app since I still can’t find a good mirror program that works well on this phone but on my older phone I had an app and PC tool that worked with it but it was not mirroring…..OH WELL!

These was before I can snapshot like the sonic pics above….

As you can see I been playing this for some time and the funny part is that I played this game after learning that Puzzle and Dragons Z for the 3DS is coming to the states and since I been having AD’s and even google play throwing this game in my face….To be honest when I 1st saw this game I assumed it was like Puzzle Quest or something and passed on it but after playing it…You can see I got really into it….

And then…….

Moving to a higher Android  OS ….I lost all my Puzzles and Dragons data

……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..sorry……………………………………………….Still hurts……

I was playing Monster Strike but I stopped…Its not a bad game I love it in fact…Just kind of got bored and wanted more space on my phone for other games I been playing.

10313033_1582212382036133_8387572571967310965_n  11046811_1582018978722140_6886674651480601029_n10420771_1582212495369455_7651889189698954136_n

This game is like a celestial game of marbles….Pretty fun….Sad part is when I lost my PAD data I messed up some stuff and lost my MS data too so I had to start over on Monster Strike….I pretty much caught up to my old profile

11081444_1596464280610943_1755514314098619274_n 10426263_1596464363944268_8998835928133782292_n 17210_1596464377277600_3805477723296516861_n 10309195_1596464390610932_8750653131677550746_n 10376324_1596464400610931_690777618582069684_n 11036258_1596464417277596_2311751934141613572_n 11000557_1596464447277593_8529455451781785915_n 988905_1596464483944256_1997497847783062337_n 11096389_1596464520610919_7689344922972307459_n 11057845_1596464543944250_675460174791558015_n 11071046_1596464553944249_8764303187620513601_n 10394458_1596464597277578_2720158213707146397_n 11081484_1596464663944238_2458614277251127088_n 11073497_1596464687277569_8965453175171785566_n 11036622_1596464700610901_8266172810103091445_n 11076288_1596464713944233_2841944028094297147_n


As much fun as this game is and how much I like it….I just stopped….But this game is a good game.

Well here is a game I WAS playing but after an update not too soon after I got in on it the game stop working on my phone and only on Japanese phones….Same thing happens with Puyo Puyo Quest and Princess Punt Sweets and Megaman Runners….I’ll get into Princess Punt in a second but here it is.

Street fighter Puzzle Spirit

19305_1591413661116005_5396253415900584701_n 20721_1591516351105736_4519693765970093062_n 20730_1591413584449346_1617416223673217365_n 20914_1591515981105773_7101503309579663454_n 1897023_1591413624449342_2537688129143183462_n 10313962_1591413634449341_893530260638592870_n 10348468_1591413574449347_6626765103832472465_n 10407876_1591413611116010_2344884965615569101_n 10450602_1591413677782670_6186314630455729375_n 10850150_1591413594449345_5290232317391451276_n 10959104_1591413647782673_4709998661620024855_n 10998026_1591413704449334_5946504487414364259_n 11017433_1591516027772435_3514339353343297430_n 11053364_1591516007772437_679311241288019832_n 11057364_1591516041105767_2707838220546831797_n 11070514_1591516017772436_8198163267360789942_n 11071928_1591515994439105_5000145611591430777_n

Just when I used my gems I collected to play with Juri….Whats weird is these fighters….I wonder if this is like a sneek peak at new fighters in Street Fighter 5? That fancy SNK looking man and that little girl with the bunny and woman with the book and big beefy guy….They have move sets some look legit in anime form and some are silly attacks….hmm

Well I went in thinking this was like Puzzle and Dragons….WWWWWEEEELLLL…..Think more like…..

Super Collaps with moves you set up PAD style and add one persons move/element as a help…Like in Puzzle and Dragons and Monster Strike….

Due to how I do this a lot in a lot of import games, I was able to blindly navigate the meuns and get a feel of what I was doing and MAN this game is fun….But now I can’t play it…Same for Puyo Puyo Quest….haaaaaaaaaaa…..

I have till near the end of May to play Puzzle and Dragon Z………HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA……….

Moving on….

Princess Punt….This game is funny as I dont know what…
Its like Angry birds meets fantasy RPG elements


….Infact…Let the intro set the tone

1507173_1597151110542260_6871285755531436656_n 10361258_1597151093875595_8029572132806658716_n 11032412_1597151080542263_7449039642510912343_n 10418934_1597151070542264_9119796054186457750_n 11010983_1597151060542265_2793317259207463360_n 1239371_1597151050542266_8397329612841203890_n 11074169_1597151040542267_8108241072854612565_n

Yes…you just saw that….YOU JUST PUNTED THAT LIL KNIGHT!


So you kick your knights to the monsters and they attack but hey dont worry Princess Punt is no slacker she can fight too!


After you kick your knights you can than kick bombs and they can help do damage too


Okay that was my bad….I missed that shot….

Okay let’s speed this up….

Witch wars Puzzles
This game was on my list of top 20 puzzle games…I made an account on the Coms2us site and tired a few of their other game but this is game I still play.


So let’s take…Bejeweled and cute magical girls who dont look NOTHING like witches and make a puzzle battle game that is JUST AWESOME!

17391_1597125090544862_2893004941343811295_n 10922876_1597125080544863_3990599786901811350_n 11065898_1597125067211531_7118539700188698715_n 11108949_1597125057211532_9121257745018485259_n 20730_1597125047211533_5855671661064984174_n

Each piece does something,
Swords=Damage other players HP bar
Potions=Heal your HP
Hand Cuffs=Seals some pieces
Spell book=Fills your magic attack
Coins=Add to score and in game money

I often do the VS CPU and just go through a gauntlet of fighters till you drop.

Not the Sakura version where you play like other SMB games…This is pretty much Peggle
It’s Super Monkey Ball Bounce

11091402_1597130723877632_6083977146493057431_n 10408151_1597130707210967_7640231140341376024_n 11073572_1597130690544302_3422378855296017088_n 11082672_1597130677210970_831641968277986682_n 10446716_1597130657210972_5665519552846159346_n 11082661_1597130627210975_6852853067201274520_n 1948227_1597130640544307_1142288869517734443_n 11081294_1597130537210984_7349373338430617984_n 11064681_1597130503877654_6936401277555310122_n 11102795_1597130493877655_7524408634925045090_n 11071519_1597130463877658_6357867846293667741_n 11081296_1597130473877657_773437699924199344_n

I love Super Monkey ball so why not get in on a game like this?

Its pretty okay and I jump in and out every so often.

Magical Drop Touch
Thank god for this game…This gets rid of the Magical drop blues I often feel due to Magical Drop V being unfinished and the maker……..I am not going to get into that….It’s nice to have a true to the core Magical Drop game

11044544_1581484858775552_4324434359816574596_n 1604914_1581484845442220_9073345867882697156_n 11044544_1581484812108890_7586888048548388169_n 10996718_1581484825442222_5825701905071030875_n 10986676_1581484802108891_2672165775211437652_n 10891466_1581484792108892_5078352962520100385_n 10993135_1581484755442229_2325244262616584085_n


I also still play Sonic Jump Fever and Sonic DASH

10302093_1596447707279267_2142397442502696438_n 11046440_1596447770612594_5613338423345292834_n 11062677_1596447727279265_8674622101627380755_n 11075026_1596447780612593_708052263073224024_n 11091174_1596447743945930_3908246483974149372_n 11091399_1596447753945929_7903580965013762555_n

The only time I really PLAY this game is when I get a chao I want to keep….I mostly log in every day and do my daily prize pick up and spin the daily wheel…There is one dark S rare chao I had once and want to get it again because it almost broke the game and till than I just use Shadow and the Hero S Rare chao and just spam chaos spears and get into fever like crazy.

Sonic Dash on the other hand…I tend to play this game in random set along with the daily check in and daily task missions like in Jump Fever

14715_1597187377205300_8206038762203171988_n 1506621_1581989252058446_3291350658151029969_n 1509731_1594566150800756_4871155781695062929_n 10406603_1597187410538630_4441056363279556412_n 11009340_1581989292058442_4991302673805613736_n 11024607_1594473464143358_2969942877507737092_n 11026027_1583620305228674_4641269704637677473_n 11034280_1582810881976283_1160966146187641608_n 11048607_1597187260538645_8763579269448355735_n 11050119_1597187353871969_1736700076851254484_n 11071521_1594204477503590_6662029514144315720_n 11073572_1594566160800755_6653686306318215002_n

Shadow as a prize for doing a daily check in over 3 weeks…He still has a lock on him as if this is not forever but for now yay but I’ll use him every so often….

Tails and Knuckles….Ooooooooooooh boy…..The game has trolled me like crazy….On day 5 you dont win a char…They do state that CAN win this char but how you do it….You gotta be lucky….Look at this…

Knuckles on the other hand…I saw he was a prize on a jackpot wheel and I had a MESS of red star coins and I spent them ALL trying to win him and the arrow went AWAY from the jackpot until AFTER I lost ALL my red star rings and it changed into a set of rings….haaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………

Out of spite I avoided getting Tails and Knuckles and got Blaze and will get Rouge and Cream before I get them….I’ll even get Andronic before them… BEHOLD!  A NEW SONIC CHAR!

11046659_1582220252035346_7535744820781877241_n 10419545_1582220255368679_5210406026116034797_n
Oh Andronic…You are like AGES in Sonic Allstars Racing Transformed….You are a one hit wonder but wow….

Angry Birds Stella
1907421_1598091367114901_811328302261325340_n 10998018_1598091347114903_2114387506970849878_n 11079656_1598091380448233_6858997059408893412_n 11080982_1598091390448232_1362668776507914563_n

I found myself playing this more than Princess Punt….Oddly this is the ONLY Angry birds game I can play….
I dont really like the designs of the main series birds

And this is not working for me

Well every so often when I need to play something and my 3DS is not with me or I just wanna play a mobile game I will sometimes play this.


Screenshot_2015-03-31-05-31-47 Screenshot_2015-03-31-05-31-59 Screenshot_2015-03-31-05-32-21 Screenshot_2015-03-31-05-32-42 Screenshot_2015-03-31-05-33-14 Screenshot_2015-03-31-05-33-23 Screenshot_2015-03-31-05-33-56 Screenshot_2015-03-31-05-34-02 Screenshot_2015-03-31-05-34-07

I am kind of a sucker for fever mode…
So this game….I came across from this after watching top Japanese AD’s on youtube with my friend and learned about LINE and since I already use Kaoko Story for some games I tired LINE out and a few puzzle games…Most games I used to play on Line are shut closed and cant log in and services has ended….This game….I like it but dont get hooked on it but its a nice little puzzle game to play.

Magic Cat Story

11102777_1597657267158311_7127088560243106556_n644417_1597657247158313_7412731571447920215_n 10352842_1597657203824984_5034163145266496713_n 11062084_1597657233824981_559750520436749848_n 11064762_1597657213824983_5728038341449179319_n 11083942_1597657257158312_811539493740314750_n 11101398_1597657223824982_1869093668811915562_n

I have a few games on my Facebook account I play from Bejeweled Blitz to play with family and friends and some Match 3 puzzle games I play and endless runners

Like Eggies

*Not on Android only on IOS…..haaaa…Well I can play it on FB*

Magical Ride

I play this more than Jetpack Joyride…

The reason why I am speaking of Facebook games here at the moment?….Well its because this game I started on Facebook


and later got it on Android to play on the go when I am in the mood but I would play it on Facebook ASAP over mobile due to the keyboard feels better…

The main thing that made me smile about this game over tons of match 3’s flooding the facebook page and doing the mission thing over time limit…While this does the mission thing this game makes me think of….
Puyo Puyo, Tetris, Luminous, Coloums, and a bit of Dr.Mario

Given how you match 4 or more like Puyo Puyo and has a good combo system…I feel at home here but thats also kind of a bad thing….I am kind of good at this, Sure Random blocks can make me lose but overall I find myself just getting though with ease….I feel I should mess with this every so often mostly due to others are in the mood to challenge me so theres that.

Flappy Bird….
Yeah…I still got it…Can’t beat the original version

So thats mostly it..I have other games I can speak of and some I have accounts on but need to install later or I dont know what but these are the games I have currently running and what I been doing but at best things always come down to Sonic Jump,Dash,Runners and a bit of Magical drop

I’ll have updates and sorry if this was long




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