Sonic Runners Shahra joins the party

Okay so logging in I  see this


Now here is something that bugs me a bit…You see that F rank gets a level 0 one and E rank gets a level 1 rank Shahra?
Well I am in the E rank spot

Erank 1 Erank 2


And….For some reason…..


SHE IS LEVEL 0…..What the heck man!?!…..Aw well it does not matter…

I guess as long as there is a new version and I have to download it I can copy the folder in the phone data and put it back in once I install the new version I’ll be good….I been doing research and I see after a few more episodes I’ll be done and there will be more updates for story and stuff so for now…Back to this story at hand…

After seeing this I did a few runs and then a server check came up and when I got back online this happen.

Screenshot_2015-04-15-04-07-55 Screenshot_2015-04-15-04-08-17 Screenshot_2015-04-15-04-08-28 Screenshot_2015-04-15-04-08-31 Screenshot_2015-04-15-04-08-41 Screenshot_2015-04-15-04-08-56 Screenshot_2015-04-15-04-09-24 Screenshot_2015-04-15-04-11-09 Screenshot_2015-04-15-04-17-13 Screenshot_2015-04-15-04-18-58 Screenshot_2015-04-15-04-20-33 Screenshot_2015-04-15-04-21-21 Screenshot_2015-04-15-04-21-31

Man I need to beat my old score….I guess after I get some more rings I can use the boosters to use Knuckles or Tails with Sonic and see if I can go longer and use these wisp and power ups I get from daily log ins.


Sooooooooo Welcome to the team Shahra



About Princess1una

I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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