Maplestory Update about Princess1una

I am still mapling, I have been doing A BIT more game making and animations but I am still mapling…

A side from Black Heaven that happen and a few events every so often…I am often in one spot and dont have much to make videos about.

Here is where I been lately


Old Shinshoo International school…Doing dungeon runs here.

Maple0001 Maple0002  Maple0004Maple0005

Jr.Orchid got a level up but I pressed Scroll lock too late….

Maple0007 Maple0008 Maple0009 Maple0010

Man I love it when I get 5 EXP bonus rewards, Seeing my .xx% go up makes it worth it…


It can be a bit tidius but on a day when I am in the zone for Maple I can do 10 rounds here while watching videos on window mode and etc.

*An earlier video of me doing this PQ before these snapshots*

Also I goto the nurse office since that mini dungeon in there has the most time out of ALL the places and I would fight motes till the time run out for sturcture

Keep in mind I do try and fight at the knight stronghold or fight monsters in Kritias but often for quest kills and elite monsters but I been here mostly…

When out of rounds here I can also do the visitors PQ

That was by far one of my best runs dispite not getting the lack of vip items I often gets flooded in my bag when I go on mass runs…I have a problem getting an A rank in map 1 often…odd….

On an OFF day I do the OZ tower and try and best myself and take a break from the chaos

I can’t wait for the revamp that KMS got….Oh well…Something to do and get exp from.

So time to catch you all up on what I been doing lately in Maple…

REALLY old news but I love bringing this up

1-Chaos Zakum solo….Man I felt happy when I did this….And I was 207 when this happen

Chaos Horntail Solo

Pinkbean Solo

I still try and fight him to get soul shards….I rarely get them but I am still working on that…

PB die 1 PB die 2

I am also fighting Hilla every so often for a chance to get a black heart….

hill prize

I got more soul shards then I know what to do with….
About that box…..Not only is the box hard to find but you still got to be lucky to get the pet….Or you can get stuck with pet items in your bag….Take a look…

Yup….2 fails and now to pet items I can not get rid of…Like that 2nd RED tank top I was foolish to get instead of tossing the letter that contained that and the 2nd RED paint bucket….

Oh in that Pinkbean picture you may have noticed that pet Gilimer….Well that was an event pet and like many puff rams I got as rewards…He will be a doll forever….

Gilimer 1

Gilimer 2

Also I been fighting Von Leon…I been on a boss hunting bender to get my pet Orchid but also some exp and to take a break from school dungeon runs and grinding to make Maple feel a bit more fun before I got back to game making.

Von leon falls

Well in a nutshell thats mostly what I been doing on Maplestory lately and….Yeah…

I am waiting for April 22nd for the final part of the Black Heaven story….
I’ll have each video and some info later but if you want to see whats been going on here is a playlist

Also sorry if I am posting more embeds over pictures….I find it quicker to get a point clear and doing snapshots can take longer and if the snapshots have to come from the video file….Man that takes time….I dont mind of you jump cut since some videos ARE long or you watch to get a general idea of what I am addressing.

So here is the playlist…I also make the effort to edit the videos I do like Friend Story and Black Heaven and Grand Athenaeum,
I take kill quest and dull moments like getting stuck on a JQ or Quiz but I will cut out and leave when I do get something right so it would look like I did a JQ or something in a one shot.
If the quest is to kill everything and move to the next room I’ll leave it in and also leave the text on screen a bit longer so viewers can read it.

Well….Thats it…Thank you for viewing.


About Princess1una

I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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