Maplestory Mr.Lee’s island with Princess1una (Update)

Scroll to the bottom to see updates after you see the Pinkbean

So lately I been doing Mr.Lee’s island tour on Maplestory and came up with something that so far appears to be working….
Here is pretty much a copy and paste of what I put in my video info only embeds instead of url’s

Okay so this video I had a good run on last time:

But this day it sent me to the crash map asap

Now here is what I came up with and so far it looks 100% true….
The day I did the challenge video I forgot I was on channel 9 after going to Monster Park and went and did Mr.lee….Sadly the video before where I had a good run….

This one

I dont recall what channel I was on and this will help with another theory

Okay so the day I had a good run until I went into the left portal I was on channel 9….This video I went to channel 9 again and avoided ALL the hatches since they can send you to the glitch map at random and kept going right…Facing left is something I started and dont know if it really has any effect but if its not broke I wont fix it….So going right always and facing left on channel 9 lead to a FULL run with tons of quest done….

Things I dont know yet…
1-Any other channel besides 9?
No clue yet and kind of afraid to try, This was dumb luckf

I want to find the watch parrot but I am afraid something will go wrong…Maybe being on channel 9 will lessen the effect also if I face left and go in the top hatch exit and not the left OR right one….The sooner I find the parrot the better

3-Is it still random?
I have no clue but I hope that if what I did today is true there is a great chance to farm here, I kept crossing my fingers each time it took a bit to load when I went right facing left and one time I went in facing right but things was okay but I did not want to break the habit

4-Will Mr.Lee’s island EVER get fixed?
I dont know but Nexon and their staff is still working on things….If this loop hole helps than use it till its safe 100%

This is not a hack or a glitch…I dont eve know but so far what I have done shows that being on channel 9 and only going right….Maybe facing left will prevent the glitch map

This is all a theory but looking at what happen today…I am going to keep going everyday and save you all the drama of these videos and just show me finding the bird or making the mount…

Sooner or later if this helps I will grind here till the time runs out since this place has some GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD exp

Thank you for reading and sorry if I got loopy and said the same thing over…I tend to do that often…

If the test are a success everything I will address the Nexon fourms with this info and you all are free to share this and try…If it helps than we got more feed back….

Who knows?
Maybe other things small can trigger this…
such as…
having ONE type of item in your bag or on
Having NX on

I am just coming up with things now….

I want to look at this in all angles and directions because I love this map and the exp and etc………..

So I’ll do more research and if you other Maplers out there wanna give this a try and see if you have the same results….Feel free…I want to make sure this is either 100% or near that point before I go around the Nexon forums talking like an egghead and being wrong on so many levels.

Pass the Pinkbean are the updates.

lol Pinkbean

So I had a day with a major blunder…I forgot to change channels….
Well I was on channel 9 but the quest to goto Mr.Lee’s island was not ready at the time when all events reset so I went to channel 20 and did some grinding doing some 2x and saw a quest and it was for Mr.Lee’s island and I hit accept and was dumbfounded that I forgot to change channels….Knowing I am screwed I went on a gamble and went in the hatch and the look out parrot I needed

So knowing that I would have some time I waited for the next day to do the channel 9 go right only and….Okay facing left before entering may be pointless but I got trolled and greedy….
The map for the ship came up tons of time but the maps I needed did not and till I got the stuff the bird expired….

Now as you can see…once again on channel 9 no errors but after that parrot expired I knew I was screwed so I just said “SCREW THIS” and went in a hatch to see if I can get lucky again and find the parrot and nope….room full of fly eyes…Here is what was good about going in there before my time was pretty much over…

Channel 9 hatches still can send you to the glitch map that ends up sending you to Spinel road…

Now that I know this I am going to do the following…

1-Go to Mr.Lee’s island every day for exp….ITS GOOD EXP!

2-MAYBE make a mount before time runs out

3-Until Nexon fix this place 100% I am not going in anymore hatches so the pirate ship is no longer a goal for me since its better to stay there and get some good exp

4-Prepare for Maple 10th…..If its true that the coin shop will sell Pinkbean or/And Black Bean Balloons….I AM GETTING IT!….This kills my motivation to make more Mr.Lee’s mounts…to be fare the Mini Copter is the only other one I like besides the Pirate ship but the others…..meh?

So this ends this study on Mr.Lee’s island

All test show that channel 9 is the safe map as long as you go right…..MMmmmmaaaayyyybbbbeeee look left as you enter a portal and you can do what you gotta do….
Maps that has only one portal is okay but maps that lead to a mount and back are good but the gyro copter mount map with the JQ….Dont go left I think that would give you the crash map.

Thank you for viewing now to end it on an LOL PB

lol Pinkbean


About Princess1una

I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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