Sonic the hedgehog series and my views on it

I just felt like blogging about something a bit random and at the same time about a game series I play.


So right off the back I am not a super crazy Sonic fan,
I just play Sonic games and tend to see the good in many even recent games but am not blind to what I see.

There are some games I never played such as….

Sonic Unleashed PS2
sonic chronicles the dark brotherhood
Sonic 2006Just to name some….

I kind of want to play Sonic 06 for myself…Hey! If “Some call me Johnny” can find enjoyment in that game with the Sonic Levels…I think I would too….In fact thats one of the things I do a lot…

No matter how bad a Sonic game gets rated I still find enjoyment in it.

Let’s look at some of those.

Shadow the Hedgehog:


Even I can’t deny that the game has some odd level layouts that makes it hard to run fast with out crashing into walls or doing a “WOA” Animation as you reach a pit and MISSIONS DRIVE ME CRAZY!

But I endured the branching paths and find enjoyment out of just running to the end of the stage on levels I like and the gun system does kind of help and the cursing is so out of place I find it funny instead of being offended.

More like a guilty pleasure but I can enjoy it and there are many levels I will not play because I do not like some of them.

Sonic and the secret rings


More like a swing and a miss but I still like seeing how fast I can steer though this game doing the main mission to reach the goal.

Sonic Unleashed


Now I never played the PS2 version and I like having Day only stages and I will admit….
I AM NEVER DOING ANOTHER WEARHOG LEVEL AGAIN!…Well Eggman Land act 4 was like the ONLY good one due to VERY little fighting and more platforming but still….ugh…

Now the Sonic levels I enjoy the most and the music.

Sonic and the Black Knight

 This game has a great idea but the game wants me to stop and fight and I wanna just keep running
so I tend to jump and swinging the wiimote down and doing a spin slash and just jump pass enemies….
It was nice but I tend to play it less.

Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric


I don’t care! I am going to say what I have to say about this!

1st thing…
I knew from the E3 videos what this was going to be and while I dont play it as much after I finished I can still find enjoyment out of this…Even after things like this happen

Playing with my family tends to be a good source of the entertainment and we often just run around goofing around….
Now I am not going to pretend I did not noticed things even before some patches like how barren the locations are and the speed….I just keep pressing X with Sonic and so much more…..How I deal with this?

I dont see this as a SONIC game…More like a Spin off like Mario RPG or something and play it as more of a story driven platformer and yes some stuff being said over and over can be mind numming but I gotten used to it.

Now I wont be playing it as much as my other Sonic games and this applies to some retro sonic games too such as….


….I REALLY Love the music but hate the flickys and rarely play this game







Not a bad game but kind of long and confusing even if I used save states


I just cant…I tired but just cant…..

Back to Sonic Boom….The 3DS version is something that is not something I hate, In fact I love the 3DS one Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!


This is what I have to say good about this game.

1-The team that made this game said themselves that they went back and played older Sonic games to get a feel for this and still wanted to try some new stuff.

2-IT FEELS LIKE A SONIC GAME!…Running though loops and corkscrews feels right

3-The speed may not be as over the top as the DS games that used the boost feature but this feels good….Sonic Lost world 3DS can go way faster but I like this.

4-The 3D render and voice acting is great for a 3DS game and the Comics and data is just good.

Now for the….Not bad but more like….Hmm…More like a swing and a miss or “Maybe next time”

1-You will be forced to backtrack and check every nook and cranny of the levels to advance the story

2-Kind of the same range as above but having to do these Submarine levels with Tails later in the game ends up being annoying and loses its charm and slows down the speed of the game having to start over alot due to how easy it is for your sub to break.

3-Having to slingshot each location…This is not a problem but what could have been done was an option to not have to stop and touch the bottom screen to slingshot the chars.

4-Getting everything in the game rewards you with a dancing thing thats more like a screensaver for your 3DS

I dont get it….just odd….

Now there are a few things a part of me wants to rage at but I can hold off due to this being their 1st game but here are the things….

1-No multiplayer….The race levels feel perfect for 2 players but this is their 1st and I guess they did not want to try so many new things.

2-Having to switch….If not for Sonic Heroes I may have been more annoyed but some times having to switch every few seconds to open a door with Stick to later fly with tails….It happen so much it feels a bit weird…Now if there was more open areas to play as one char like in the earlier levels and you switch in a location needed that can help…If there is a 2nd installment….I kind of wanna see less switching to enjoy the levels or do a chose a char or 2 like the Sonic Advance series where you can run though the game with any char still have places some have better chances of getting.

3-Time Attack and Rankings….Now the DS Sonic Rush 1 had a time attack with no way to share scores unless you took a picture but with Miiverse this can be done well even if no ranking…Now I am aware the game does have a time attack score for beating the level under a clear time and you can just share the snapshot of the time on the Miiverse…I kind of still wish for a reason to blast though the levels with 1 type of char.

Thats mostly it…A side from those small issues I love this game and play it more than the Wii U version.


Now let’s talk about Sonic Lost world


Now this is a game I love to play…In fact I was playing this as I was saving some videos and is what made me want to do this blog….But the Blog was going to be about Side scrolling and 3D platforming games

Now I been playing and some I still do play…A lot of Boost to win games and playing Sonic Generations and Sonic 4 and just going back to spin dashing and sidescrolling playing with Classic Sonic felt good and a bit more fun than trying to boost though a level but at the same time I am not hating on this feature but I liked it more run and jump and spin dash and this is why I still like Sonic Lost World,
Its like going back to classic style and while it is a huge change over other games I tend to enjoy this a lot even with some of the odd levels like flying in the air or some fuzzy pac man level…

I am also doing a run on Super Mario Galaxy 2 and now I see why people say this is Sonic Galaxy….I kind of saw this since I beat Galaxy 1 and beat Sonic Colors…Getting off track…I see a lot of Mario Galaxy in this game but I dont care isn’t Sonic Mario’s Rival?

This game does feel more like Sonic in a Mario style world and not counting the Yoshi Island level and thats one of the reasons why I love this game.

Now the auto grab and wall running system can be annoying but I gotten used to it and though my eyes the game is easy when it comes to bosses Super Sonic or not but seeing my friends and family losing to the bosses I understand why the RC’s are needed.


Now let’s talk about the 3DS version….


I love it but at the same time there are some levels I am NOT DOING AGAIN!

I am thankful you can pause and retry the special stages because they take a few shots…
Oddly I like the idea of the special stages but man do they make me dizzy and I am not even dreaming of racing somebody online in a special stage race….

The overall feel in the sidescrolling levels is some of the fastest speed I ever saw sonic go in a while…Okay that was a bit weird to say…You go REALLY fast and after the speed of Lost world Wii U and Sonic Boom seeing a game like this go fast as crap makes me happy.

This game can annoy many on a play through but if you can endure it and pick any stage you want and have the will to keep trying to get Super Sonic…This game becomes way more playable…

I play this one for more longer and mixed styles but I play the Wii U for more of a speed run though the levels I love.


Okay time to wrap this up…

I guess I’ll add the other topic I wanted to blog about in this post at the same time with this.

Oookay….Why do I play Sonic games even if many hate on it, If they are not as they was around Colors and Generations….


I just love running though levels in a Sonic game or Sonic Style game,
When it comes down to it I have moods of play…Let’s look into this.

When it comes my moods I have these kinds of moods that effect my taste in what I feel like playing sidescrolling and platforming wise

1-Speed runner: This is when I want to run though levels and do some platforming that is often settled by Sonic games and Rayman Origins/Legends  and some Mario games for example…

2-Speed Platforming: This is when I want to play stuff more like Super Mario Bros style games and Donkey Kong Country.

3-Hybrid: This often makes me want to play Kirby games for mixing powers and still going to the end of the level in my own speed and also games like Yoshi Island and Megaman types

4-Explore: When I get this mood I tend to play games like Shantae games or Metroid vania games

5-Puzzle: Often Klonoa and Wayforward Migthy Switch force games get the job done.

Now when it comes to 3D platforming I tend to have a weird view on things….
I love running though levels for fun such as Sonic Boom or Rayman 3D and Super Mario 3D games but the truth of the matter is…I tend to play Sidescrollers more and like most of my game series in sidescrolling more like Mario, Sonic, Rayman to name a few…2.5D games are good too….Thats just me.


This is getting off and I am starting to feel loopy so to prevent myself from saying the same thing over and over I am going to say this…

If I can enjoy running though a level and have fun playing the games and I get my moneys worth….I AM GOING TO PLAY A SONIC GAME!

Now even I know we may not get a new Sonic Adventure 2 style game with good 2 players action racing and controls and indepth Chao Gardens…..

While I can still enjoy what I have since then and now….I still want to see a new Sonic game that please all the other fans, I can still enjoy Lost world and Boom…Mostly the 3DS but I want to see something good come out and I will be there.

There are things I can say about the Mobile games I play and Riders and racing games but…….I’ll end this random blog here and get some sleep.


Sega…Keep up the good work and let’s see what you bring to the table


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