spiritual successors and indie stand alones and more

With games like Mighty No.9 and Yukka laylee and games already out like Azure Striker Gunvolt and Shantae games and Shovel knight….I been getting excited about games like these and jumped on many but at the same time I dont play as much fan games as much as I used too.

Well this subject is kind of random and even I dont know where I am going with but I just wanted to say my mind on a few things.

When I see Shovel knight…


I like what I see but I have yet to get it but made plans to buy it and while there are now TONS of Atari to NES to SNES style graphics now all over the place but I do like some of these.

Shantae series

Oh my freaking god I love WayFoward….While I mostly play their main series games and not the 3rd party stuff but I am thinking about getting in on the Adventure time games but the Shantae games….I wish I can say what I want to say but I will get all loopy saying what I like and stuff but these games I find myself revisiting rater its the GBC version or DSi and or most recent 3DS..I am waiting so bad to play Half Genie Hero….

One thing I love that Wayforwad does that makes me want to in when it comes to my indie games….
They never back down from new technology and love Nintendo mostly because how long those gamers can wait for something to come out longer than other gamers and when Smash bros Wii U/3DS did the ballot vote for a char….The efforts they went though to get Shantae voted all over facebook and more…Wow….

Also their games are sidescrolling or retro good and keep games in a style I like since many games now go 3D and still sidescrolling and lose its 2D style…Also they made an apple watch game…

This motivates me to never give up and keep doing what I like and just have fun and 2D Sidescrolling dont have to be shoe horned into 3D Sidescrolling and I am getting WAY off track here.

Gun Volt

When it comes to Megaman style games I always put the classic Megaman over the X series and while I crushed Megaman X5 and played a lot of X1 but after ZX Advent DS I got a bit of more respect to the series and while waiting on Might No.9 I learned of this game and….ehehehe….I am not going to lie I will flat out say it…While I was amazed at what I saw….What motivated me to getting this game in the 1st place was the free Mighty GunVolt.


I wanted this SOOOOOOO bad…I knew right off the back I would play as Ekoro 1st


Many who know my style…Its pretty much a no brainer I would pick the Angel with pink wings and halo….
And yes I know for a fact what game she is from….GAL GUN!



Aaaaaaannnnndddd…..Its what I like to call a Hentai shooter


Wow I saw this snapshot and had to post it…Mostly because in Might GunVolt this boss is the 1st boss Ekoro has to fight and that girl you see is in a cage…But its more tame


Now thats tamed….




Okay back to Gunvolt

The best way I can put it….Megaman X with Electric powers and a cross between magic and technology….I just love it…

I got some footage with audio and tons of background air

What I am getting at is….

I like Sidescrolling games A LOT….I can still go 3D I like those too but I feel more at home with sidescrolling mostly 2D….Hints on why I am playing Maplestory still



*Shameless shoehorned picture of me killing the bean today yay*

Moving on!

What makes me excited about coming to games like these….

I dont know why I went this far in a detour to get to this game…



I was on my way to buy this and got it as a gift on STEAM and I find myself STILL playing this game like crazy and since it was a gift I wont feel bad when I buy it on the Wii U later this year….YEAH!….

So this indie game is one of the things that restored my faith in the Sonic style games…
A side from fan games you can get online for free….HOW OFTEN DO YOU SEE AN INDIE SONIC GAME!?!
Most indie games often do a Mario and Zelda and retro arcade style…Unless what I was not looking in the right places and while the Sonic games has been getting a bit weird or going fully 3rd person and maybe 3D Sidescrolling a game series like this revived my faith in a style like this.

Freedom-Planet-5257410-FreedomPlanetDemo  hqdefault Milla Surpinte Zao 2urlfsg FPclear mahrg3 whzhgns


To speed things up…With indies and tons of spiritual successors and indie games coming and already out…
I have good faith in the game series I love and styles I will always have something to look forward too

tumblr_n9hj606nPd1qfpbcao1_500 tumblr_n9hj606nPd1qfpbcao3_500 zQc45Wk

So while I NEVER want to see a series I love die…If the Sonic series goes sour or have to end up being like Megaman and live off as re releases of classic games….I will always have this and its upcoming sequal…

I mean others are ready to crown Freedom Planet the new Sonic….I mean look at this picture I keep seeing



When it comes to 2D spiritual successors  and some 3D and more…When it comes to puzzle games…There is hope there too!

After hearing Nintendo is not going to unlock the 3DS and Wii U to play out of region and there killing my goals of playing Puyo Puyo Tetris and the 3DS version of Puyo Puyo 20th…I still have the DS version


Link to the info

Well there is the NX but I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT THAT IS!
And I dont want to buy ANOTHER system when I JUST got my NEW 3DS XL and I want to hold on to my Wii U

Lately I been buring myself in puzzle games all over the eshop and 3DS I guess to fill an endless void not playing the next puyo game since I been playing every new one after they came out on the DS….I am being a bit of a spoiled brat since I have ALL kinds of ways to play Puyo….Doing this I did get in and kind of hooked on other Puzzle games such as Puzzle and Dragons and while I am now at peace with Magical Drop after the events of Magical Drop V I am happy that I will have a new puyo game to keep me busy since most mobile games are region lock too on my phone such as Puyo Puyo Quest…

When I say new I mean this game that is out in Japan but Sega is bringing it to the states
puyo puyo 3 puyo 4

puyo 2

….After the NO on region Lock I await this game with open arms and also Puzzle and Dragons Z

For PC that problem is fixed!

there is a Puyo Puyo game I can play at anytime on my PC thanks to the collective works of the Puyo Nexus

And you can customize the crap out of it

Also theres tons of retro emulations I can play but when it comes to new games look at this!

Games like these keep the faith going because puzzle games lately to me have become a mess of Match 3 games…I like those and love the Puzzle and Dragon Style and I play blitz styles but there are WWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY too many Candy crush style with the goal being stuff like…
Clear an amount of points, Break the stuff, Clear the amount of colors…
And they spread to the puzzle bobble style games too and seeing these all over facebook and android…Its really killed puzzle games for me….

Stuff like this gives me hope too!


So this is pretty random and I keep getting off topic….

So let’s just end this blog for today.

Indies and new successors….Keep me happy since the game industry is getting crazy…


I await the day I can finally play Half Genie Hero



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