Maplestory Fire Power

So right out of the blue we are getting some stuff I was expecting and stuff I was NOT expecting!

Let’s start with this fire and ice thingy

fire power title


…Okay so thanks to OrangeMushroom blog I can show what they did in Korea.

In KMS they did a parody of the MIB


Soooooo for us we are getting another version as you can from above…

Moving on

For us the same thing is here but with a few changes such as a best friend system and coins but same ice breaker but new NPC’s
Making a best friend you get more coins and an effect if you are an ice or fire and the other is viseversa.





Sure there is a Hilla and Magnus Android but that ring….THAT RING!
I must have that ring…if that Knight Chariot mount said Perm. I would get it since I want a
Flying mount….I want that ring…



I also see that big King Pepe chair…That goes well with my Giant yeti chair….I want that ring…


One thing I was NOT expecting to get right off the back that KMS is also doing is the buring event where a player level 30-100 can get two level ups.

burning person 2


Well we are also getting the 6th chapter to FriendStory
Friend story rock and roll
I dont know why but this chapter of Friendstory makes me think of…

It may just be me but coming though a portal to a world just like you where all the magical people and etc are human and….Okay back to Maplestory….

Friend story rock and roll ROOT

Lol human Root Abyss bosses lol

banban pierrebloody_queen  belum


Friend story rock and roll ITEMS

Friend story rock and roll Rocking

heh rocking on the left for your player….I am cool with that,
I mean look at this.

….Just a very long way to just say….”I’m cool with being on the side” I mean I got an Angelic Buster…I’m always a star!
Let’s let others have time in the spot light.

Oh…PVP and YUT is coming to star planet…
star planet

OH and do you all recall this guy creeping around and about?

Well it looks like Nexon trolled us all…Not in a bad way….This is what this all lead up too

Guess who’s looking for an extra hand in the kitchen! Beefy the Grill Master wants to go have adventures, so he needs someone to help out in his culinary dojo! Players Lv. 33 and above can enter Beefy’s Kitchen at the Nautilus and help him complete missions such as hunting monsters and completing party quests to raise the level of the kitchen. As it improves, you’ll unlock the ability to cook up powerful potions, Cash Shop items and more. Make Beefy’s Kitchen shine and earn rewards such as a medal and new chef-themed equips!


Well unless there is still going to be a class this is what that grill master thing lead up too…Hmm so making Potions and not having to change to an alchemy…Neat

Beast Tamer is coming back too
Beast tamer



Mechanical Grave!!!!
Mech grave

From the videos I saw this place the levels can range from 200-230 so YES!
Maybe I can grind again and gets more exp to level up…
When I get to a point where I feel this is my new home for grinding and stuff I’ll do quest and make effort
to get a set of 160 gear…I’ll even Spell trace the crap out of them and try and win or find some 100% scrolls
Or cubes to add PoT and if I am lucky I can take off my level 140 gear and stuff…Also I already have 10 more
Pinkbean soul shards so getting a new weapon will not bug me since I can still have my Pinkbean and like it.

I am also glad KMS is making it so I can DPS more but I already have ways of mobbing tons of monsters using a mixture
of my Drill+Lovely Sting and C. Roar with the Auto soul seekers in effect…It helps me in a bind.

160 core160 coins  160 gear

THATS HOW MUCH THEY COST!?! I was thinking this would be like the Magnus coins and stuff where you need like 300 or so and get a crap less a day…
Maybe this gear is not as OP as the Root Abyss gear and stuff but who knows I want to get them.

Now there is a new level 150 map where bosses spawn at random.

DEMON Location

Do some of these guys ring a folktale/Myth story bell in your head?
Let’s see their names

Atlilla the hun

So there’s Attila the hun


Aragami the God Eater


Butcher…….Ooooooooooookay….Must be something I have no clue about

Thanks to Coppersan’s video on the subject

I learned that the Butcher is based off of a witch doctor…The skull necklace is a dead giveaway
now that I think about it.


Genghis Khan…..KHAN!!!!……KHAN!!!!!!!….Thats all I got…


And here is Asura…Wow this god shows up in tons of RPG’s….Oh well…Welcome to Maplestory

Sooooo July 8th is going to be FUN!



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