Maplestory Scrapyard with Princess1una

Soooo my trip to the Scrap yard or if this was KMS it would be Mechanical Graveyard….Like the Mechanical Graveyard more but oh well…

On my way there I get greeted by One eye and Three hands from the Black Heaven quest line and suddenly Princess1una hears somebody falling from the sky and crashes…We meet Dummie….

A part of me was thinking “THIS BETTER NOT BE GILIMER!” I had a feeling this mind got put in this robot or something….BOY OH BOY WAS I WRONG!

So when I saw this guy having a lightbub blinking after doing some daily quest just to see how this coin system works and I deiced to record with the audio on….This would prove to be the best option.

We set out and my god this jump quest took me FOREVER to get in this one portal and I had to jump cut to spare you all the long set of fails I had….
The story takes a climax and ends like a shonen anime leaving you wanting more….

Well out of the blue I got a final quest and man…Did this flip my theory upside down

Wow….Its amazing that even after the epic story that is Black Heaven Nexon can still tell an amazing story that leaves you kind of feeling good but at the same time wanting more but at the same time good that you can go about your way.

I been having fun here at the Black Heaven ruins and know this is where I will hit level 250…Unless newer high level maps come out of the blue from GMS or KMS or I dont know.

Its nice to GRIND again…I still find myself still going back to Friendstory and boss battles…Speaking of
the Friendstory Boss Raid…They made it sooo much faster with the time limit adjusted

Well…I’m off to reach level 213

Also check out this amazing artwork made by my buddy Duskus



And now I am off


About Princess1una

I am an indie game developer and web animator doing all I can to make a living out of what I love to do.

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